New 'Archie' comic reveals Archie is pro-Obama, arch-enemy Reggie is a Sarah Palin fan

The new Archie Comics, released on Wednesday, finds the red-headed hero and his girlfriend Veronica talking environmental issues with President Obama. Meanwhile, Archie’s long-time rival, the rich-kid Reggie Mantle III, gets his picture taken with Sarah Palin. Both political alliances are used for Archie and Reggie to further their campaigns for student-body president.

In the final panel of Archie issue #616, Obama and Palin are each depicted as holding up different front pages of the Riverdale school newspaper, each of which implies that Obama and Palin have endorsed Archie and Reggie, respectively. Obama and Palin yell angrily, in unison, “Who’s responsible for this!?”

The cover depicts Obama and Palin at Pop’s Malt Shop, sharing a chocolate ice cream float with two straws. Archie looks on, exclaiming, “Wow! I guess anything’s possible!”

To which I might add: Wow! Dirty politics on the part of Archie and Reggie — what gives in Riverdale these days?

Indeed. In recent months, there’s been some talk about how the Archie Comics company is moving more toward contemporary themes and even serious issues. (There’s an upcoming storyline in which teacher Miss Grundy will die of cancer.)

What do you think of Archie playing politics?

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  • LOL

    Reggie is a Teabagger.

    • S

      I guess that makes Archie naive and easily fooled? Still waiting for the oceans to lower.. or at least the unemployment rate.

    • Your mom

      Who cares who Reggie and Archie support… it’s all about who Jughead supports!

  • ZakJ

    Um, I read Archie comics from the age of 5-10. How old are kids when they read Archie now? 37?

    • Jerry M

      Um no try 49.

      • Saphina

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  • Stephanie

    At least I have memories of the days when Archie’s troubles revolved around three words:

    • Stephanie

      er..make that last one Cheryl

  • suze

    Does everything have to involve someone’s politics??? Can’t we just enjoy comics with out someone pushing their ideology on us… it is SO tiresome.

    • Tracy Murray

      Talking about certain things like saving the enviroment , stopping bullies , and ending racism is okay in a children ‘s comic like Archie , if done subtly ( sp ? ) , however , if this upcoming issue , I smell some bad overly earnest preaching coming .

  • rebecca

    I guess I am a fan of Reggie now! He was always the cuter one anyone. I always wanted him to end up with Betty. But anyway, I am now a Reggie fan according to whoever wrote this dumb comics issue. Don’t put politics into children comics.

    • Jack

      You do realize that Reggie is the greedy, rude jerk who cheats and treats other people like garbage because he has the emotional range of a bowl of oatmeal, right?

      Oh, wait. I guess he IS a conservative, after all.

      • S

        Emotional Range of Oatmeal!!! That’s IT.. the perfect description of Obama

  • Spyro

    To be honest, I am getting really tired of seeing Archie political correctness all over my Facebook wall. I am a BIG fan of Archie Comics – always have. But lately, I can’t help but think why I still like them. I remember when comics were a way to excape reality. Atleast, that’s what they were for me. I would thrive in the idea of superheroes and fun romances and such in all comics. But now that politics are becoming so prevalent in comics, it’s so hard to find that entertainment in them. I still love Archie, but I wish desperately that they would go back to the original cast with their original problems…

    • Apostate

      Couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately,it’s only going to get worse from here on out…

      • MattyB

        That’s the spirit!

    • Jack

      OH, please spare me. Comics have always dealt with the topics of the day, whether it be politics, pop culture, or even war. This has been the norm going back at least as far as WWII (Captain America ring any bells) and the Great Depression (Popeye, Snuffy Smith, Batman, etc.). Batman dealt with the “Paul is Dead” mystery with a strangely Beatles-like band. Hippies were pretty common in comics in the late 60s and early 70s. — Archie Comics have followed suit, and it’s nothing new. Stop trying to re-write history to fit your version of things.

    • Joe

      Spyro, you are so right it’s not even funny–and neither are contemporary Archie comics. But they DO have bigamy, homosexuality, and many other subjects that are similarly inappropriate for young readers. Welcome to the 21st century! “These aren’t your father’s Archie comics!”

      • John

        No bigamy in Archie comics as far as I know. One of their new books has two stories, each set in different possible futures, one of which has Archie married to Veronica and one of which has Archie married to Betty. But as noted, those are two separate possible futures (translation: if you think that’s bigamy, don’t try to watch Season 6 of Lost because you’ll never be able to follow it). “Homosexuality” would seem to indicate the Archie characters are having sex, and while there is a very popular new character who happens to be gay, I don’t think any of the Archie characters are currently having ANY kind of sex (certainly not any kind that is evident to the readers anyway).

  • Dan

    Just got my latest issue of Jughead Digest and what did I see? Moose and Glenn Beck joining forces! Gonna cancel my subscription…Ha ha…

  • PixxieTrixxie

    Archie should stick to simple subjects such as school and dating problems. I learned a lot about how to deal with other kids from these comics – I was the oldest – I needed someone to show me.

  • Apostate

    Partisan politics has now seeped into….Archie? Wonders shall never cease!

  • goat

    I don’t really see the big deal why everyone is getting upset…representatives of both parties are being represented…what’s the deal?

    • Joe

      People love to whine.

  • nobama


  • Bronco46

    Who Cares?!

  • Daphne

    I thought Archie & Veronica got engaged?? was it a dream or something ? LOL I want to catch up!

    • Liliana

      Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden is the perfect place for a get-together with the dudes. I easceiplly liked the Schnitzel and Cream Spinach, you know those delicious food with a tomato slice on top? And the Roast Duck Platter was delicious too. It would be cool if they do a Groupon.

  • pinky

    I guess I am the only one concerned about Miss Grundy dying of cancer. Noooo!

  • anakinjmt

    Used to be a big fan of Archie comics. Then I started reading superhero comics from DC and Marvel and never looked back, and boy, looks like it’s a good thing I did.

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