Michael Connelly says he sees 'Twilight' dad as Harry Bosch

Thriller author Michael Connelly has seen a couple of his characters embodied on-screen at this point—Clint Eastwood played Blood Work‘s Terry McCaleb, while Matthew McConaughey just took his turn as street-smart defense counsel Mickey Haller—but his most popular creation, Los Angeles homicide detective Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch, has remained solely in book form. Connelly introduced Bosch in 1992’s The Black Echo and has since written 15 more novels featuring him, sometimes alongside other characters like McCaleb and his half-brother Haller. With the release of The Lincoln Lawyer, EW asked Connelly whether there was anyone in Hollywood he could see taking on the role in a movie version, and the author suggested Billy Burke, who plays Bella’s sheriff father in the Twilight saga.

“Something about him…he’s got the mustache,” says Connelly. “Whenever I see him in movies, he’s very close to how I picture Harry Bosch.” Connelly admits that if they ever make a movie from one of his Bosch books, the producers would probably want to go for someone a little more A-list, but, hey, you never know. The author seems to have a particularly good nose for this kind of stuff: He totally called McConaughey’s casting. “Back when I was watching Tropic Thunder, where McConaughey plays an underhanded Hollywood agent, I said to my wife, ‘He could play Mickey Haller.’ That was the first time I thought about it, and then maybe a year later I got that message that it was McConaughey.”

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  • Anne

    Hey, EW, do you have a picture of Billy Burke so we non-Twilighters can have a peek. Harry Bosch is a very precious character to some of us, and I’d like to see if this Burke guy looks like how I imagine Bosch looks.

    • Gupta

      hey anne, theres this thing called google

    • Linda Taylor

      @ Anne
      Google Billy Burke photos
      He is Bella’s father in Twilight.
      When you see his pictures you will agree with Michael Connelly that he could be Harry Bosch.

  • Anne

    Personally, I think he looks a lot like Michael Connelly himself.

    • cynicalwitch

      I totally agree, Anne! I somehow imagine Harry Bosch as looking like Michael Connelly, for some reason…

      Russell Crowe would make a good Bosch. Billy Burke… hmmmm. Maaaybe…

  • Ryan

    Well people you can always google Billy Burke.

    The other problem is Bosch needs to be related to McConaghey. You see in the novels Bosch and Haller are half brothers and I like to see them eventually make a film with both characters

    • Terry

      True, but it depends on what film they’re gonna start with. If they were to do the Bosch books in order(which I doubt) if would be years before they’d get to the Bosch/Haller adventures.

  • Minky

    If you’re gonna post spoilers LET US KNOW! Gee thanks you just ruined it for me!

    ” in the novels Bosch and Haller are half brothers”

    • Jaded

      The books have been out for YEARS…how is this a spoiler?

    • Cafali

      Not a spoiler.

    • Silvercake

      It’s mentioned in the above article that they are half brothers.

  • Ryan

    Hardly a spoiler to say that. It’s not a major revelation in the novels. Also if they do make a companion film, the news articles and trailer will say so as well.

    Now Terry, as soon as 2014 or 2015 we could have a joint film. All we need is a rush on a Bosch movie and a year or so later a Bosch/Haller film.

  • Emer

    I wouldn’t have put HB as the guy from Twilight, he’s too slim of frame. I’ve always put Bosch as of a similar kind to Bud White from LA Confidential played by Russell Crowe, but not necessarily Russell Crowe to play him. Needs to be a damned good actor regardless of A-list or not, as Anne said above…precious character to us fans! I think The Reversal would be a good follow up movie, gets everyone in there Haller, Bosch, McFierce…

    • Cafali

      I think Russell Crowe would be great. He’s got a face that could be aged, if necessary, and he definitely has a hotness factor, even though he is older. Crowe seems to be crusty and something of a loner.

      • bobbi

        i agree. think russell crowe could be really good as HB

  • Mp

    I think Burke would be an awesome Bosch.

  • Renato

    NO! Harry Bosch has to be played by Bryan Cranston

    • PKD

      In one of the books a character says Bosch looks like the actor who plays “House.” I agree with Cranston. That’s how I picture Bosche.

  • J F

    I always envisioned Hugh Laurie of House the tv show.Don’t know why? I never watch the show.But a good point was made that Harry and Haler are half brothers.

    • Juan

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  • J F

    I just googled Billys photo.Not a bad pick BUT…..He’s too young( Bosh was in Vietnam remember folks).

    • Cafali

      So true, JF. I hate when it seems like everyone “forgets” that a character was in a history-changer like a major conflict. James Lee Burke’s character, Dave Robicheaux, has to be very near to 70 now. He has been fittingly played by Tommy Lee Jones, but it does bother me that these older characters rarely age past about fifty, when the author has committed them to a specific event, like Vietnam.

  • doowahditty

    Robert Downey Jr

    • Rhendy

      Sheryl – did you read 'The Poet'? Because 'The Scarecrow' is a flolow-up to that, not a Bosch story.I really enjoyed it.

  • Pauline

    I have read all the Harry Bosch books and the person i picture is the prison guard from Prison Break – character Bellick – he to me is Harry Bosch, well lived in face and persona.

  • bobbi

    there is NO way that guy from “twilight” could be harry – NO WAY! that guy is such a bad actor, really weak acting skiills and not at all what i would ever pick THE harry bosch. russell crowe could actually be really good as harry. much more the look of harry and HE can act!

    • Shellibellie

      its funny reading all these comments how No way it cant be Billy Burke whatever.

      Bosch’s creator himself said who HE imagines would play his chracter!

      • bobbi

        im sure everyone has their own opinion about what “their” HB looks like. i personally dont pix him like twilight dad at all….doesnt even mtch up with some of th descriptions in the harry books….plus i just think he’s a bad actor. wouldnt do harry justice….

  • Ian

    Wade williams would be a good look, but why not bruce willis, older, grissled looking now

  • Locode

    Burke would make a good young Bosch. I’d like to see them do something more along the lines of what they did with Rebus in the UK.
    2 part 2 hour episodes which each cover one novel, something along those lines. Bosch on TV would work well, just like Dexter does. Neither would be good for the big screen, IMHO.

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