Stephen King's new time travel novel, '11/22/63' announced

Stephen-KingImage Credit: Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty ImagesStephen King has announced his next novel, 11/22/63, scheduled to be released by Scribner November 8th of this year. Described as a “1,000-page tour de force,” the story follows Jake Epping, a high school English teacher, who finds a secret portal to 1958 and takes on a mission to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Jake finds himself in a new world of “Elvis and JFK, of American cars and sock hops,” and in the midst of growing accustomed to life in a past decade, he encounters a “troubled loner” Lee Harvey Oswald and falls in love with a beautiful librarian.

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  • Donna

    11/22/63 I was about to turn 11 years old. I have seen and lived through so much of the history in this book.. looking forward to reading it..

    • Cygnus

      He’s definitely catering to a Baby Boomer demographic. Big time sales.

      • Wolfechu

        The word ‘fish’, written 250,000 times, with his name on the cover, would have big time sales also.

    • Karl Liggett

      Go back in time and changed history! and saved President Kennedy;s life! could result to an early 3rd world war with the Russians?

    • EDWARD 4EVUUHH!!!!

      Who cares about this stupid old fosill? He should totally always be bowing down to the Queen of writing Stephanie Myers because shes so totally amazeing and all her stuff is way better than anything this loozer could evvuuhhh do so he should just give up and cry like a stooopid baby. Twilight fans willz live 4EVUUHHH!!!!

      • Color Me Impressed

        You know what EDWARD4EVUUHH!!!!? You’re always good for a nice laugh. Thank you for brightening up my day with your hyperbolic sarcasm.

      • EDWARD 4EVUUHH!!!!

        What the heck does “hyperbowlic” mean? And wahts with “laugh”? I’m totally 4realz. YOU’LL SEE!!!!!!

      • eyerohn2516

        Edward, once your older than 13 and hit puberty you opinions will change as you grow. It takes more than a few books to become a truly “amazeing” author. BTW it’s Meyer.

  • Dan


  • Brian K

    As fast as he churns out thick novels it’s clear a lot of time and preparation must have gone into this.

    • Pat

      He actually has not published a full length novel in 2 years, not particularly “churning them out”. Plus he has often worked on stories over year before one takes front and center.

    • Dave

      You do realize that he works on the books over a large period of time? At the end of each one, he prints the dates from when he began until the date that he finished. It’s frequently several years. He’s also quite used to 1958; “It” was set in that year for half of the novel.

  • Becky

    Can’t wait for the sequel “9/11/01.”

    • Ben

      Then you should read “Ex Machina” by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris.

  • Simone

    Can´t wait to read this, keep on writing, Mr. King!!

  • George

    Wow. Stop the Kennedy assassination… Very creative.. Never read anything like that before…

    • Steve

      Give me five novels or films where this is the actual plot (Gene Roddenberry wanting to do this with the Star Trek movie doesn’t count). But seriously: name five.

      • Jackie

        It’s not a novel or a film, but they did it in an episode of ‘Quantum Leap’.

      • Crystal

        The only ones I can think of are an episode of Quantum Leap and an episode of Red Dwarf . . .

      • Mike

        1. Profile in Silver, a 1985 episode of the second Twilight Zone series
        2.The 1990 film Running Against Time
        3. “Lee Harvey Oswald”, the 1992 season opener for the TV series Quantum Leap
        4. Tikka to Ride, a 1997 episode of the science-fiction comedy series Red Dwarf
        5. 2002 film Timequest
        6. 2006 novel Prologue

        It’s not an original concept by any means. However, I’d like to see how King handles the subject.

      • George

        A Time to Remember

        Running Against Time (tv movie of A Time to Remember, crap)

        There is a novel called Voyage(I think) about the same thing (Jackie dies not JFK).

        The aforementioned Quantum Leap and Red Dwarf.

        I am sure it has been done in comics and short stories too numerous to mention as well…

      • Mike

        A few in the written word genre…

        Replay (1998)

        A Time to Remember (1986)(The book Running Against Time was based)

      • Peter

        Besides all the above examples, it’s one of the most cliched hypotheticals when discussing time travel (I’d rank it third after preventing your own birth and killing Hitler).

      • DrMemory

        Have no fear, Harlan Ellison will find some obscure connection to one of his stories or screenplays and will sue the pants of King.

      • George

        Are you Steve King Steve?

      • Mike V

        sigh….I miss Quantum Leap!

  • George

    Where is the Shining sequel or more Dark Tower stories?

    • steve

      yeah i heard a new tower book was coming out too, A wind the the keyhole or something, but i guess as it said in the comments King has prolly been working on this book for a couple years. Weather he is doing Shining or another Tower book, he is prolly still in the beginning or middle statges of completion.

      • Dee

        There is no such f*cking word as “prolly”. There is no limit to how much I hate seeing that word on my screen. The word is PRO-BAB-LY. It’s really not so hard.

      • Fred

        Dee, you should prolly relax homie.

      • Jaded

        It’s okay, Dee’s prolly never heard of slang.

      • Jim

        Could not agree more, Dee. However, using words like “prolly” really does indicate that the writer is a complete idiot and a douchebag, which is quite helpful in knowing to ignore anything they have to say.

      • AltDave

        Being overly judgmental is also pretty douchebaggy.

      • steve

        wow. Sorry folks. An argument over the word “prolly” wasnt really what I was expecting from my post (really jim, an idiot and douchbag). Is this an english class or a comments section about a Stephen King book on Entertainment Weekly. For Christ’s sake. Excuse me for unconsiously slippin(g) some slang into my 3 sentence post. Its 2012 people, let some things go or you are going to die young

  • Cass

    Super Exciting!

  • charles

    This sounds great!

  • myprettypony

    i thought he was retired?

  • Philly

    King is the MAN! Can’t wait to read!

  • tracy bluth

    I wrote the date on my calendar…yes, I am that much of a Stephen King fan.

    • MCS

      I dont need to. It’s my birthday, and what a gift.

  • DaDude

    maybe he should spend some time re-writing the end of The Dark Tower, talk about a letdown.

    • Eddie

      Man, the ending of the Dark Tower was PERFECT. It was dead-on in terms of theme and narrative.

      • steve

        I totally agree. With the way the story was told and progressed throughout all seven books, the ending of the Dark Tower was absoulutly fitting and, to me, perfect.

    • Trill

      I thought the ending to DT was completely right on. Ka is a wheel, man …

  • Sarah

    Always glad for a new Stephen King to read. Now come back to EW! I miss The Pop of King more than I can say…..

  • Christopher

    Thank you, Uncle Steve. Looking forward to the usual twists and turns all great King books provide. And for all of us who want more Dark Tower, Stephen says he has an idea for another book.

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