Who should play Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games' movie?

Forget Team Jacob vs. Team Edward. The real question is: Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale? Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series culminated this week with the release of Mockingjay (our first selection in the EW Shelf Life Books Club).

The movie rights to the story of Katniss Everdeen — a teenager living in a dictatorship where young people are forced into a televised fight to the death every year — were acquired by Lionsgate in 2009. Now that the trilogy is complete, casting for the films can begin. Who would you like to see play the heroic Katniss? And who should play her Hunger Games partner Peeta and her rebellious childhood friend Gale?

Anyone else think Chloe Moretz, while a little young, could make a perfect Katniss?

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  • Mairead

    I vite Nina Dobrev. She’s a great actress, and has the overall Katniss look, while holding a screen and appearing strong, and not like a damsel in distress. Personally, I prefer Chloe as Prim, as she seems just too young for the part. Although, I love her, Prim is the way for her to go. Nina for Katniss, Lucas Till for Peeta. Just my two cents.

    • Grace

      Dakota Fanning would be a perfect Katniss.. :)

      • Celia

        Yuck. Not even close. Her sister, Elle, would make a great Prim.
        My ideal Katniss would be any of the following:
        Ivana Baquero
        Sarah Bolger
        Imogen Poots
        Saoirse Ronan

      • erica

        What about Anna Maria Robb as Katniss and Dakota as Prim?

      • Hmmm…

        Dakota Fanning is too old for Prim.
        They need to cast an actress who’s around 11 or 12 for that role.
        Katniss is 16 going on 17.
        Alexandra Daddario would be a great Katniss, but she’s 24 years old. So, maybe Saoirse Ronan for Katniss and Elle Fanning for Prim.

      • renae

        i agree elle fanning would be better for prim ,idk about katniss, but wat about rue? i mean sure she isnt the most important role but still she is a big part of it, any suggestions?

      • taylor

        fanninq would be best for katniss , imean did yu see her role in man on fire or the her role in push ? shes a qreat and stronq actress and ithink yu would all be happy with her as katniss .

      • nikki

        are you out of your mind? Dakota fanning is a great actress but not a thing about her even whispers Katniss…you did READ the books right?

      • mel

        Saoirse Ronan would be the perfect Katniss. Hands down.

      • emzellla

        no she wouldnt did you even read the books??????

      • Sami

        Imogen is a good choice, I have not really seen much of Sarah Bolger but, I could at least picture her in the role too

      • kayla

        Dakota Fanning should play Katniss!!!!

      • Anna

        AGREED! she is perfect for an adventure movie and would play a very strong character! :)

      • Haley

        My first thought was Dakota. She is a great actress anyway, and she’s already displayed the ability to be cold but strong. Katniss as a character
        is not the sweetest person. She’s not even wholly sane. (who would be after living what she did?) I think Dakota would portray her perfectly.

      • colette

        dakota fanning proboblt wouldent be quite so much of a perfect katniss. her body and face are actually quite the opisite i think nina doberv definatly should or at least someone that dosen’t look 20 years old i mean i am going for an actress thats younger i always like to imagine katniss in the first much skinny and young looking anyone agree with something that i just pointed out?

      • Brittane

        i think Selena Gomaz should play the role because every time i think of Katniss i think of her and she is suppose to have black hair and she is still young…and i could go on and on! kk comment I’m interested to no what you guys think!

    • Kelly

      If Nina Dobrev plays Katniss it will be worse than casting Kristen Stewart as Bella. What a let down.

      • Mairead

        Seriously? Oh well. She probably won’t, but she definitely looks the part. But She’s a lot better in the role than a lot of the others I’ve heard. =P

      • Elle

        No, I don’t think anything can be worse than casting Kristen in, well, anything.
        Nina is a better actress, but I still wouldn’t want her as Katniss.

      • emzellla

        no there would be worst like dakota for instince…-_- no one can truly capture the amazing character

      • Anonymous….-.-

        I think Michelle trachtenberg or Sarah Bolger would make an amaxing Kattniss….The girl michelle oplays in ice princess is exactly like katniss…

      • Sami

        First off, Kristen stewart is an amzing Bella, why can’t people appreciate her introverted approach to the character. But I do agree that Nin Cobrev would not be a good choice

      • Anna

        kristen sucks dirt

      • Katrina Carlot

        i think nina would be a great actress
        she is very talented and could work great as katniss everdeen. I might just let her pass for an audition

      • Natalie:)

        Agreed if Nina Dobrev plays Katniss it will ruin the whole movie! && Kristen Stewart was probably the worst pick for Bella ever!

      • Grace

        hell no
        im team nina all the way
        she is the best looking for it and no blondys 4 katniss plz
        it’ll ruin the whole movie!!!!!

    • Grace

      You’re right! Lucas Till would be an amazing Peeta!

      • Celia

        No. Alex Pettyfer or Freddie Stroma for Peeta.

      • Micki013

        heack yeah!!!

      • leila

        nooo way Peeta and Katniss should both be not very well known actors Prim should be Elle fanning and haymitch should be robert downey jr
        effie should be kirstin chenowith

      • allie

        I would’nt be able to take lucas seriously, playing in the hannah montana movie ruined it for me

      • Caitlyn Swan

        i think almost all the character’s should be unknowns. everyone else would completely ruin it.

      • Natalie:)

        Alex Petyfer would be the best pick:)Im in love wit him<3

    • Bianca

      Nina Dobrev for Katniss
      Lucas Till for Peeta
      and Chloe Moretz for Prim
      It would be perfect!

      • Ella

        that would be perfect except i think that Ed Speleers would make a better Peeta than Lucas Till

      • Fran

        I think Sarah Bolger should be Katniss. I also think Lucas Till would be great, but i don’t want any Hannh Montana acting. I definitely think Chloe Moretz is a Prim.

      • unknown

        definately Lucas Till for Peeta!!

      • Awesome1999

        That would be great exept i think that Alexandra Daddario would be a better katniss

      • Tyler King

        I agree!!! This is definitely the best cast but with Robert Downey Jr. and Kirstin Chenowith :D

      • HaleyB

        I agree. That would be really good looks wise but not sure about talent wise. I was blown away by how perfect Lucas Till would be as Peeta. He is a good actor too.

      • lilli


      • hope

        Lucas would make a great peeta! And I’m so happy that someone said chloe prim!

      • wally

        I don’t think Lucas would make a good Peeta at all.

    • alyssa

      Danielle Campbell – [KATNISS]

      • Fran

        she would be good too! and ed speelers is also someone to at least consider.

      • HaleyB

        Not the right look.

    • windy

      ehh nina is too pretty… I think katniss should be a little more plain. but I like chloe as prim… she would be adorable!

      • Celia

        Katniss is very beautiful but she’s a tomboy.

      • nikki

        I agree about Nina. I won’t say who says it exactly( in case someone hasn’t gotten that far) but there is a part in Mockingjay where some one says “You aren’t particularly pretty are you?” while talking to Katniss. Now, we all know that when she is done up she is a sight for sore eyes but Katniss is an AVERAGE girl.

      • emzellla

        i think katniss is a pale beautiful tomboyish figure who doesnt care on her looks but she has great looks and she only cares about family and friends and nature

      • anomonyszz

        definatly nina is too pretty. she would set off how awesome katniss is!!!i think sarah bolger because she is pretty but not to beautiful

      • Kelsey

        I think Nina looks wayyyy to old to play Katniss. I always pictured Katniss with long dark wavy hair and pale-white skin.

    • vanessa equitani

      i agree nina nobreva is the perfect katniss, and chole mortez should deffinitely prim peeta should be alex pettyfer and gale should be sean faris its the perfect cast!

    • Melissa

      I love Nina but there’s no way she’d be able to take that much time away from the Vampire Diaries.
      I think Malese Jow (Anna-Vampire Diaries) would be perfect as Katniss. She has the look and the talent. And for Peeta, I like William Moseley. Not sure on the rest.

      • Melissa

        Plus Malese can sing.

      • mel

        no nina no malese or whatever her name is. no one from WB please. : ) saoirse ronan is the perfect katniss. look her up. is the right age and she can act.

    • Anne

      Nina looks the part, but she’s not ‘rough’ enough; she doesn’t have edge. There really isn’t an actress the right age who has that (that I can think of)

      • Estella

        what about nina as Clove?

    • Renee

      Katniss: Missy Peregrym
      Peeta: Lucas Till
      Haymitch: Hugh Laurie

      • Catt

        Missy Peregrym would be perfect for the part but unfortunately she looks a bit older than 16-17

    • emzellla

      agreeed chloe doesnt capture the bravery of katniss either so it should be a character that holds the emotions because we dont want it to turn out like bella/kirsten in twilight no emotions matching the character whatsoever. plus katniss is the girl on fire not the girl with blood streaks down her face -_o

    • Jessica

      Haymitch has to be played by Hugh Laurie! The whole time I was reading the books I always always always pictured him as Haymitch. I pictured Lucas Till as Peeta, Jared Padalacki would make an O.K. Gale, Bella Thorne would be an excellent Rue, Madison Davenport would be so cute as Prim. I don’t really know who should play Katniss because in my opinion no one could live up to her and whenever I try to compare any actress to her I just don’t see anyone that could so her justice, but if I had to choose, I would pick Malese Jow because when I saw her picture I thought of Katniss. And I really hate it when people suggest Dakota Fanning or Kristen Stewart cuz they suck and theyre for bull crap Twilight, c’mom this is The Hunger Games! Its not vampires and werewolves its the future!

      • Catt

        Alana Locke would be a cuteee as rue i picture her every time i think of rue

    • Amy

      I definetly agree. Nina would be perfect! in the vampire diaries she shows just how strong she is! And lukas till would be amazing for peeta too!

    • Jackie

      Lucas Till for Peeta fersher! He was my pick too! MOST DEFINATELY :)

  • missmoi

    what about Saoirse Ronan and her hair dyed dark brown. I think she would be perfect and shes the right age.

    • CindyC

      Nina Dobrev (although she won’t be available when the movie films), Alexandra Daddario, or an unknown. None of the big names that have been batted around fit for me at all. Katniss is like Buffy & Lisabeth Salander, one of a kind.

      • Mairead

        Her here. Love the Buffy and Lisbeth reference. I love that Katniss is a strong female lead. I feel like it’s only her and Rose Hathaway in YA.

      • @Mairead

        Um…ever heard of Hermione Granger??
        Strong, intelligent, and brave.

      • Summer

        I agree I think katniss should be played by someone who’s not already famous. Seriously a movie can ruin an amazing book

      • Johny2

        @ summer: i completely agree, and this is one book they better not screw up like they did on Percy Jackson, and for the actress i think the same, or at least not a huge big shot, its one of the reasons 300 was such a success, i was looking up some of the names mentioned since i didnt know some of them, and Saoirse Ronan is the right age and could possibly pull it off oh and Mairead: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • casey

        I totally agree with Summer.

      • niss

        i think alexandra daddario would be good with the pretty but strong look and all, but i don’t like her acting on Percy Jackson, she ruined Annabeth character!

    • anonymous

      other than the fact that Saoirse Ronan is not nearly attractive enough. i hate it when all the guys in the movie have goo goo eyes for some ugly girl. i dont care if this girl can act. katniss barely even has to. who cant act like an athletic outdoors type. come to arkansas and ill show you plenty

      • grobd

        who said Katniss is supposed to be attractive? They only describe her like that when she gets made up for the games

      • anonymous

        the book is written from her view. why would she say that she thinks she is pretty. and if you think beauty comes from makeup and a bath ur a retard

      • jessica

        i don’t think katniss is supposed to be superficially that beautiful – and i certainly don’t think that the reason gale and peeta are in love with her is based on her looks.
        i think saoirse ronan is an excellent choice and would actually be able to pull it off acting wise. i’d rather see a girl with the wrong complexion than one who can’t act.

      • Megs

        I don’t want to see her as katniss, but I do think she’s a very good actress and uniquely pretty in her own way, so don’t say that about her!

    • nina

      thats a great one!

  • EmHof

    I would love to see Kaya Scodelario, otherwise known as Effy from Skins, as Katniss. They really resemble each other and Kaya is good at portraying girls that are a little rough around the edges, but still have some compassion.

    • Mairead

      No offence, but Kaya couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. I hated Effie, mainly because she’s so wooden. I also hate that people cast her in everything!
      Okay, rant over.

      • emmy

        Why do you think she’s a bad actress?

      • Elle

        I don’t see Kaya being “dream casted” as much as Emily Browning. People use Emily for EVERYTHING.

      • Grace

        NO kaya
        she’ll ruin it

    • nunnya

      I like this pick. She needs to be young, but look mature.

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    • champion

      i dont care as long jack swagger is finnick odair

      • jessica

        Hahaha, that would be perfect(:

    • A

      I think Kaya would be a good fit.

    • jleni

      Kaya Scodelario has the right look… but can she act Katniss’ role? She’d have to be able to act tough and fight

    • Miranda

      Wow… some of these suggestions are just terrible. you do relize that the children are children right? Katniss should be played by someone that looks her age!

      Rue- Bella Thorne
      Prim- Madison Davenport
      Katniss- Saoirse Ronan (she is a great actriss in Lovely Bones, but she is also not too well known.)
      Haymitch- Deffinatly agree with Hugh Laurie!!

      • Johnny

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  • sismelis

    What about Alexandra Daddario? She was in the Percy Jackson movie. I could see her as Katniss because she seems to have a quiet strength like Katniss does.

    • Kelly

      I think that’s the best suggestion I’ve heard.

      • Megan

        Kelly, I’m pretty sure you are my twin sister. And I’m pretty sure I told you about this girl a few weeks ago and I’m glad you agree! She’s still a relative “unknown” but doesn’t have much uncertaintly associated with her since we’ve seen her do a good job in Percy Jackson (which, might I add, was quite a good movie!)

      • Kelly

        You know I haven’t seen that yet but when I googled pictures of her she’s pretty much exactly what I imagine when I imagine Katniss.

      • Johny2

        Kelly, i dont know about you, but if you read the book, you would know that they movie SUCKED. A LOT. also, she is much to old for the role

      • Megan

        I didn’t read the book so I guess that’s why I liked the movie!

      • niss

        @ megan, did you read PJO books? if you did read them you wouldn’t say that the movie is a good adaptation.chris colombus didn’t nailed it!

    • JBD

      Yeah, I think she’s a perfect fit.

    • JuliaM

      Alexandra Daddario would be perfect

      • casey

        I think she might be a bit too old. but perfect features, hair, eyes, build, but maybe slightly thinner, so she looks like she’s been starving.

    • CassV

      i have to agree with this one. there are too many female actresses at that age that are way too girly for this role and alexandra would deff fit the bill for katniss. pretty, young, and could probably kick a grown mans ass!

    • Grace

      Oh my gosh yes! Thats the best idea yet!

      • David

        Never too old. I put on dinesy movies and let my daughter play while I watch them

    • Celia

      I like her. She’s got the right look.

    • Jess

      I totally agree, her hair will jsut need to be a bit lighter and she is pretty much around the right age.

    • maria

      I think she would be a good katniss if she didn’t look so old. I also think that she is to big to play katniss. Katniss is supposed to be super skinny and small.

    • Hailey

      nooooooo. she’s way too old. she has the right looks except she needs darker hair and she’s too pale. but those could be fixed. still, she’s 24. i want to the actress to be closer to 16

      • emmy

        Same, about the age. And I wasn’t too fond of her acting in Percy Jackson.

      • casey

        exactly. they need to pick an actress closer to 16, maybe even alittle younger. if she apears too old, that could ruin her look entirely.

  • Erin

    I vote for finding all unknowns for the kids, but think it would be cool to see someone like Jeff Bridges play Haymitch. My biggest hope for this movie is that someone awesome with a history of doing female heroines justice like Joss Whedon (please universe, make it happen!!!) or J.J. Abrams will direct it.

    • Kelly

      I agree. Established actors will not be able to pull it off. There needs to be someone who can be completely Katniss and completely Peeta… not some mish mash of mediocre past performances in teen dramas.

      • Mairead

        True enough.
        I was hoping for Matthew Vaughn or Chris Nolan for director, but I shouldn’t hold my breath I guess.

      • casey

        Kelly,….. THANK YOU.

    • Kelly E.

      JOSS WOULD BE PERFECT! Especially with the sci-fi Capital! A girl can keep dreaming…

      • MEdoggy


    • Summer

      Finally someone agrees! I want everyone to be unknown

      • renae

        thats true the characters should be unknown because a lot of actors/actresses are overused and we definitly need to see some fresh talent out there

      • casey

        Thank you Summer, and Renae! oh, I really hope the director of this movie will read the majority of these comments…

    • Tori

      @ erin OMG YESS for Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams, Jeff Birdges? maybe but i prefer robert downing jr for haymitch or hugh laurie. @ everyone one the PERFECT Cinna would have to be Stargates very own MICHAEL SHANKS!

    • Zoey

      If Joss or JJ did the movie I would die from happiness. And buy a ticket immediately.

    • Jenn

      I think Joss could make almost any movie/concept tolerable.

  • CindyC

    Oh, and the proof read EW people! The rights were bought in 2009 not 1999.

    • sheila

      that was my thot too! fact check plz! :>

      • CindyC

        LOL – well at least we know they read the comments on the first page.

      • emzellla


  • CindyC

    Oh, and to answer the question in the post a HUGE no to Chloe Moretz. She is already overused and not old enough. Plus I just don’t see it at all.

  • stella

    How could Lionsgate acquire the movie rights in 1999 when the book was published in 2008? EW, get your reporters to check their facts. This is the second round of potential lazy reporting regarding this trilogy (the first being the crappy review of Catching Fire).

    And please, Ms. Orvino, if I am correct about the copywright date, please correct your writing accordingly. Thank you.

    • me

      Re-read the article. It states that Lionsgate acquired the movie rights in 2009.

  • Charlotte

    I think that the kids should be played by relative unknowns. They just really need to be careful with it and not go with someone just because they were popular. I saw some interesting suggestions for Haymitch and Effie Trinket. How about Jack Black for Haymitch? He’d have to be a lot more serious than usual, but I could see someone with that kind of energy playing him. Haymitch, while he has gone to seed, really is only about 38 or 39 when the books first start. So, I think Jeff Bridges would be a little too old. Another suggestion I saw for Effie Trinket was Judy Greer who played the friend in 13 going on 30. I could totally see her in a roll like that.

    • Megan

      Jack Black would definitely be interesting! He did a good job in “The Holiday” playing a more serious character. But he was still pretty quirky there, so who knows if he can play drunken and abusive! I like the Judy Greer option for Effy too! She’s great.

      • Kelly

        For some reason when I think of Cinna I always get an image of David Tutera.

    • amy

      For Haymitch Robert Downy Jr.
      He is perfect, he is the right age and can play a drunk very well!

      • Tori

        @ Amy Yes girl you are totally right, Everyone listen to this girl!

      • J

        Though he would be perfect, I don’t think the movie would have the budget to cast Robert Downey Jr. :(

      • jessica

        omg, Robert Downey is the best guy ever(: But i would pick Jeffery Dean Morgan for it(:

      • mcvin

        jessica, Jeff Dean Morgan is a great suggestion for haymitch!

      • Sami

        Wow! That is a good choice, but not one I would have thought of, yeah I totally agree

    • Tori

      Jack Black are you serious? NO!!!! he would kill the part. Robert Downing Jr or Hugh Laurie for Haymitch

  • Koubou

    Lucy Hale! I like her in PLL

    • Summer

      I do to but she’s already to famous

  • Mairead

    OKsy, How about
    Hugh Laurie as Haymitch
    Christine Baranski as Effie
    Drew Roy as Gale
    Lucas Till as Peeta
    January Jones as Mrs. Everdeen…etc.etc

    • Celia

      Hugh Laurie is who I picture as Haymitch too. He would be perfect.
      No to the rest.

    • nikkiD

      I totally agree with you, especially Drew Roy as Gale :)

    • Summer

      NO to drew Roy! When I see him I think of icarly, he’s too famous

      • Jesus

        the whole ending of the book is all part of a hehijackgr like what changed Peeta’s memories and ooh .. I kind of like the thought of that . I go into more details on this on my Mockingjay spoiler page where there are no hushed whispers for those who have not read or finished the book yet. (holy run-on sentence batman!)Sheila (Bookjourney)b4s last [type] ..

    • Johny2

      HUGH LAURIE! OH HELL YEAH!! i love “House” where he basically plays a very similar role, i think we found our Haymitch people. lol i think i would sign a petition for that to happen

      • Tori

        HUGH LAURIE OR ROBERT DOWNING JR FOR HAYMITCH!!! both are perfect actors and would do a good job :)

  • Sean Birt

    why not johnny depp as haymitch. i see this as a spectactular fit. he’s a good drunk, says sweatheart very nicely in his movies and can show some compassion once in a while

  • kelsey walker

    lucas till -Peeta
    drew roy or josh Hutcherson-Gale
    annasophia robb -Madge
    Kristin Chenoweth-Effie
    Elle Fanning-Prim
    Hugh Laurie or Robert Downey Jr-Haymitch
    Katniss-Unknown actress

    • Kelly

      Kristin Chenoweth as Effie is intriguing but I was thinking of someone a little more uptight. Emily Blunt’s performance in The Devil Wears Prada comes to mind.

    • Celia

      I like Drew Roy, but Josh is way too short and too young.
      Gale is 18 years old. He’s a grown man.

    • Tori

      Perfect choices for haymitch, but you gales seriously? NO

    • olivia

      Unknown -Peeta
      drew roy or josh Hutcherson-Gale
      annasophia robb -Madge
      Kristin Chenoweth-Effie
      Elle Fanning-Prim
      Hugh Laurie or Robert Downey Jr-Haymitch
      Katniss-Unknown actress


      • J

        Agree with all except Prim. Chloe Moretz is definitely who I picture when I think about Prim and the Fanning sisters are just so cliche

      • amber

        does anyone think emily browning is good for the part i do

    • Kinsley C

      I totally agree that Katniss needs to be an unknown after all wasn’t she unknown to everyone in Panem until the games? And Lucas Till would be a good Petta but whoever played Katniss would have to compliment him very well. And the suggestions for all these well known overused actors is kind of weird maybe one or two big names but not the whole cast.

    • duffy

      Ok people Lucas til is not going to be able to play peeta whenever i think of him i see miley cyrus and hannah montana!!

  • Kelly

    What about Finnick? Is Hugh Dancy too old.. too British?

  • kelsey walker

    Finnick-liam hemsworth,alex pettyfer,or freddie stroma

    • Ashley

      Alex Pettyfer would be a perfect Finnick!

      • Meggie

        I like Alex Pettyfer for Finnick. I think maybe Freddie Stroma could be a good Peeta.

      • Charles

        I think India Coombs, an unknown actress, should be Katniss she’s on IMDB

      • gris

        I had not heard or India Coombs, but I looked up her pics on imbd, she could definitely fit- I especially like the archery pic- that really helped :) She’s pretty, but not the perfect pretty that a lot of people are complaining about. She’s got a more earthy quality to her, which would lend itself great to this role. So depending on her stature, she may be a good choice.

    • Mel

      Zac Efron would totally be the perfect Finnick!

      • Allie

        YES! Not because he is dreamy or something. I think it would be a good idea to have someone recognized as beautiful to play Finnick because the character is too in the story, Plus, he’s not a bad actor (charlie st.cloud is proof). He’d be perfect.

      • Celia


      • Nicole

        That’s just wrong.

      • Kinsley C

        Perfect and the eye color is perfect too he’d be awesome

      • emzellla

        you disgrace us all, hes the last person on earth i expectted as finnick in my head more like someone gorgeaous and zac efron is not gorgeous

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