Cast your vote: Who should play Katniss (and Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, and Effie) in 'The Hunger Games'?

ronan-lovato-dobrev-watsonImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos; David Gabber/PR PhotosWhen we asked last week who’d make the perfect Katniss, we got inundated with responses. What’s more, lots of you cast the rest of the books as well. As for myself, I’m still dithering over Katniss since it’s the most critical role (and the one that would be easiest to screw up–get Katniss wrong and none of the movies will work). In my mind’s eye she’s like a young Lisbeth Salander, wiry, dark, and fierce. ┬áMaybe Saoirse Ronan with dark hair? I’m less conflicted when it comes to Peeta (Lucas Till) and Gale (Drew Roy). But I have no idea how to choose among the actors suggested for Haymitch and Effie. In their own way, each one seems pitch-perfect.

So, Hunger Games fans, cast your votes! We’ll put up our results later in the week.

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  • Elizabeth

    Wouldn’t Katniss, Peeta, and Gale all have to be kind of young? What about the gal from “Kick-Ass” to be Katniss?

    Here’s hoping it goes the Rooney Mara route and we get three new faces… if we have to do a movie.

    • Haley

      they are teenagers. gale is like 17 and katniss is close behind. im pretty sure that peeta is close to katniss too.

      • Lisa

        No, gale is 18 in the first book, but he looks a lot older. Remember when Katniss said that he looked like a grown man at age 14? Katniss is 16 and so is Peeta. i don’t think that any of them should actually look their ages. Think about all the stuff in their lives that would age them physically.

      • monica

        gale is eighteen, katniss is 16 and peeta is 16

      • Kelsey

        In the first book Katniss is 16, Peeta is 18. in the second book it said that Gale is two grades apart from Katniss.

      • gurl

        Gale is two years older than Katniss in The Hunger Games, and in Catching Fire, six months later, she’s seventeen, so Gale is nineteen. Peeta is the same age as Katniss, maybe a few monthes older or younger, I don’t know for sure. But age doesn’t matter; my cousin is twenty four and can pass for fourteen.

      • Maya

        Katniss is 16, peeta 12, gale 18.

      • Maya

        Sorry I meant Peeta is 16 to. Not 12.haha

      • Victoria

        Gale is 18, and Katniss and Peeta are both 16 in the first book.

    • Me…

      Um, Katniss was 16… -_- The girl from “Kick Ass” was like, 13…

      RObert Downey Jr. WOULD BE A PERFECT HAYMITCH!!!!

      • Elle

        Kaya is my #1 pick. She just looks the part.
        Isabel Lucas and Imogen Poots are a couple others who I think fit the part too.
        I can never think of anyone for Peeta. Hunter Parrish would be fine, I guess. As long as it isn’t Taylor, I don’t care you Gale is played by. And Robert Downey fits rather well as Haymitch. x)

      • Deborah

        Robert downey jr. for Haymitch!

      • stina

        I agree Robert Downey Jr. is perfect, and he would be the perfect age as well. Hugh Laurie is like 10-15 years too old!

      • allie

        haymitch isnt supposed to look young fit

      • Caleb Lambert

        I totally agree with Robert Downey Jr. playing Haymitch

    • emmy


    • Melissa

      Yeah Chloe Moretz from Kick-Ass is way too young. She’s more appropriate to play Prim.

      I still want Malese Jow for Katniss. I wish more people would keep her on the list. And not put people like Nina & Kaya who talented though they may be, will never be able to get enough time away from their tv shows.

      • Charlotte

        British series don’t work the same way that American series do, so I wouldn’t rule out Kaya. First of all, they are about 13 episodes long per year, tops. Second, popular series frequently end even after just a couple of seasons. Third, series will also change the leads of the show pretty easily. I mean, just look at what happened after the first season of Skins. I like Nina in Vampire Diaries, but I just cannot picture her as Katniss.

      • emmy

        Kaya’s done with the Skins TV show, so she’s fine with that. Although she’ll be in the Skins movie and Wuthering Heights, so we’ll see if she can fit in The Hunger Games ;)

      • emmy

        But if Kaya’s offered an audition/the role for/of Katniss, she should SO take it and not do one or both of those other movies! :D

    • Hannah

      I think almos everyone should be unknowns like in Harry Potter. and if Chloe Moretz is Katniss then the movie will be a total flop. she doesn’t have the right look in the eyes.

      • Jason

        Yes, I agree.

      • Sharie

        totally. plus katniss doesnt do her eyebrows or wear makeup unless shes forced to

      • Hilary

        Exactly! Everyone wants Katniss to be this girly-girly knock-out but that is not who she is. Plus wouldn’t it be better if she was an unknown so the change between her in the beginning to her make-over with Cinna is more drastic?

      • brianna

        I agree. Katniss isn’t supposed to be gorgeus just pretty average. CInna makes her the beautiful “Girl on Fire”. I can’t name any actors for any of the characters they should all be unknowns… and they should look there age that they are in the book

      • Nela

        I think it should look like a girl who can handle anything. Not someone who smiles for the camera, wears makeup, and can do nothing.

    • Austin

      If you’re talking about Hit Girl, No because she’s like 9 and Katniss is around 16 in the first book.

      • Marisca

        Chloe is almost 14 right now, not 9 ^^

      • Jessie

        Emma Watson WOULD BE PERFECT…She’s got the acting skill we have seen it in harry potter i think it would be perfect

    • Vienna

      I agree with Chloe Moretz from Kick Ass.

      • ForAnAngel

        I agree about Chloe. We already know she can kick butt and she will be old enough by the time they start filming.

    • Ciara

      Chloe Mortez is more fit for Prim, she’s at that ahe.

      • Ciara


      • Kathy


    • Jessica Nelson

      I’m liking these girls for Katniss –
      Alexandra Daddario
      Jodelle Ferland
      Lyndsy Fonseca

      • hannah

        I think that jodelle would make a perfect Rue! Her face is too soft to be Katniss.

    • Connie

      I like the idea of Jodelle Ferland, she played Bree Tanner in Eclipse

      • Unknown

        NOOOO Kaya is perfect for Katniss in every way!

      • Amanda

        I like jodelle ferland for Rue. I pictured her through that whole section,

    • eja

      vote for kaya!!!! there is a petition on
      just google “kaya for katniss petition” please vote she’s an awesome actress!!!

    • jerry

      i know she is to old but shannyn sossamon would be perfect for katniss

    • Nicole

      idk but alex pettyfer should totally be peeta! as for haymitch (i love him) and johnny depp can play anything!

  • Joshua

    Saoirse Ronan should have her hair colored a dark color because she should be Katniss Everdeen. VOTE FOR SAOIRSE RONAN!!!

    • Kate

      Dude! Yes! When I first read The Hunger Games, I thought of Saoirse Ronan when she was in City of Ember!

      • IvyLou

        NO WAYYY. She doesn’t have the right look in the eyes. Katniss has been through so much even before the games, she could NEVER pull it off.

      • HUNGER. GAMES.

        if they cast her, i’ll cry. she is SO wrong for the part. i wouldn’t cast her if she was the last accress of earth. she looks WAY too soft. she absolutely cannot pull of Katniss.

      • Jackolyte

        I think Katniss should stay unknown. Saoirse is quite too pretty to play the part. Otherwise, I think Emma Roberts could fit in character but I don’t know if she could handle such a big play. I also vote for Alana Locke for Rue, Jeremy Sumpter for Peeta and Evanna Lynch for Madge

    • heather

      I totally agree. My first thought was Saoirse Ronan, just need to dye her hair. She’s the best actress out of all them. She was nominated for an Oscar!

    • ash

      She doesn’t have the look about her. She doesn’t look tough enough, she’s a hunter remember that. She needs to look older and more tough.

      • Elaine

        I think she can definitely pull it off since her role in Hanna as a girl trained to be an assassin is tough. She looks tough in the trailer.

      • Amanda

        …that’s why they ACT for a living.

    • sue

      No way! saoirse ronan looks like a rabbit… she’s not nearly fierce or edgy enough to play the hardened katniss…. .my vote’s with kaya.

      • l

        You got to see the ‘Hanna’ trailer- she quite vicious in it

  • Kate

    Kaya Kaya Kaya!

  • James

    Don’t know much about this series but how could Skeet Ulrich play someone who according to wikipedia is 18 in the books. He’s got to be nearing 40 by now.

    • Charlotte

      Totally. The poll is rigged! I looked up all the names and the only ones for Peeta and Gale that I think remotely fit are the ones that the author suggested. Skeet Ulrich is the most ridiculous suggestion to play a teenager.

  • TR

    i’m reading hunger games now and i keep thinking of malese jow (the vampire diaries) when i read katniss!

  • Kelsey

    You’re shooting a few years too old for Katniss, and from what I remember (haven’t read the books in awhile), also for some of the other characters.

    Chloe Moretz all the way.

    • Charlotte

      Chloe is 13 years old. She’s a little too young, but if it takes awhile, maybe she’ll be old enough by the time they finally get this thing in production. Katniss is 16.

      • Melissa

        At least Chloe is more suitable to put in the list than Emma Watson or Demi Lovato I think.

    • me


  • Sean

    Oh my god Kaya would be perfect! I watch Skins all the time I can’t believe I didn’t see it!

  • Tracey

    Bruce Campbell would be PERFECT for Haymitch!!!!

    • Iron

      You are so right, Bruce Campbell would be perfect. He could definitely play a drunk former victor.

    • Charlotte

      I love Bruce Campbell, but I think he’s a little too old to play Haymitch. Haymitch is 38 in the first book.

      • Jess

        If Bruce Campbell is too old then that list of actors being voted on should all be too old. Well maybe not Jack Black but I like Hugh Laurie for Haymitch.

      • IvyLou

        Haymitch is a drunk. They could pick an old actor and still hit the nail on the head.

      • allie

        I like hugh laurie, if you ever watch house he’s completely messed up, and he’s mean to everyone

  • Courtney

    Ohh Boy, I really hope they get Saoirse Ronan to do the part of Katniss. I mean she’d do the part just fine.

  • AnaB

    Am I the only one who thinks Jessica Stroup might make a mighty fine Katniss???

    Plus, her and Hunter Parrish (my dream Peeta) would look pretty hot together! =D

    • kelly

      Just looked up Hunter Parrish and yeah that’s Peeta! But I have to go with Saoirse for katniss.

    • go940710

      Jessica is toooo obviously pretty…

  • Jason

    I’ve been picturing Bruce Campbell as Haymitch the whole time I’ve been reading.

    And Michael Emerson for Snow all the way!

    • Jason

      Funny – I didn’t even see your comment above, Tracey! Must be something there, because I’ve been picturing him since the first book.

  • Mary

    Skeet Ulrich??? He’s nearly 40! You must be kidding.

  • Iron

    After looking over the list for Peeta, every guy (except for Cam and Shia) would be great.

  • Tori

    i loved the hunger games books, but it is going to be really had for producers to make the book into a movie…there is soooo much actions and emotions….

  • Kermit the Frog

    I like Nina Dobrev and Lucas Till for the Katniss and Peeta. Kristen Chenoweth would be the perfect Effie!

    • Mairead

      I like Nina and Lucas as Katniss and Peeta too! They’d be perfect!

    • Sophie

      I agree that Kristen Chenoweth would be perfect for Effie I can just imagine her in a pink wig…but I don’t know about peeta or katniss

      • Emma

        I think Danielle Chuchran (look her up on youtube) is the best for Katniss. Shes not well know, which is absolutely perfect for this movie. Or they should hold public auditions, since I’m she some great real fan of the book, is just perfect for the role.

    • Hayley

      I love the way you put it with your hreatbaet speeding up when it’s Gale time. I agree wholeheartedly. TEAM GALE!

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