'Mortal Instruments': Another video from 'City of Fallen Angels'

The fourth book in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series comes out tomorrow, so here’s another video from the folks at Simon & Schuster. This one is was “made” by Maureen, a new character introduced in City of Fallen Angels. Take a gander.

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  • Tina

    wow… I can’t believe EW blatantly supports a plagiarist (yes Cassandra, you can’t hide what you did…fanfiction or not, plagiarism is plagiarism )

    • :)


      • Tina

        I wasn’t aware telling the truth made someone a “hater.”

      • Jesse Carstairs

        Agreed. Jealousy makes people quite bitter.

      • @Jesse

        Obviously, because being critical of someone automatically means one is jealous…/sarcasm

        I feel sorry for anyone who is jealous of Clare

      • Jesse Carstairs

        In this case it does.
        Tina doesn’t have 2 book series, tons of fans & a movie deal. So she has to rip on Cassandra Clare for being successful by saying all this plagiarism crap.

      • Tina

        Truly this is the worst argument you can make Jesse. Really you cannot make assumptions (Especially on the internet) of what I have or have not done, as you have no real evidence to prove your claim. Secondly, even if I didn’t have the “fame” Clare possesses why would that prevent me from criticizing her? If society (and debates for that matter) ran on this fallacy we would live in a world devoid of criticisms. Thirdly, you would know I wasn’t spewing “crap” (as you so kindly put it) if you did even a tad bit of research. Ultimately, I think we both know you have no real criticisms of my arguments, instead you are choosing to blindly give the typical “fan” defense (which, might I add, has been used before and worded better)

      • Melokesm

        Who the he’ll cares about stupid Fanfic? Fanfic for the most part IS stealing characters, ideas, etc and writing for fun. Did she get noticed for it? Sure, but she didnt sell millions of books from stealing someone’s ideas. The Mortal Instruments Series is her creation and that is why people are here.

    • Alice


      • Hannah


    • Annie

      Her plagiarist days were a long time ago. Do you not believe in second chances? Back then, she was young and writing fanfiction. We’ve all been there. And besides, the Draco Trilogy was still the best thing ever, in my opinion.

    • aly

      @annie and @ Tina
      First Tina, for it to be fanfiction, its not really plagiarism for you to say that is saying that everyone who writes a book would be plagiarism. Every book has a little bit of something they have read and taken from something else in life. I have done my research and the cries of plagiarism were just that cries. Someone became jealous of her AWESOME Draco Trilogy and took a word out of context from it and slapped it as plagiarism.
      @annie. I TOTALLY agree with you about the Draco Trilogy, it just saddens me that I didn’t print it out or save it to my comptuer so I could read it again and again. I thought it was well written and made a great twist to the Harry Potter series. I’m sad that it was taken down… or i think it was because I have been unable to find it. I guess everyone has different feelings. But for someone to say that it is wrong for people to like a book series just because the author was accused of something that was wrong, is just simple mindedness. It sad what some people will do and wont do just because someone else has said it is “so”. uh I can’t wait to get the next book in the series. I’m going to enjoy READING it.

      • Molly

        I have the Draco Trilogy if you ever want me to email it to you….

      • Breseis

        I want it!! Dude, that’s be totally awesome :D

      • pathvain

        I have the Draco Trilogy if you want me to e-mail it to you, just drop me an e-mail.

    • sam

      Just so you know, i never usually comment on articles, videos, and other things like this and i don’t like to get in the middle of arguments. As a fairly new fan of Cassandra Clare i had never heard about this plagarism issue so as u suggested multiple times- i researched it. And what i found out in relation to ur comments angered me so much i decided to comment, where in most cases i usually wouldn’t. you keep talking about researching but obviously you didn’t research very well. for those who dont know- clare wrote fanfiction about the harry potter series(before she wrote the MI series i believe). In her fanfiction Clare puts quotes/paraphrases from other works as a homage or nod to that work. She clearly stated in her diclaimers that this work was not her own and that she was putting quotes from other books (which she would then state the titles of). She did not intend to insult any author or pass the work off as her own. She also did it as a sort of game for her readers to try and spot quotes. these are things u failed to mention in ur hateful comments. as far as I can tell this in no way has to do with the Mortal Instruments series. Lastly, if you do not like her then why are you on here watching a video about her next book? If you don’t like here then you don’t have to but please stop going on sites where others are trying to discuss how amazing her work is and filling it with hateful comments.

      • Christina

        Very well said, I don’t normally comment on sites and such either but I am a fan of Cassandra Calre’s books and I’m glad you looked into it because before I got to your comment I was about to see what all the fuss was. Again well said!!

    • Dani

      and where is this plagiarism you speak of?

    • Exaltacion

      What exactly do you think she plagerized Tina?

  • Taylor

    I can’t even…such bad acting :/

  • Katy

    Plagiarist? what is this?

    • Not a fan

      Ancient history. But yes, she used others’ words for her own stories many years ago so yes, she is a plagiarist. But I’m pretty sure she hasn’t been guilty of it in quite some time.

  • Jesse Carstairs

    “(yes Cassandra, you can’t hide what you did…fanfiction or not, plagiarism is plagiarism )”
    Are you kidding me? I guess you better go to every single fan fiction website, and tell every single author of every single story that their using plagiarism. I don’t know if you know what “fan fiction” is, but plagiarism is pretty much the whole point. Theres over 509640 stories on the main harry potter fanfiction archive, so I guess you better get started telling them off. It’s gonna take a long time. Cassandra Clare has done nothing wrong, she’s an extremely talented author, with TWO very successful book series. She does not deserve to be badgered with all this plagiarism nonsense.

    • Tina

      Just because “everybody” (which you have no proof of might I add) is doing it, doesn’t make it right. There are plenty of authors who actually take the time (even if it is fanfiction) to construct their stories on their own. Also, Clare (or should I say Claire, as she changed the spelling of her pseudonym to avoid association with the fanfiction incident)never issued any form of apology for the incident, instead she only offered vague excuses. It would be completely different if an apology had been issued…but no. Instead, I’m flamed for trying to tell people what actually occurred and she makes millions off the basis of lies (and yes, Mortal Instruments is based off her Harry Potter Fanfic)

      • Massie

        There’s no need for hatin’ here. Either way, both authors wrote well enough that many fans (im guessing, both of you) would recognize and stand up for the authors’ work. No writer should deserve to be judged based on their topic, but for their work…

      • Tina

        I am judging Claire for her work. It’s a shame she can profit from fraud (and unoriginal ideas might I add, but that is personal) while others cannot get published because they don’t write for the masses. Personally, I just want people to know that she’s not the person she claims to be and she honestly doesn’t deserve to be where she is today. No “hatin'” here, just another opinion

      • Jesse Carstairs

        Well there is proof of 509640 stories of Harry Potter fan fiction on one website alone. Maybe that’s not everybody but that sure is alot of people. & If I were her I wouldn’t have apologized either. Because there was nothing to apologize for. She alone wrote her story. The only thing Harry Potter & Mortal Instruments have in common is that their both well written, extremely successful, and have great story lines. Harry potter might have been an inspiration, but honestly if you ask any author, I’m sure they would say the same. She makes millions because she’s good at what she does. If you don’t support her and mortal instruments, why are you wasting your time commenting.

      • Jill

        How is mortal instruments based off those draco fanfics she did??

      • john036

        HA! You said BASED off her FANFIC(TION! Fan fiction is for fans to right neew stories! And she didnt take her fanfiction and turn it into the TMI! She BASED it off her fanfiction. You just said admitted to everyone that you were wrong.

      • SMalls

        So you think that fanfiction is wrong, and ‘everyone’ who does it are plagiarist??? Look, the law is if you are making money of something that isn’t yours it’s stealing. She didn’t sell her fanfiction, someone just saw how much talent she had at writing and decided to ask to her publish her own work. You’re a little insane to think that fanfiction is wrong. There’s nothing wrong with a little imagination. Nothing wrong when people finish reading a book like Harry Potter, and wish it could continue so they decide to make up their own story for fun, just so that they can keep the story alive for themselves. I truly truly see NOTHING wrong with that. NO ONE makes money doing it, so therefor, it isn’t stealing. It’s okay if you’re not a fan, and stating your opinion. BUt a line needs to be crossed when your opinion persecutes someone for doing something as small and harmless as Fanfiction. So while we’re at it lets call everything plagiarism. that means that ALL directors to movies do it, because almost all films are made from books and not all of them seek permission from the author because most of them are dead. J. R.R. Tolkein was a plagiarist because the Silmarilion is pretty much based on the bible. All singers and song writers are plagiarist because it is a little difficult not to use the same line for your song without it sounding like someone else’s since there are SO MANY! Seriously, there is nothing wrong with fanfiction. TMI are her own stories, she used a line that Draco said in her Draco story one time, and technically that’s not plagiarism either, because she made up that phrase herself. Draco NEVER said it in ANY of the Harry Potter books. Get. Over. Yourself.

      • SaRa

        Cassandra’s trilogy has nothing to with Harry Potter’s series, go knock yourself out.

      • Katelynn

        Okay, I’m not denying that Cassandra Clare *did* plagiarize at one point in her life. There is plenty of evidence online if you want to research. I think what people don’t understand about fan fiction is basically authors are using the same characters from other books and their personalities but they are not supposed to copy direct quotes from other books and some of Clare’s passages were copied exactly from another book and she would claim that she “forgot” to mention it. How can you forget to mention a book that you are copying passages out of almost word for word? I don’t know whether she apologized or not.

        However all this plagiarism nonsense has NOTHING to do with the Mortal Instruments series. AT ALL. Tina, I severely doubt that you have read the Mortal Instruments series. Cassandra Clare is not making money off her fan fiction. The Mortal Instruments series is completely different and it is obvious she learned her lessen. Her plot ideas are original and the personalities of her characters are great. Her dialogue makes her books and although at times it might seem like it is written in a similar style to JK, there is no denying that the writing is her own.

        So PLEASE leave the past in the PAST. Tina, I know you are angered but this is not a place to vent because it is obvious your purpose is beyond just informing. I am not saying I agree with what she did in the past, but stop trying to convince fans to hate cassandra clare.

        You can choose not to read her books and that’s fine. You can do what you want. But don’t ruin it for others, especially since it seems you haven’t even read the series.

        Thank You.

      • Molly

        Um…not really seeing how The Mortal Instruments (or The Infernal Devices) is based off of Harry Potter…

      • madi

        my god this is pathetic. 1)MI totally not based off harry potter. ive read each book probably 10x id know 2) fanfiction is fanfiction…period. there are no rules for it its your own imagination. you cant call fanfiction wrong because its not like its a book or something that she made money from!!!! 3) do not bring jrr tolkien’s sillmarillion into this. its not even close to the bible. he was a very religous person(i would know, i did like a 3 page report on him)and thats ok. plus if you think about just about every other very good movie or book has been inspired by him. THINK ABOUT IT- always an old wise person(gandalf-dumbledore)(who eventually dies but come back to help) helping a younger person(harry-frodo) accomplish a powerful destiny that has been writtten about them forever. but the younger guy is kinda scared but has his friends(hermoine, ron- sam,pippin,merry) to help him. then theres a bad guy(voldemort-saroman) and his forces(deatheaters-orks) trying to stop the younger guy but in the end the younger person defeats the bad guy and everyone lives happily ever after. EVER HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE???? HMMMM….

  • myprettypony

    so excited! i’m getting my copy in the mail tomorrow.

  • kia

    i can’t wait me and my friend are getting it before school tomorrow! yay! i can’t wait!

  • Nykiee

    How is this plagiarism? The series has been wildly popular and succesful throughout the country. It’s a well-written fanfiction, not plagiarism. There’s a difference between the two.

    • Tina

      The Mortal Instruments isn’t a plagiarized work itself, however Clare is a plagiarist. I’m not going to recount the history again, but a quick search will show you I’m telling the truth. I was skeptical at first too, but trust me it is true

      • Jesse Carstairs

        She wrote Mortal instruments. If the book she writes isn’t plagiarism, how does that make the writer a plagiarist.
        Trust me, I know all about the controversy. & I continue to support her, because an author with that much talent doesn’t deserve skepticism. That’s all there is to it.

      • GMM

        Uhm, I found your argument interesting but…where is your proof of her plagiarism??? As far as I know, The Clockwork Angel was the first story she came up with but decided to go on to write something based on a modern scenery and so she came up with The Mortal Instruments. I’m not hating on you, really, and I trully am curious as to where your proof is because who knows, maybe you’re right. Just need the proof.

      • john036

        maybe YOU should do some research. there is a video of a interview with Cassandra. A question was asked about where she got here inspiration. She said, her friend took her to a tattoo shop and she looked up and she saw foot prints! Interwining with each other. That’s her inspiration! Good God! Do all you enjoy in life is call authors plagiarsts?

      • Sarah

        That wasn’t what she was talking about, john036. She did not plagiarize in the MI series. However, Clare did copy portions of a book and placed the portions into her fanfiction. Honestly, I do not personally consider it to be a big deal, as fanfiction is full of plagiarized work, but I’m just informing you of what happened. You can research more on it if you’d like.

      • Molly

        Because *EVERYTHING* you read on the internet (including fanfiction) is true…

  • Scarlet

    Yay for CoFA!

  • Zoe

    this is great! fav part was when they turn the camera to clary and jace and they’re just making out…:)
    how did i not see that coming?
    soooooo excited for cofa!!!

    • Leah

      It looked like Clary was doing all the work in the making out scene…Jace was just standing there basically

  • Dana

    Wow EW, second article on this schlock in days. Does she have blackmail photos of your editorial staff or something?

    • Diana

      IT’s no schlock…
      Have you even read the series?

  • Skylie

    The girl looks too young to be in a place like that…

  • Abigail

    Cassandra books are amazing and i love them very much. And it is wrong to say she plagiarizing. There are many authors who use other peoples ideas for books. And i have read many books and read nothing close to her story line! Even so all books can not be completely different from each other. No one has the right to go after a author unless they have written a book them self. And if you not like the books why waste your time looking at this. Do not bother people with nasty comments. And Cassandra please keep going with your good work!

    • Maggie

      I agree with Abigail. There are numerous amounts of books that follow similar storylines but the context of a book is what matters. They all differ in some way or another. If you aren’t a fan and wish to just be negative, keep your comments to yourself. Cassandra Clare is a wonderful writer and deserves all she has gotten.

    • Cade

      I agree that many books have similar storylines, but everyone has the right to their own opinion, whether they’ve written a book or not.

      I’m a book blogger, so I give my opinion (which often includes criticism) on books all the time, but I’ve never written one. Does this mean that I have no right to run my blog?

      I’m a huge fan of Cassandra Clare and her books, though, and I can’t wait to get my copy of CoFA. I pre-ordered one for my Kindle so that I can start reading at midnight, and I’m going to a signing tomorrow where I’ll pick up a hardcover copy :)

  • Chantelle

    I have no idea what all the drama is about, but I can honestly say I’ve read a lot of different books, one after another, after another, and I have finally found a few i would actually reccomend to people. TMI being one of them. I hadn’t realized until last night she was making another 3 books to this series, and i’m looking forward to it! This video is adorable, but Jace needs to be a little more angelic and enthusiastic.

  • Molly

    People write stories for different reasons. I don’t want to sound hostile because I understand what you mean. Writers should strive to be original. But, as I said, people write for different reasons. Cassandra Clare may write simply for the fact that she likes to tell stories. She might think that that is a good enough reason. You might disagree, and claim that there should be originality, but that doesn’t make you more right than her, or anybody.

    I also need to make a side note to say that The Mortal Instruments are based on Harry Potter just as much as Harry Potter is based on Lord of the Rings. Every story can be compared to another, especially when they are about a quest to stop an evil villain from taking over the world, but that doesn’t have to cheapen the story. What is important is the originality of the characters, and the world the author creates, in my opinion. In that aspect I think the mortal instruments are unique. As for her Harry Potter fanfics, I believe she just kind of wrote those for fun. But that’s me. I don’t think she should be judged by them. If she had tried to publish them as her own original work, it’d be a different story.

    • Rosa

      Thank you Molly. What you said is true and people should stop being so negative. If they don’t like the MI series and Cassandra Clare they should just leave it alone rather than picking fights, which is basically what Tina did.

    • aly

      thank you finally someone who actually knows what plagiarism is! Or at least when to call it that. I mean it wasn’t published, wasn’t used to get a better grade in school. It was used to entertain and give us more yearning for our harry potter addicitons. so really no plagiarism.

    • Dip

      That’s a good question, Anjasa, and one that many poelpe might wonder about when it comes to RP fics. Back in the mid-1980s, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman created the Dragonlance series based on original characters they’d created within the RP universe they played in, and it spawned quite a loyal following through the years. It spun off into the Ravenloft RP series several years later, which also included a line of popular books during the 1990s that featured a few characters originally named in the Dragonlance books. Warhammer is another one that eventually began publishing books that were inspired by hardcore RPers.

  • Lesley

    Wow. Ppl need a life. She’s awesome/she sucks–umm, childish much?
    I lover her. All that matters.
    Next thing you know this chick is going to tell me Santa Clause isn’t real. Ha! Yep, that convo (if you can call it that) is rubbish.
    Keep is up, C.C.!!!

    • Natasha

      It’s not childish.They are just trying to state their opinions, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    • Lesley

      See what I mean? lol
      I just have to ppost a comment for ppl to get riled up. How awesome!!
      -but in all seriousness, I know. It’s called a “free” country for a reason.

      • Nancy

        Thats real Alice its really nice and very inovrmatife, I need this one too in my work its been a long time that i’m still searching for the kind of this.Fatima Datu recently posted..

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