J.K. Rowling willing to write more Harry Potter books, but without Harry in the lead. Who should they be about?

JK-RowlingImage Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty ImagesAt last night’s London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, J.K. Rowling told a reporter that more books about Harry and crew were a possibility: “If in ten years’ time I wanted to do another one I probably would. However, I said to Dan [Radcliffe] I don’t think there will ever be another book with Harry as the central character. So Dan can sleep easy.” And she added that the new movie was “my favorite of the lot.”

Sequels aren’t my favorite thing — but I’d give just about anything for Rowling’s return to the wizarding world. What do you think? If Rowling chooses not to concentrate on Harry, who should her main character be?

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  • Christian

    It’s got to be Neville, right? The Big 3 are paired off and have kids. But Neville’s story (the other one who could’ve been the one in the prophecy) is incomplete and there’s a lot of potential there.

    • Abby

      Ooooooooooooo, I like that idea. Neville was a great character, he really grew as the books went on. It would be great to see a story focused on him.

    • jessica

      best idea EVAAARRRR

      • Dkel

        That’s not how you spell ever. You dumb mudblood

    • j9

      my gut reaction is Neville as well. His story as a professor at Hogwarts.

      • Shannon

        My first thought too! I’d love to read a book from the POV of a Hogwarts professor.

      • throwingtrash

        yea cuse neville would be discovering lore and save missing kids riht/

    • erin

      It shuld be about harrys kids and ron and hermiones kids

      • Shaylyn

        They could focus mainly around their kids but Neville can be a huge part because he is a professor at Hogwarts now. A bit of both worlds

      • Jade

        I agree. The Magic is with kids and seeing it through there eyes. I don’t think i would read nerveless watch a movie about a teacher in Hogwarts. Let the book start off where it started with the kids going to school and Neville being there to guide them and tell them story’s about a boys wizard. The kids get try to find out who but get in trouble in the process or something like that. More cool then Neville walking to class and ect.. I think Ron and Hermine’s kid should be the main character. Also keep updated on what the parents are doing but push them out slowly!

      • chiheatherlove

        Totally agree… about the kids.

      • Sarah

        You’re totally right. That was exactly what I was thinking. J.K. Rowling should write a series for every kid…
        I guess that’s too much. How about writing a series about Albus Severus Potter?

      • Joe Watkins

        I’d like to learn more about dumbledore, voldamort, how hermione got magical powers, hagrid, kingsly, moody, the Wesleys, and about Harry Ron and hermoines kids. She can do a book with every chapter explaining one person.idk just and idea.

      • Zane

        i think they should be about Harry’s kids and Ron and Hermoine kids to. Neville can be in it too but it should focus more about there kids because Neville was a big part in the story but he is not that big enough to have 7 books about him i think Harry’s kids and Ron and Hermoines kids should be the center and draco’s son should be the main center too he should be good not bad like Draco was and Deab thomas kid should be in it too since he was supposed to be one of the main people so it would make sense.

    • Ana170

      JKR has stated that Neville ends up as a herbology teacher at Hogwarts and is married to Hannah Abbott.

      • RJ

        Really, Hannah? I knew he became Professor of Herbology, but I kind of pictured him with Luna.

      • L

        Plus she becomes the landlady of the Leaky Cauldron, and they live in the rooms above it.

      • jackie

        I believe Neville actually marrys Luna lovegood

      • jackie

        Yes he does marry Luna I just went to the last book and checked

      • jackie

        Nevermind I was looking at something different lol

    • ashbo

      Totally agree – Neville was my first thought and my first choice!

    • TKGM

      Neville was also my first thought! However, I agree that it would be fun to hear about the main character’s kids at Hogwarts so maybe it’s Neville’s interactions with them?

    • Jen

      I love this idea! Maybe cover the whole shebang, but from Neville’s point of view instead!!

    • amy

      in my little imagination Neville and Luna have paired up and he grounds her a little bit while she brings a nice bit of whimsy to life for him. Their kids would be great :)

      • Gazza

        RJ, Luna ends up marrying Rolf Schamander, the great-grandson of Newt Schamander, author of “1001 Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them”

    • laylagalise

      My thoughts exactly!

    • patrick

      it should be voldemorts side of the story

      • Will

        i think it should be all about voldemort. it should show him young as tom riddle and how he got interested in dark magic, how he killed people, chose which items would be horcruxes and why, and actually making the horcruxes and how he reacts when his soul gets split into seven. it should shows him learning about harry potter and then show his side of the story that J.K. Rowling told

      • Andrew

        Yeah that would be really good, but the story would become difficult to tell as Riddle grows older. Hes been the main, heartless villain of the harry potter series. He is the worlds darkest threat. If we were to start seeing him as a more relatable character, it would take away from the fear, and power of Voldemort that the readers feel.
        But the main character should be relatable, so the reader feels a connection between themselves and the character. So because of this “catch 22″, i dont think riddle would be the best character to choose.

      • Dkel

        No. Don’t rip off Star Wars and Darth Vader. With a young Tom Riddle succumbing to the “dark side” be original

  • Buck nasty

    its gotta be a whole new character. HOLLA AT YO GOOCHE

  • Liz

    I’m voting for Harry’s kids! I think it would be so cool to see the main 3’s kids roaming hte halls of Hogwarts!

  • Drocks

    It would be all the kids of Harry, Hermione & Ron.

  • Bounce

    I would like her to start where she finishes off with the 3’s kids going off to Hogwarts. With the war that happened there it opens up so many possibilities! and wouldn’t it be awesome if the twins were teachers there!

    • Mole

      You um…you did READ the last book, didn’t you? Might want to read it again.

      • Jacquelyn

        Hehe I had the same reaction. Bounce, you may want to read the last book again…there is a slight problem with that

      • Peter

        Shh, let Bounce live out life blissfully unaware.

      • CB

        What’s wrong with Bounce’s comments – it is Hogwarts and the likes of Nearly Headless Nick roam the halls.

      • organic canfield

        I’m with you, CB and Bounce. Would be cool to have a teaching duo like this. They could end up pranking each other as well. And, the dynamic of one never aging could be cool.

      • Liz

        Maybe Bounce subscribes to the same philosophy that I do, I just pretned that didn’t happen.

      • Allison

        *spoiler alert*
        Fred wouldn’t be a ghost because he wouldn’t be afraid of death.

    • lilian

      I’m soooo gonna ruin Bounces’ life!!!
      one of the twins (i’ll let u research whom) DIED in the final book!!!!!!

      • CaptainStimpy

        Like CB said above, Fred could be a ghost in Hogwarts. Comedy gold I tell ya. Maybe not…

      • Ana170

        Hogwarts already has a supernatural troublemaker in Peeves. Fred’s too anti-establishment to be a teacher unless Hogwarts decides to offer a course on how to prank your classmate.

      • Lex

        NOO lillian you just forced that on me i was trying to forget :(

      • Will

        i think fred should be one of the ghosts of a house. just like nearly headless nick. that would be really cool. but i think the story should be about tom riddle instead. that would be better

    • jessica

      SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      fred is killed in the battle of hogwarts. george survives, though so i guess he can teach…

      • lilian

        NOOOO! i wanted him/her to feel the pain of those few seconds during which he googles “which twin died in HP7″

      • Meg

        I guess Fred could teach as a ghost–isn’t there a ghost that does that already?

      • orville

        I could see Fred coming back as a ghost especially since I wouldn’t think that the Grey Lady would stick around with all that happened. Seemed like her “unfinished business” might have been resolved. But, he’d almost have to be a Gryffindor ghost, not Ravenclaw.

      • MegtheMom

        Professor Binns, who teaches History of Magic in the series, is a ghost. Might be kind of fun to see how Professors George and Ghost Fred deal with any of the Big Three’s kids who’ve inherited their anarchist ways…..they’d be uncles to all of them…..

      • louise

        shes already said that ron and george run the joke shop

      • Sarah

        In order to be a ghost, you have to leave an imprint behind. Certain affairs must be in order. Sirius didn’t do that and neither would Fred.

      • Jeffrey


        No george has his shop so he and Ron do that now

    • Dee

      There’s only one of the twins left, Fred died at the end of # 7

  • Jerry

    Looks like the one trick pony doesnt like the idea of the world forgetting who she is in a year or two. Plus, its not like she can write any other types of books.

    • Kevin

      Awww… wooks like wittle Jerwey is a wittle bit jealous of a successful and bewoved woman.

      • G$

        Looks like little Kevin is quite immature. Or watches too many Sandra Bullock romantic comedies! Bazinga!

      • ash

        He he.

    • Jason

      I think I saw Jerry roaming in a bathroom at Hogwarts…

    • Nic

      I’d call her a “7 Trick Pony”. And I doubt the world will ever forget her – the books and movies will be read/watched by our kids, and our kids kids, and their kids, and so on! She doesn’t NEED to write anything else, she’s completed a full and awesome story arc to the satisfaction of herself and the majority of fans. This is more than many authors can say.

      • Glen

        BRAVO Nic, well put.

      • Ackerman

        One trick pony? As opposed to… Harper Lee? Mary Shelly? Charlotte frickin’ Bronte? What is your damage?

    • Nick

      Might be a one trick pony, but man what a trick!

    • Bren

      You know, she’s not saying that she is going to revisit that world. It’s really more about people constantly asking her if she will and she keeps politely answering them. And considering her “one trick pony” has made her an internationally beloved author worth billions…well, that’s one heck of a pony worthy of some mad props and high quality carrots.

    • Tracy

      there are a few other “one trick ponys”that have never been forgotten….harper lee and margaret mitchell ring any bells???

  • liz

    i wud like it if she would complete some of the gap of those 19 years……and if not possible then definitely Harry,Ginny,Ron and Hermione’s kids!

  • julia

    am i the only one who wants to know how hagrids mom and dad managed to do “it”?

    • ha!

      Julia, I wondered the same thing!!

    • Rica

      Years of yoga.

    • Stacy

      LOL Yeah I always wondered that!!!

    • Joe

      If they look anything like Hagrid then no. That’s an image I don’t need in my head. Oh the horror.

      • Traci

        Hagrid’s mom was a giant 20 feet tall. His dad was normal man size wizard. Creepy.

    • BB


    • Ellis

      I always joked with my friends that Hagrid’s dad had to “wingardium leviosa” himself just so that he could, you know, reach the proper areas. And he could probably use an engoregement charm on his bazinga. Ok, wow, I’ve thought about this too much now…

    • Fanatic


  • whatever

    Must have been some trick seeing as how her series has only been outsold by one thing- the Bible.

  • Noodley

    That is a legitimate question, Julia!!

    As for me, I’d love to see more of Lily, James, and Sirius. Like, how exactly did the Potters defy Voldemort three times? And a book about Voldemort and Grindelwald’s “friendship” would be fascinating too.

    • ash

      YES! I want a Marauders prequel. I think, they, and the rest of the original Order are fascinating. I’d love to read about the Longbottoms and Moody in his prime.
      Also the Marauders are all flawed, yet very interesting characters. And of course Snape would have to be in it! Yay.

    • ash

      Also Voldemort and Grindlewand only met when V murdered G. Did you mean Dumbledore and Grindlewand?

    • Gwen

      that was my favourite bit of book 5… or was it 6? Well whichever book it was, the section on the Marauders was brilliant. The boys are a mixture of the best things about Fred and George – the humour and the rule breaking, and the best bits about the Ron, Harry and Hermione relationship – the comraderie and complicated friendships.

  • Audrey

    I’d love to see a sequel focused on Teddy Lupin!

    • Jackie

      that was my thought too! also an orphan like harry… i think there could be a lot there

    • elr

      I like this idea a lot, then we could have some details on the 19 years between the end of HP7 and the epilogue. It would be a way to catch up with the all the characters, but have the focus be on Teddy.

  • Glen

    I think I would like a story of the Adult Harry Ron and Hermione. the whole gang. some new threat to the community or Hogwarts. new main Charecters just wouldn’t have the impact…. the story was too good. same ones or leave it alone is my vote

  • Kiki

    I have always wanted 7 books about James, Sirius, Lupin, and Lily’s time at Hogwarts. But I also think Teddy Lupin would be an excellent choice as well, because he’s like the new Harry (alone, orphaned as a baby, etc.).

  • Lisa Simpson

    As much as I’d like to see more of James, Lily, Serious, Remus, et al., prequels almost always disappoint. I’d like to see the Next Generation of Potters/Weasleys at Hogwarts, with Neville as Herbology instructor.

  • Rica

    The first Order of the Phoenix, definitely. Neville’s parents and grandparents, James and Lily, Sirius and how he broke from his family, how the order was even formed and why them? But I’d read anything she came up with!

    • kimy

      love it!

      • Chris

        I honestly think the prequel should be about teddy and his friend, also about him finding out more about having no parents it would make for a great plot

      • Ian

        If it was about Teddy, it wouldn’t be a prequel, lol.

        I would much rather she write a series of prequels about the Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort’s original rise, the Marauders, the Black/Lestrange family, etc. That way she could never be tempted to include Harry in the story at all.

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