Why 'The Hunger Games' isn't the new 'Twilight'

It’s Twilight all over again.

How many times have I heard that in the two years since The Hunger Games came out? Too many too count. And I have to say, it continues to baffle me: These novels could not be more different. Stephenie Meyer’s is more of a traditional romance (populated, I grant you, by some pretty untraditional characters); while Suzanne Collins’ is a tale of war and survival.

Is it that both books star unforgettable women? I suppose you could say that in the most sweeping and general sense, Katniss Everdeen and Bella Swan are alike: Both have cores of steel. They know what they want, and they aren’t going to back down. But for me, any similarity ends there.

Forged by famine, disease, and unbelievable hardship, Katniss, 16, regularly slips beneath the electrified barbed wire fence to hunt and forage for her her family–a crime punishable by death. She’s not interested in romance. She’s not big on forgiveness (even when it comes to her own mother). And when her younger sister, Primrose, is selected by lottery to participate in the barbaric murder ritual called The Hunger Games, Katniss steps in and takes her place. Bella, on the other hand, has known sadness but not poverty or want.  Arriving in Forks to live with her dad, knowing no one, she’s the shy girl, the outcast, who’s suddenly plucked from obscurity by the ravishingly handsome Edward Cullen. Hers is the stuff of classic fairy tales; she’s a princess who must be rescued, time and time again, by her one of her two prince charmings, either the vampire or the werewolf. Frankly, compared to Katniss, Bella is simply the more passive character: For the most part, things happen to her. Katniss, on the other hand, copes with disaster by strategizing–and bulldozing–her way through the situation. Does she ever need to be rescued? Absolutely. But  she also rescues Peeta–a real or feigned love interest?–more than once along the way.

That brings me to the love triangle issue. Could it be that people compare the two books because their heroines must choose between two men? Again, I don’t find this valid. Bella, it seems to me, never wavers in her love for Edward, despite Jacob’s devotion. In contrast,  I’m left with the feeling that Katniss may very well not know what love is at all. She may have been too badly damaged by war, by deprivation, by emotional and physical torture to ever be able to love fully and normally. Whatever she feels for Peeta or for Gale, it isn’t the headlong devotion Bella has for Edward.  More importantly, the question of whom Katniss will end up with isn’t what drives the narrative.  In other words, the question isn’t, Which one will she marry? The question is, Will she live until the end of the book?

So weigh in, Shelf Lifers. Do you think Twilight and The Hunger Games tread the same territory?

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  • The Jackal

    Yes the both tread the same territory. They both suck.

    • read

      If you’ve read either of them, you wouldn’t be making that comment. How about you stop being ignorant, pick up a book, and make educated decisions. In my opinion, The Hunger Games is excellent, while Twilight is a bunch of swill.

      • Jess

        “If you’ve read either of them, you wouldn’t be making that comment.” Yes, The Jackal would if he/she did read them and disliked the books. It is possible. Like you said yourself–“In my opinion.” YOUR opinion. I have read both of these books and really hated them. The Hunger Games was somewhat better than Twilight, in my opinion.

      • unknown

        wtf u talking about.the hunger games is one of the masterpiece

      • Adam

        @read, you have the best comment EVER!!!!

    • m1

      Both series are solid. People should stop looking at Twilight as a lowly plotted book and start looking at it as an emotionally interesting character study of a girl trying to decide her true love.

      • Daya

        Twilight is about a marysue who’s in lust.

      • ash

        ‘Emotionally interesting character study of a girl…’? H HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. AHA HA HA HA HAAAAA (wipes eyes)
        Thanks m1. Been having a rough morning. I really a good laugh.

      • Julia


      • sara

        I still don’t understand how people can like a story about a teenager who would be selfish enough to become suicidal because her boyfriend broke up with her. Ich.

      • hehehe

        okay heres a shot in the dark y does twilight have to be about vampires and werewolves im not kidding they have nothing to do with the story and frankly it wrecked vampires and werewolves for me. arnt vamps werewolves supposed to eat ppl for food and everything and be super violent and kill each other

      • Kim

        m1 I love you, I never laughed so hard.

      • Bella Sux

        ROFLMAO. Thanks M1, that has got to be the biggest load of crap I’ve read. Were you being sarcastic?

      • Kaylee

        Okay in some ways m1 is right. Yes I do think my self that some of the stuff in the twiligt books is kind of a little ridiculous, but it’s not lowly plotted the author is really a good writer. So ppl rly dont need to be that negative . m1 has a point

      • Kodi

        so true!

      • Adam

        You have the worst comment on here m1, honestly, twilight SUCKS.

      • Nobody

        Haha. In Deph. SO in depth.

    • bruno

      same crap, different pile.

      • Cecilia

        There is a lot of funny stuff going on in these comments. But remember guys it is not a matter of life or death to strain out your point of view. Remember that they are just books made for our entertainment so whether you like the book or not is your problem. :]

      • June

        If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it. Simple as that.

    • Alice

      People need realize something. They aren’t horrible if they are getting people to read again! This is a fact!

      So sit down and be quiet if you have negative things to say. I’m sick of it.

      • The Other Alice

        Ahh… so we should let you air your thoughts, but if we have opinions that differ from yours, we need to shut up. Gotcha.

      • Hannah

        Why can’t people read GOOD books, though? Whenever people defend crap like Twilight, it goes back to the “at least they’re reading…” defense. So it’s reading crap or nothing at all? Sorry, not buying it.

      • Whatever

        Maybe you should just say I didn’t like Twilight instead of ragging on others for liking them. It is all a matter of opinion and everyone is entitled to have their own; with out some one trying to bully them about what books they do or don’t like!

      • Devalee

        Twilight gets people to read… Twilight. I have been an avid reader my entire life, and yet my much younger cousin discovered Twilight after the movie and now declares herself “a reader”. However, all she reads is Twilight, over and over again. No. You are not a reader now. You don’t get any of the expansive vocabulary you could be exposed to by reading other sources, and you only observe and learn from the emotional range of a blank wall in the main character.

        The only thing I agree with in this entire article is that things HAPPEN to Bella Swan. And that does not an inspiring, bookworm-inducing read make.

      • Monica

        “Twilight gets people to read… Twilight.” Very good point! But not necessarily true for everyone. Before Twilight, I never read. Ever. Living in a family where most everybody reads, however, Twilight was inevitable. After my sister read it and said SHE loved it (crazy, I know), I decided I might as well give it a try. It was an okay place to start, regardless of the lacking plot and character depth. I will admit — and I’m going to defend myself with the fact I didn’t have any other better kinds of literature to compare this book to — I liked it. Of course, it wasn’t the book itself that I liked, but the thrill of reading, period. And of course, the series ended horribly, and I was without my thrill. Instead of reading the series over and over and over again (I’d rather die), I got into better series (Hunger Games included, and even some amazing adult books that I came to love) and realized just how crappy the Twilight saga was. So to answer to, “Why can’t people read GOOD books, though? Whenever people defend crap like Twilight, it goes back to the “at least they’re reading…” defense. So it’s reading crap or nothing at all?” Twilight was my offset. It only just got me started. Sometimes you need something low to get to something higher. It’s better than nothing.

        My point is this: It doesn’t matter how good or bad the book is that gets a reader reading, as long as it happens. Yes, there are tons of better books that could get you to like reading, and yes, it may only get you to read that one kind of crappy book, but it’s better with Meyer’s books than with nothing.

        [DISCLAIMER: I am NOT defending Twilight. I still hate the series. I cried for loss of brain cells.]

      • Jace

        I am a guy, I am straight (sorry to point that out, but some people usually jump to homosexuality when they hear a guy has read Twilight), I love reading, and I read Twilight purely for the literary aspect of it. It caught the world by storm, so is it really that good? That’s what I thought when I bought it, and guess what? I thought that it was terrible. I didn’t even bother moving on to the next books in the series. I read for story, character development, good, thoughtful writing that makes me basically feel as if I’m a part of the story, but Twilight didn’t do that. The Hunger Games though, did all of the above.

      • S97

        Ok people let’s be serious. Twilight is a poorly written story about how important it is to have a boyfriend! They say the Bella is a “very complex” character Oh MY GOD is that a lie! She is the weakest character ever! She’s obsessed with a hot guy and she would die for him within a hour of knowig him. She also goes into a suicidal depression when she breaks up with her to “protect her” eveb though he comes back for 2 more books! The author managed to somehow incorporate werewolves and vampires (in the worst and–for lack of a better word–most un vampire and werewolf way), a feeble attempt to make a boring story “more exciting.” some people buy into into it and say “Oh, it’s a complex and intense romantic story.” however, most of us can see through the story that really only attracks teenage girls. I had been dissing twilight since it came out and my friend got mad and said if read it I would change my mind. So I read the whole series within a week (really to just get it over with). There was at least three times a day where I had to work hard to force myself not to put down the horrible books forever. But I wanted to keep my promise, and trust me, I did NOT get why anyone liked the series honestly! So people stop trying to defend this waste of paper because you really have no arguments and in the end, it’s just bad literature.

      • Adam

        I agree with the other alice. Its like a double standard

      • Alice 2

        I think the Hunger Games is MUCH better than Twilight.

    • Ann

      In the First Hunger Games book I read as Katniss brutally murders several on the Hunger Games contestants and manipulate a political government in order to save both her and Peeta. In all a beautiful book showing political tyranny social war fair and dangers of a desensitized public to violence through entertainment.

      In twilight I saw Bella become suicidal over becoming abandoned by a boy and later give up her whole existence her humanity and future over the same said boy. In all a romantic piece of teen fluff entertaining but hardly more than that.I think it is safe to say that there is little resemblance aside from a love triangle and if that is all people can see of them then they aren’t really readers.

      • Laura Miller

        You are an awesome person. Thank you for saying that. Twilight is okay, but doesnt even exist in the same universe.

      • John

        Didn’t Katniss become just as emotionally unstable and suicidal as Bella? Katniss spends half the third book hiding in closets. In the end the only thing that motivates her out of her many bouts of self-pity are rescuing the boy she loves or revenge on those she hates and fears. She even resorts to drugs and alcohol as an escape. Are Katniss’ motivations really that much more noble than Bella’s?

        Both heroines have serious characters flaws making them human, believable, and lovable. Don’t idealize one over the other just because you happen to relate better to her.

        Regardless of whether you love Katniss or Bella more, one way that both heroines are definitely alike is that they have reached our from their fictional worlds to inspire millions of people in ours.

      • slw

        She may have been depressed and scared throughout the 3rd book, but really, is that surprising. Put yourself in the character’s shoes. Katniss went through two Games and then found out her home was completely obliterated. All Bella went through was a break-up. There is a huge difference. Basically, Katniss went through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bella became an emotionally closed-off drama queen, selfish and not even worth pity.
        I’ve read both. Hunger Games isn’t anywhere near Twilight. Twilight is simply good, Hunger games is great. If you want a book that will seriously make you think, go for Hunger Games. Also, comparing Katniss to Bella makes zero sense, especially since they both went through completely different things. I bet none of us commenting here would EVER survive two Hunger Games and be completely sound in the mind!

      • Adam

        1000000000000000000000000000% agree with you ann

      • mack

        slw, you took the words off my keyboard.

      • NoOneImportant

        Well it is just a book and none of this is real so I could say hypothetically that I just don’t care about situations applying to ethier of these books .I’m just going to read Percy Jackson & The Olympians if I want a good book ;)

      • Fokkzel

        The love traingle is was comes up every chapter it is the main focus of the series

    • Kaeleigh

      if you weren’t so ignorant you would know a well written book when you read it. unfortunately it seems you do not. both books are very well written fiction stories and only ignorant would say that. thank you and have a nice life

    • Jeremy

      Ann nailed it. Good job.

      • Jessie

        @ Kaeleigh

        Do you know what the word “ignorant” means?

      • Jace

        I don’t think Kaeleigh knows what “ignorant” means at all. Her grammar is atrocious, so I’m assuming she is around 8 or so years old.

      • S97

        I agree. I believe she (I’m taking it that Kaeleighis a girl seeing as she’s defending twilight) was trying to sound smarter but she certainly did fail at it. I did find it funny that she ended it with have a nice life though. Trying to tell us off I guess.

      • Master

        Yeah it is I read it in fourth grade and I LOVE the booksEdward and bella kiss alot but it’s fine ..in the beiggnig of the last book though edward and bella have sex but it doent go into a lot of description or anything at all

    • Anonymous

      Wth? The hunger game is An amazing book? What about ti makes it awful?

    • Gaby

      You suck. And Twilight.

      • Paul

        In the saga there is a few things that are more muatre, but overall its a cute fictional story that I would recommend to people, my younger sibling reads them, And I think that if you don’t mind a few muatre things in the book, such as reference to sex, vampires, and a few cuss words(maybe 5 in the whole saga), then its a good book.

    • Jihan

      well, i love the hunger games. but twilight is just stupid, in my opinion. what is a teenager whos just simply going through her puberty compared to a girl who sacrifices her life for the one she loves? besides, im sure bella swan will get over both of them. :-j :|

      • Blaine

        So true, so true.

      • Adam

        thats common sense for anyone with brains, so, in other words, nice job.

    • Nicole

      Jackal, it’s not true. Jennifer Lawrence for Katniss! Give her a chance

    • Sebastian

      you should never just say a book sucks and say thats why its bad. somthing y english teacher taught me and i still belive in is a book isn’t good or badbased on the plot or the characters or even the point of the story. this may change you opinion of the story but dosen’t change if itis good or not. theone question that can answer if it is good is as follows:
      Did the book give you an emotional response?
      it doesn’t matter if the emotional response is bad, thats still a response.so if the book causes an emotoinal response, than is that not a good book? it caused you to think somthing or maby even act on somthing and if you didn’t read it you would not have done that. so does this not make a good because it made you do/think somthing even if it was negative? if you still think any book you hate is a ‘bad book’, think again.
      an example of a book that does not give you an emotional response wouldbe like a dictionary because it doesn’t have any story to cause you to have that response

      • Jessica

        Your English teacher sounds like an idiot. Everything you read makes you feel some sort of emotion, so does that mean everything you read is good? If I read the dictionary, I feel bored, which is an emotional response. Does that mean it’s a good book? No. For a story to be good, it has to be written well, it has to have a good plot, it has to have an actual point. It can’t just be “Oh, woe is me, my boyfriend left me and I don’t know if I should screw a werewolf or a vampire.” That’s NOT a good book. It’s also not a good book if you’re only reading it because you think the men in it are hot.

      • Adam

        I agree with both Jessica and June

      • mack

        Jessica, you forget that a book and a story are different things. A dictionary very well could be a great book, but as there is no story it can not be a bad one. Also, The Hunger Games and Twilight are in two different categories. Twilight being in romance and The Hunger Games being in adventure, I believe, so you cant compare them because they appeal to different readers. Though The Hunger Games could really appeal to both because of the romantic side story. It is truly a complicated subject, but i don’t think they should be compared.

    • June

      You obviously haven;t picked up The Hunger Games yet… just wait and see. You’ll regret your comment.

    • Taylor

      I have not and will not read Twilight, but I did read Hunger Games. I felt the first one was much more about the main characters development, and twisted some angst and action along the way, and I liked it a lot. However, the second and third books were rather disappointing in that they focused on her relationships rather than the situation the character had gotten into with the Capitol.

      • Eliza

        Except that the third book was almost entirely about her situation with the Capitol and the relationships were mentioned only, it seemed, because they had been previously established and couldn’t be ignored.
        This, in my opinion, is the third book’s downfall. I liked Twilight for the relationships (however empty, desperate, and delusional they were) and The Hunger Games was a bit of a tease in the relationship department. It hinted at turning into a teen romance novel toward the middle of the first and then dashed it all with the third book.

      • Monique

        I read the Twilight Saga but it was like, “Just another vampire series.” The Hunger Games was way more captivating even though the second and third books weren’t as great. The idea of the games, though, delves deep into the mind and makes it an unforgettable story

    • Dim

      Now that’s not fair. I bet you’ve never even read either of them, and you’re just judging by what people have told you. At first, I thought Twilight was really good and romantic because my friends were obsessed with it, but when I read it, I was disappointed. All though it wasn’t the best book in the world, nor the worst, it was still romantic. When my friends moved on, finally, and kept talking about The Hunger Games, I was officially annoyed. I thought it would be stupid and honestly, thinly imagined, but when I read it, I was glued to it. So that proves the theory that you definitely can’t judge a book by its cover. Literally, and you can’t really believe that both of them suck. One of them’s gotta be at least, decent.

      • Terri

        That’s true, Dim, I firs read Twilight because my friends were obsessed. I didn’t particularly mind it – it was ok, but not brilliant, but then a friend told me bout The Hunger Games; I absolutely loved them. :D

      • Hi

        So if someone does not like a book that means that they have not read the book? I did not like Twilight or The Hunger Games. I read both. In fact I am pretty sure that many people who did not like one or the other book did actually read them. In a few months I am also sure that many advocates for The Hunger Games will stop liking it when they realize that it was ripped off of The Battle Royale or the next badly written book comes out. I think that the better question would be have the people who like those two books actually read them or are they just going with what people have told them?

    • Amanda

      If you guys really don’t like one of the books or either of the books…. who really cares? This post was written for fans who actually liked both -like me- to inform them that The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Twilight Saga are NOT the same. Yes they have some similarities but what book doesn’t have something in common with other books these days? The concept between the two are totally different. Now I think everybody would appreciate it if all of you ‘haters’ kept your mouth shut because nobody cares whether you hated it or not. Personally I don’t know why they allow comments on here anyways because that’s always the same thing that happens- Hateful and nasty comments.

    • Olivia

      I read both books, I am huge reader so I like every book I read. The Hunger Games are the best books I have read. Twilight was ok. But you can’t say that they both suck and leave at that. You have to give some sort of reason why you hate them, or else people will think that you are just saying that because you have no life.

    • mch

      Last Summer I Read the Twilight Series, and this Summer I read Mockingjay Series. Loved them both, lost sleep over both. Agree that Katniss is the Actor, the Survivor. I am so in to her. They are filming The Hunger Games in Ashevegas area where I live!

      Both series have inspired a fanatical fan following, both are teen series gone mainstream. Both will have movies. Both books have strong, hot male characters too/two! Both authors should be celebrated for their amazing accomplishments and additions to Great American Fiction that Will Endure.

  • Rob

    Hunger Games is well written, unlike that other series that waters down the whole vampire genre

    • trashytvlover

      I am pretty sick of all the comparisons as well. EW is just as guilty, even in the reviews for the hunger games trilogy there is mention of Twilight. Why? The only similarity is the target readers (YA) and I know far more men who have read the HG series and really liked it. I cannot say the same for Twilight. And the love triangle is pretty nonexistant, it is more built up by the Capitals propaganda regime than it ever really is in the book, since Katniss’s main goal is to stay alive, and keep her family alive and her district safe…..

      • Karate Pants

        Exactly. They’re fishing for some sort of rivalry or competition that doesn’t exist, and trying to drive up comments and site traffic by mention of Twilight.
        Let’s be honest, if this article was a discussion about Hunger Games as compared to ANY other YA series, there wouldn’t be more than 4 comments on the board.

      • Robbi

        I’ve been waiting to see a post that said something like this! thank you!! both of u have it exactly right! Their just trying to make themselves money! the whole conversation about which series is better and well written is just STUPID! everyone has their own opinions & its not like we are going to come to a solid conclusion where everyone agrees one is better! they’re just making ppl turn against popular book series to dis them BECAUSE they are popular! the 1st time i saw something mentioning a love triangle in the HG books, i was like huh? she pretends to love Peeta at first to survive & she loved Gale as a friend! no need to make it a bigger deal than it has to be!

      • S97

        Haha I totally agree with everything you guys are saying. I hate twilight. I love the Hunger games. But it’s funny. Step back and look what’s happening. You right that the only reason they bring it up is so people comment. Look! Look at how many comments (good or bad) that this subject is bringing up! EW is winning with every comment posted here.

  • Brenna

    I didn’t like Twilight at all, and I’m a 16 year old girl. Too wordy and unrealistic. I haven’t read The Hunger Games, though! I hear they’re really good.

    • The Devil

      Well, yeah, it’s unrealistic. It’s about friggin’ vampires. Unless you mean that the character, Bella, behaves unrealistically towards love, etc.?

      • ugh

        the RELATIONSHIPS were unrealistic. not the “vampire”part of it

      • S97

        Haha tooootally agree with Celia

    • trashytvlover

      too wordy? maybe you should stick with the movies, honey. That’s what books are…..WORDY

      • Nini

        She may have meant wordy in the sense of purple prose. I’ve never finished reading Twilight, but I read that it’s stocked with purple language.

      • who cares

        wrong…books are not ‘wordy’, books are full of words. there is a difference, you dolt.

      • Celia

        By wordy she means the author has a lot of useless sentences and adjectives that were unnecessary to the so-called plot. Whoever edited the twilight books (if anyone did) was very light-handed.
        That whole pathetic story could’ve been told in two books…at the most.
        The Hunger Games actually have the opposite problem. Suzanne isn’t wordy enough. She jumps from scene to scene and rushes the story. I wish she would have taken her time. I would’ve actually preferred if the HUNGER GAMES books were like 600 pages each.

      • Jennifer

        She means that they’re poorly written. Stephanie Meyer throws around adverbs like a 15-year-old who just got her first thesaurus.

      • The Devil

        “Too wordy” is an excellent way to describe bad writing. It signifies too much useless words that add nothing to the prose and meaning. If you were to write a thesis paper, for example, getting the criticism “too wordy” means you’re not getting to the point. It’s bad writing.

      • jenniferb

        lol… to funny…

      • stella

        ha wow ALOT of ppl had something to say on what brenna ment when she said twilight was wordy..
        but ya i agree with cecelia

      • sara

        I think she’s trying to say that the author takes too long just to say that a certain event is taking place. The end, for example, built up to this huge deal that never went anywhere. It was pretty disappointing.

      • S97

        Haha totally agree with Celia

      • Anomylous

        The Hunger Games is sci-fi, Twilight is romance. Different genres, different expectations.

        Why HG is sci-fi:

        – Hypothetical future scenario (one of the hallmarks of science fiction)
        – Dystopian government (another fairly common feature of sci-fi, famous examples being Animal Farm (Orwell) and Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury).)
        – Futuristic technology available (though, in this case, not to everyone)
        – Existing concepts extrapolated into a new context (in this case, reality TV is extended into the idea of the Hunger Games)
        – Emphasis on action, with romance more secondary

      • Jenna

        Wow. Their is definitely such a thing as being too wordy. Any writer (or reader for that matter) knows that. Way to sound uneducated.

    • Kgirl

      Okay everyone lets face it The Hunger Games rock and twilight not so much

    • Adam

      I havent read twilight, but I have read The Hunger Games Trilogy. Let me tell you, from my friends who have read both, they all say THG is much better

  • Jose

    I agree that both books don’t tread the same territory, but i think that the reason why they’re being compared is because like Twilight, The Hunger games is getting teenage girls to read books.

    • Mary

      Funny thing is it’s not just teenage girls. At my son’s school its the boys who are reading it and loving it, the girls won’t go near it.

    • S97

      That’s the thing twilight ONLY appeals to teenage girls where as the hunger games appeals to everyone boys or girls young or old

  • Josh

    I want to check out the Hunger Games but it’s funny, the fact that EW suggests it sort of makes me hesistant, which it shouldn’t. It really is their massive hard-on for Twilight which has put me off of ever buying the magazine preview or “what’s hot” issues.

    Plus the fact that they just called Bella a strong character and that she has a core of steel. She has a core of Edward. Without Edward she falls apart. Not very steely.

    • Ashley

      I wouldn’t let that be the reason for you not to check out these wonderful books. Hunger Games trilogy was amazing and if you don’t like the first one (which isn’t a long or hard read) you haven’t really invested too much.

      I have read both series and there is no doubt that Hunger Games is in a different class entirely.

      • Josh

        Cool right now I’m in the middle of reading another series of books(long books too) so I think the hunger games are definitely on the list of the next books I might try out.

      • Josh

        Plus it does sound like this character is a strong female character who doesn’t define herself by the guy she is with. Sure she can have two guys pursuing her and love both but that isn’t who she is. It’s just something she feels.

      • nodnarb

        Josh, it’s like you took the thoughts right out of my brain! I’ve been so reluctant to pick up The Hunger Games for that very reason. There have even been EW posts about Hunger Games that used Team Katniss, etc., which was a huge turn-off to me.
        PS: The reason The Hunger Games is not the new Twilight is because it hasn’t been on EW’s cover 473 times.

      • Ally

        Josh I read all three books in one week and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good book. I work in a book store and have had more adults by it then kids because they want to read it

    • mary q contrary

      I really hate it when anyone declares that Bella is a strong character. She is very, very weak, but there is never any decent explanation as to why. One of the many examples of why Stephanie Meyer is an awful storyteller.

      • Dysthymia83

        Bella is a passive character and her life revolves around boys, and whenever she tries to take a proactive stance she screws things up and her boys have to save her…am I the only one who sees how misogynist the “Twilight” novels are?

      • Samantha

        am I the only one who sees how misogynist the “Twilight” novels are?

        NO. Not by a long shot.
        To be honest it’s pretty dumb question, Dysthymia83.

      • smiley

        how can you think her a not strong character? yes if stephanie had the main guy characters as human it would be so different. but she has the main guy characters as a werewolf and a vampire. bella risks her life in all books for the people she cares most about. she saved her father, her boyfriend, and Jacob. i find both series to have very strong female lead characters, yes katniss seems more strong and i fully agree with that statement, but saying bella isn’t? they both save the ones they love, and in doing so risk their own lives.

      • candy0142

        I agree with the people who called bella weak. She really needs to straighten her priorities. Sometimes…or most of the time, I hate her for making stupid decisions that Edward simply follows.

      • candy01

        I agree with the people who called Bella weak. She really needs to straighten her priorities. Sometimes…or most of the time, I hate her for making stupid decisions that Edward simply follows.

      • Amanda

        If you think about it… that’s basically the life of a lot of teen girls these days, they rely on guys to always make them feel better and get hurt in the process, so really, IMO I think that’s pretty realistic on my part.

    • TKGM

      I agree. I almost choked on my coffee when I read Bella is a strong character. Ugh.

    • StewyFan

      She is a strong character because she saves the day in three books out of four and she fights for what she believes in. But I know in this day in age, to give yourself completely to the love of a man, that is just not strong. Is it? *rolls eyes*

      • Moira

        HAHA. Saves the day? That is complete bull. If you truly believe that…wow. She is a flat character with little flaw (except that she is so annoying). In Twilight–she does nothing except get captured and makes others save her. In New Moon–she does go to Italy and “saves” if that’s what you want to call it Edward (although I would like her more if she would have let him die), but really it’s Aro who lets them all go–she couldn’t have done anything about it. In Eclipse, she makes out with Jacob which makes him not want to kill himself in battle (although he was bluffing, because he knew she was stupid enough to fall for it). In Breaking Dawn, she just has some random force field thing. Big deal.

      • katy

        Bella saves the day in Breaking Dawn, but I don’t see how she saves the day in the other books. And to me Bella is a weak character because she’s lacking in personality, which is really saying something since the story is written from her perspective.

      • TKGM

        “But I know in this day [and] age, to give yourself completely to the love of a man, that is just not strong.” I don’t even know what that means. There is nothing weak about loving someone. What’s weak is letting that love be the only things that defines you. To some extent, love will define you whether you’re now known as a wife, girlfriend, or lover. However, if giving yourself completely to a man means sacrificing your dreams for their dreams time and time again, getting your self-worth only from their love (which is totally Bella through and through), or constantly lamenting how you’re not as pretty/good/loving/dashing/brave as your boyfriend then there’s something wrong with that and that’s a pretty weak love.

      • Patti

        Wow Moira–for someone who claims to see the flaws in the character of Bella you seem to know a lot about her and about a series of books you profess to think are no big deal. If you truly believe that they are no big deal maybe you should have stopped reading after the first book!

      • Celia

        HA! Right. She’s fighting when she’s letting every character in the book make her decisions for her. She’s strong when she lets them literally carry her all over the place. She’s a good role model when she acts like her life is over when her boyfriend (who happens to be almost 100 years older than her) leaves her. I could go on forever, but I’m too tired. I can’t do it anymore. Twilight fans are delusional if they think Bella is even a little strong.

      • Moira

        I read A LOT. I’ll read anything once. There was a lot of hype around Twilight, so I read them. Doesn’t mean I liked them. They don’t take very long to read, because the writing has no meat to it. I think that Bella’s “strengths” and moments when she “saves the day” are crap and no big deal. Also, I feel that if you are going to bash something–you have to first know what you are bashing.

      • Celia

        @Moira: I completely agree with you, 100%.

      • Samantha

        Patti, it seems to me that if Anti Twilight fans question the books, a fan whines on how we couldn’t have possibly read all the books. If we say we have you are whining that we should have stopped at Twilight? make up your friggin mind.

      • StewyFan

        Hahahaha. I love how everyone wants to argue with me, but then they talk about all the times that she does in fact “save” the day in their comments. Fricking hilarious.

      • stella

        bella a strong character?? hahahahhh seriusly shes whiny and pathetic and her life revolves around edward
        ha wow stewyfan i did not read any comment that talked about all the times bella saved the day..hah anyways celias comment was perfect anyone that disagrees is crazy

      • RueWeMissYou

        The people who dont like HG r from the Capitol. Enough said.

    • StewyFan

      Josh, you should never NOT read something just because it’s popular. That is a horrible reason to not read something.

      • nodnarb

        That’s not what he said. At all.

      • Adam

        I do the exact opposite, i like books that are undiscovered in my area of my part of the country. That is why i read the hunger games, because when i did read it, it was absolutely unknown.

      • mack

        I agree with adam completely.

      • Jenna

        @Mack and @Adam

        Why? Does it make you cool to not read what everyone else is? Are you somehow better than everyone because you didn’t follow the status quo?

        Get over yourselves and read for the thrill of reading. Not just because you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing.

    • sara

      I think your right. Bella was really pathetic throughout the entire series and I couldn’t go through any chapter without wanting to punch her in the face. Katniss on the other hand is reasonable in every way. She’s strong, independent, and very intelligent…things that are required if you want to survive the Hunger Games. In Twilight everyone magically survives all the tragedies and the only ones who die are the ones who no one cares about. Hunger Games gives you a brutal outlook on human greed and the sacrifices it takes to overcome injustice…sorry I know I’m kinda sounding dramatic but I really hated Twilight and I loved Hunger Games. Plus I thought Twilight was soooooo overdramatic. Ugh

      • scandalist

        well i bet stephanie sends her many sorry’s for wanting happy endings. and i bet she is kind curious herself why she let her characters magically survive. because the whole series was nothing about magic. yes, we see werewolfs,and vampires everyday. people can read thoughts and we all have no secrets. wow.hunger games was amazing and more realistic. but stephanie wanted fantasy and a happy ending. suzanne wanted a brutal more realistic story with a sad ending. two totally different books writen by two totally different people with two totally different perspectives.

    • Adam

      lol so true

  • Kaje

    Nothing alike. They (publishers) are just trying to cash in on the twilight money. The Hunger Games series is a much better set of books. They only thing in common is that there are two leading guys.

    • Anne

      Eh, these books have a major thematic element in common that you are all missing: they are both about DARK subject matter involving monsters (human and otherwise) and warring cultures. The fact that both books have a teen girl as the main character, and involve a love triangle with said teen girl, just makes them even more similar.
      Look, obviously the main plots of the books are different. But whereas teen girls from the 80s and 90s were reading comedic Judy Blume books and fluffy Babysitter’s Club books, the teen girls today are reading these books, which are about vampires, werewolves, war, famine, murder, etc. So yeah, I don’t think the comparison is a stretch at all. Especially since teen girls today are OBSESSED with these books, whereas no teen girls from decades ago were obsessed with the Babysitter’s Club…

      • amy

        This is a really excellent point. Thank you.

      • Reb

        I was a teenage girl obsessed with the babysitters club books!! And so were all my friends. We also all loved RL Stine books, which dealt with plenty of monsters, vampires, and murder. They were just a little sillier :). Teenage girls reading something they’re obsessed with is nothing new

      • stella

        yea..the books have nothing in common except there both popular series..

      • Kgirl

        Anne the comparison is a stretch and as it has been said over and over again the only similarities are the love triangles in both books and even those are pretty different!!!!

      • Peyton

        Huh. I was a teen girl obsessed with Terry Pratchett, Piers Anthony, and Anne McCaffrey in the 80s.

      • Jenna

        LOL what?!?!

        You obviously weren’t a teen girl growing up in the 80s. Plenty of us were obsessed with the babysitters club, Sweet Valley High and even Anne Rice. You aren’t so different than we were.

  • strickens_girl

    Other than the whole “girl must choose between two boys”, I see no similarities between the two series. Katniss is a strong girl who does what needs to be done to survive and Bella is a spoiled brat who lies down in a forest and waits to die when her sparkly boyfriend leaves. And Hunger Games may have been written for young teens but at least it doesn’t read like a 12 year old wrote it.

    • mary q contrary

      Your last sentence made my day. I told my fully grown sister-in-law something very similar, and I swear she almost cried.

      • Kgirl

        No kidding me too except it was my cousin and 6 years older than me,

      • Mahmoud

        I have to be hsenot. I didn’t like the wedding dress, i was expecting something more.. big? idk. But anyway, this is gonna the best movie so far

    • Laura

      I must take offense! I know of many twelve year old girls who write better diary entries than the tripe sold in the Twilight series.

      • S97

        Hahahahaha YA why do you have to go and insult 12 year olds like that! :)

  • Nate

    I don’t get the comparisons either. Hunger Games are so far superior than Twilight it’s not even funny. I can see why Twilight appeals to some, b/c it’s written as a lovestruck teen girl would write about her tormented love life. But Hunger Games’ thematic depth blows Twilight out of the water. Just b/c they’re popular YA series with female leads (I would have written strong female leads, but then I remembered that Bella is anything but strong), but that’s where the similarities stop.

  • melissa

    I totally agree that twilight and the hunger games are different.

    To me it always seemed crazy why two guys would be after Bella because she always seemed like such a wet rag to me. I never thought anything was so special about her

    however with katniss she has had to overcome so much adversity and I can totally see why two men would want to show that real love does exist even if she isn’t so sure she can truly believe it.

    I think the whole hunger games trilogy was better than twilight because hunger games was not only about a woman fighting for love. It was about a woman fighting to stay alive and fight against an oppressive force to stay alive. Although Katniss has two loves similar to bella, those loves don’t drive the story so fully as bella’s love does

    I think they are along the same fantasy sci-fi genre, but I think what binds them more is the rabid fan followings that both have

    • Peter

      “To me it always seemed crazy why two guys would be after Bella because she always seemed like such a wet rag to me.”
      Maybe it’s that “imprinting” crap. They had no choice but fall for the wet rag.

      • S97

        OMG u totally forgot about imprinting! What the hell was that crap! Why would you tarnish vampires and then “werewolves” You find out in the end they’re not even werewolves!

  • mary q contrary

    Honestly, The Hunger Games has better writing, a better story, and better protagonists. While the trilogy has it’s moments, Twilight is a stinky mess of poo and the two really shouldn’t be compared as often as they are.

    • Kaycee

      Impeirssve brain power at work! Great answer!

  • team edward

    I know this wasn’t the point but, I would like to point out when you wrote things happen to Bella. This isn’t true. Many examples, In Twilight- She went back home to fight against James to save her mother. New Moon- She saved Edward in Italy, she put herself in a vulnerable position. Eclipse-She almost died fighting Edward in Eclipse when he was fighting Victoria. Breaking Dawn, almost died to save her daughter, she stops at nothing for what she believes in. Just like in Hunger Games. She controls situations, situations and hot vampires/werewolves don’t control her.
    Like I said I know this wasn’t the point, I just wanted to point it out.

    • mary q contrary

      Funny, but every single example you brought up was a direct result of something “happening to her”.

    • StewyFan

      I agree, Team Edward.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        Team Tyler’s Van

      • steph

        @Prunella…OMG that’s the best team ever!

      • Kim

        @ Prunella
        You should begin a fansite with hotass photographs of the van in motion

    • Mady

      you seriously put your name as “team edward”??? what happens in like 6 months when you start to hate twilight like the rest of us? then you’re going have to look at that lovely little username for your comment…. THINK OF YOUR FUTURE!

      • Wayne

        The book that made me think the most is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a raelly cool. The Catcher In The Rye by JD Saligner, one of my favourites. There are also some books by Jacqueline Wilson like Kiss and My Sister Jodie that are raelly good. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, this one is probably the best. I hope this helps you.Like or Dislike: 0  0

    • S97

      Wooooooow so let’s see. In twilight you said she went back to “save” her mom. That was just stupid seeing as she was the most uncoordinated person and he was a “vampire.” that was saving the day. The other “vampires” had to come and save her. FAIL. New moon? She was once again stupid by thinking that she was going to stand abchance in front of the Italian “vampires” You could say she did it out of love but Umbria en it was stupid. And Aro chose to let Edward go. Bella had nothing to do with that. FAIL. Eclipse? Come on! She cut her arm! She wasn’t about to die! FAIL. Breaking dawn was the only time she kinda did something productive that didn’t purposely and stupidly indanger her life. She made a random force field. Yay? K so 3 to 1/8 when it comes down to “saving the day”

      • S97

        Srry about all the typos I’m writing this from my iphone

  • StewyFan

    Bella saves everyone’s a$$es three books in a row, so I don’t see where you are getting that she needs to be rescued time and again. But I do agree with your assessment that her love is never wavering from Edward. That is all.
    I am just starting The Hunger Games so can’t comment on that.

    • amy

      Huh? She doesn’t save anyone in Twilight. She almost dies and Edward saves her. Eclipse- same thing. She doesn’t save anyone. Edward/Cullens/Werewolves all team up to save her this time. Breaking Dawn, I don’t recall her saving everyone because I don’t actually recall anything happening at the end of that book. The only book where Bella does anything sort of heroic is New Moon and then she negates it by annoyingly refusing to believe Edward could possibly love someone as lowly as herself the rest of the time. Bella goes so far as to mention that she cannot even walk across a smooth surface without Edward’s assistance. She is the quintessential victim. The author of the post is completely accurate in saying that things happen to Bella. She is also completely inaccurate in saying that Bella is made of steel. Come on. Bella curled up and waited to die in a forest because Edward left. A couple weeks of moping and brooding I can understand but month after month? Get a life.

      • StewyFan

        ROFLMAO!! OK, apparently I read different books than you did.

      • Mady

        too true, Amy, just too true
        StewyFan- NO ONE read the same books you did :p

      • S97

        Amy, really couldn’t have said that any better myself

    • Samantha

      Please Stewyfan, elaborate on how Bella saved anyone in the first three Twilight novels.

      • StewyFan

        Just read thatsjustgreat’s comment below and there you have it. I’m not gonna spoon feed you people.

    • thatsjustgreat

      I don’t get how she saves everyone. It’s true that once or twice in each book, she TRIES to do something to save someone, but except for Breaking Dawn, she’s the one who ends up needing to be saved. Edward and the Cullens saver her in Twilight and kill James–if they didn’t show up, she’d be dead. She goes to Italy to save Edward in New Moon, but again, she doesn’t save the day when they’re up against the Volturi. In Eclipse, all of the vampires AND werewolves are there protecting her. If it was just her and Victoria, she’d be dead in a second. The only one where she saves people is in Breaking Dawn, and that’s just with a lame force field. There isn’t even a fight.

      • StewyFan

        Ummm, read your comment again and you have just reiterated my point.

      • dntbstpd1

        @StewyFan I think you are delusional. You said to read thatsjustgreat’s comment, and I did, and he STILL states that Bella doesn’t do anything to save anyone.

        Seriously, please detail why you think that Bella saved anyone in the first 3 books….if not, i’m continuing with the “StewyFan is delusional’ idea because you are not backing up your opinion in anyway.

      • flipThatCoin

        she doesnt save anybody in the first 3 your right. but she didnt ask to be saved either. she would have been fine dying. in book 1 she went to rescue her mother. turns out her mom was not there. (she did run away but she was scared.) in book 2 she screamed for them to take her life instead.(although edward would have done something to get himself killed anyway.) in book 3 i dont recall anything special. and n book 4 she saved her child.(although one time almost killed her best friend in doing so.) bella did want to save people. but the plans were flawed.

    • stella

      i remember bella getting saved in all the books.she never succeeded in saving anyone.hah made of steel hilarious
      hah totally agreeing with the stewyfan is delusional idea =]
      team jacob!

  • Karate Pants

    I’ve never heard anyone compare them. This is just an excuse to rip on Twilight.

    • StewyFan

      Exactly. I guess THG are now HP.

    • katy

      I agree. I’ve never heard anyone compare them either.

    • Carla

      I guess we’ve been reading different articles, because I’ve come across very few that don’t compare the two series.

      I wish people would stop talking about Twilight, period, and move on with their lives. Lol.

    • asdfgh


      • Losamigos

        as far as looks, he looks just like edward as far as the spearlks go they’re kind of rainbow colored and thats not really how they were in the movie. they coulda done better with the spearlks.

  • TKGM

    Perhaps the wikipedia pages on Katniss and Bella put it best. Check out their pages and then “Critical Reception.” “Bella has received negative reception from critics” and I would encourage you to read the whole of it, especially paying attention to what females had to say about Bella. Katniss on the other hand, while she has her negative points (as I’m sure all of us who have read the books could point out) she is still very likable.

    And yes, I can’t quite figure out why these are always compared to each other. Girl narrators and young adults novels and yes, there happen to be two male leads. That’s about it.

  • Ralph Paulson

    They are both the same inasmuch as they both could have been fantastic stories if they hadn’t been written for children. The plots and characters are interesting enough in their own rights, but the assessment (and underestimation) of the intended audience killed any chance of either of these series to actually be enjoyable.

    • whiskey

      My sentiments, exactly. We shouldn’t pretend that either series is the hallmark of great literature; while both are somewhat enjoyable in their own right, the writing is juvenile in both instances (the first because the author is juvenile, the second because the author underestimates her audience).

      • Monger

        It is high time we kill off this obnoxious phenomenon known as “young adult” literature once and for all. Our grandparents and great-grandparents, when they were between the ages of 12 to 18, read a steady diet of the classics from Aeschylus to Shakespeare and seemed to be able to handle it just fine. Why does today’s “kid lit” need to be made so puerile? Make ‘em read Joyce and Pynchon and learn to LIKE it!!

      • Jayma

        @Monger “Hear, hear!”
        I think it’s why kids’ intelligence is lowering. Reading skills are a neccesity in life. Having the ability to read tough material translates into everyday life and other academic subjects. It helps you do better in school. There is nothing wrong with books that teens can relate to, but when they are so poorly written and have no challenge to them…that’s when there is a problem. Fluff reading isn’t a problem if it is in moderation, much like candy, but your meaty literature needs to be the main part of your diet. Like my food pyramid analogies? :)

      • Leah

        @Monger–You’re obviously missing the point of Young Adult literature. Kids’ intelligence isn’t lowering. They are reading more now than they ever were before because they can relate to the characters in the story. As farfetched as the story is, it still rotates around the struggles of adolescence and hormones. It sets them up so that the literature they read in high school is more enjoyable rather than being forced to read it. We all know that the more we try to make kids do something they don’t want to do, the more they rebel. Forcing them to read more classical literature won’t ensure that they’ll become smarter. They’ll need to first love reading before they can really appreciate those works.

    • Meredith

      Well that’s just silly. I find books for kids and teens to be consistently more interesting and tightly plotted than books written for adults. I’m not saying that Twilight and the Hunger Games are the best written books in the world (although I enjoyed both of them), but it has absolutely nothing to do with them being written for kids.

      • Emily

        I couldn’t agree with you more Meredith. I don’t see how people still have the misconception that just because a book is written for teens or young adults, it’s not as meaningful or deep as a book written for adults. It makes no sense at all.

      • 1234L

        i Completely agree

    • Lia

      Ralph Paulson, I’m assuming you’ve heard of To Kill A Mockingbird, an American classic often taught in school? Do you realize that if that had been written today, it would probably be released as a young adult book, and would receive less praise because of its target audience, even though it would be the exact same book? The problem isn’t always the writer (although oftentimes young adult books can underestimate the reader, as you said) – the problem is people’s prejudice against the books, refusing to give it a chance before judging it. So, you can dislike these books, but don’t assume that all young adult books are automatically trash because they weren’t written specifically for adults.

      • JustSaying

        I agree. Many books written for young adults have been insightful and memorable. One that I always recommend is The Chocolate War. It’s a young adult novel but is absolutely amazing.

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