Glenn Beck debuts at No. 1 and 'Sh*t' hits its fans: This week's best-sellers

Fox News acolytes came at the Beck and call of a certain teary-eyed pundit this week. Glenn Beck’s paranoid thriller The Overton Window, with 775,000 copies in print, rocketed to the top of the Publishers Weekly fiction best-seller chart, and kicked Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Kicked Hornet’s Nest out of the No. 1 spot. I’m sure that Beck is thrilled to triumph over a product of Sweden, that land of socialized everything. A little further down the list, Justin Cronin’s hot apocalypse summer novel, The Passage, continues to do well as a beach read despite the fact that it’s bigger and heavier than the cooler.

On the nonfiction side, the malcontent grumblings of a 74-year-old beat out a former First Lady, a former 90210 star, and a former disgruntled chef. Justin Halpern’s Twitter-based Sh*t My Dad Says proves that people actually do want to hear the elderly complain. And Halpern’s collection will likely get an even bigger boost once CBS starts airing $#*! My Dad Says, the grawlix-amended sitcom starring William Shatner that the network picked up for the fall. One spot down, Anthony Bourdain’s food-ography Medium Raw has quietly climbed two spaces from last week’s position, and further below that, Tori Spelling’s latest memoir, uncharted terriTORI (my autocorrect is not happy with that title), debuts at No. 9.

See below for this week’s full lists of bestsellers:


1. The Overton Window, Glenn Beck
2. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, Stieg Larsson
3. The Lion, Nelson DeMille
4. The Passage, Justin Cronin
5. Whiplash, Catherine Coulter
6. The Help, Kathryn Stockett
7. Frankenstein: Lost Souls, Dean Koontz
8. The Spy, Clive Cussler & Justin Scott
9. 61 Hours, Lee Child
10. Dead in the Family, Charlaine Harris
11. Lowcountry Summer, Dorothea Benton Frank
12. Spies of the Balkans, Alan Furst
13. Innocent, Scott Turow
14. Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Objective, Eric Van Lustbader
15. Imperial Bedrooms, Bret Easton Ellis


1. Sh*t My Dad Says, Justin Halpern
2. Medium Raw, Anthony Bourdain
3. Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh
4. Women Food and God, Geneen Roth
5. The Big Short, Michael Lewis
6. Spoken from the Heart, Laura Bush
7. War, Sebastian Junger
8. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, Chelsea Handler
9. uncharted terriTORI, Tori Spelling
10. The Last Stand, Nathaniel Philbrick
11. Steinbrenner, Bill Madden
12. The Pacific, Hugh Ambrose
13. The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch
14. Heroes for My Son, Brad Meltzer
15. Mike and Mike’s Rules for Sports and Life, Mike Greenberg & Mike Golic with Andrew Chaikivsky

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  • LOL

    Beck’s insane followers will lap up anything he excretes.

    • YES

      Same with Gleetards and Twitards.

      • maggie

        Glee and Twilight are just harmless entertainment. They don’t try to convince people that the president is the next Hitler, and that you have to armed and ready to take back your country.

  • mark in nyc

    Beck is insane and wrong on every issue he talks about (not to mention a liar)…but he does know how to entertain his followers.

    • x lass

      hmmm…sounds like someone isn’t being very TOLERANT. there are a lot of people i don’t like on tv, but i don’t spend every waking moment of my life ranting and raving about them. i do think it’s hilarious how the most “tolerant” people can be the most hateful. just becuase you don’t agree with all that he says, it doesn’t make him insane. i have watched his show and it looks like he is laying out what has happened in the past (using historical facts) and he is showing how things could repeat themselves. that doesn’t make him a loon-just someone who is showing how those who aren’t familiar with the past are doomed to repeat it. sure he can be a little high-strung, but so can all the other talking heads on CNN. i have often wondered if keith olbermann and chris mathews need shock therapy to calm down after some of their rants, but i don’t spout my hatred of them all over the ‘internets’. can’t we all just get along?

      • Anitamargarita

        Yeah, I watched his show too, and he practically foaming at the mouth that kids’ cup-stacking competitions are at the root of all that is wrong with America. But if you think there is a rational argument behind that, using historical facts…

      • Mike

        Really? You don’t see how he overly-hypes fears, goes WAY over the top trying to scare people and anger people? And sorry, the tactics he uses to do this do make him look like he’s got a screw or two loose. Do I think he is? No, but I think he’s a master manipulator and knows EXACTLY what he’s doing and what audience he’s doing it for.

      • maggie

        “using historical facts” isn’t what Beck does. He has no problem with making up “facts” when the truth doesn’t suit his opinion.

  • Jerry

    Keith, I dont read EW for political views, I read it to learn about entertainment. Tell us what you thought of the book, not what you think of the person that wrote it!

    • John

      but when that person is as vile as beck, the two are inextricable…besides, this isn’t a review

      • Jerry

        You’re right John, it isnt a review, its a political rant.

    • joblo

      It’s sad and hilarious how the liberal, tolerant, progressive Left in this country is so quick to pour on the hate at the mere mention of Beck’s name, as demonstrated on these comments here.

      Isn’t tolerance meant to be directed towards people who you do NOT agree with? Anyone can “tolerate” those who they do agree with. How about walking the talk and practicing what you preach? Especially if you want others to agree with you?

      • d$

        Oh, joblo… dont you understand? As long as you agree with everything that the loving, compassionate Olbermann and Matthews and Air America (RIP) guys and the left say about our wonderful president, you are a patriot, you are smart, you are intelligent, you are a good, good person. But if you disagree with anything our president or the administration is doing, then you are spewing hate, you are bigoted, you are a racist, you are a blowhard, you drink the Kool Aid of commies like Beck and Limbaugh. Never mind that you have sensible arguments and evidence, and those arguments are rooted in common sense… no, no, you are commanded to love Obama. its the right thing to do. White guilt and all.

  • cheri

    Glenn Beck just wants people to wake up and see what is happening to our America. We are selling out to the highest bidder (I personally do not want to be “owned” by the Chinese) and we are losing all of our freedoms to the politically correct. I have no problem at all with immigrants coming here to live, but I think if they want a piece of the American dream, then they should become Americans and not try to make us change our Country to be like the one they left. We can all get along just don’t try to make us change they way we live because you don’t like it. My grandkids cannot sing Christmas songs in school as some people do not believe–this has always been true but now if one person doesn’t like something everyone else is forced to change. That is not right. Way to go Glenn Beck!!! Tell us how it is and eventually more people will see the light.

    • Lisa Simpson

      “I have no problem at all with immigrants coming here to live, but I think if they want a piece of the American dream, then they should become Americans and not try to make us change our Country to be like the one they left.”

      Yeah, this country should be just like the native English made it. And we should all work on Christmas Day, just like our Founding Fathers did.

      • GAFC

        Lisa, I always thought you were the smartest Simpson, but your comment here displays a lack of kwowledge about our country’s history.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Since you don’t bother to say what is wrong with my statements, I will clarify both issues. I was taking issue with cheri’s notion that Northern European culture is the natural culture of the Americas and the United States. I know many Native Americans, and Mexicans descended from Native Americans that would disagree with her. We took over territory that already had people living there, then told them to go live somewhere else.

        And yes, out Founding Fathers did not observe Christmas as an official state holiday, and it wasn’t made one until 1870. Our Founding Fathers did routinely work on Christmas Day. I suggest you read a book or two on the history of Christmas.

    • LD

      The people on the left do not want to see the light. They just listen to the liberal media (and stars) on the way to think. Agree or disagree with Glenn, he shows facts. He shows video clips showing what comes out of these peoples mouths. When people say “Oh I have watched Glenn” I bet it has been once ot twice, and with a negative attitude to begin with. Watch him on Fridays. History is wondeful, and he is bring back what schools refuse to teach. Today is on Black Founding Fathers. How many of you knew there were any??

      • LOL

        Grape or Cherry Kool-Aid today?

      • Brohammad Ali

        Children are now being kept from learning about Thomas Jefferson, civil rights, and SCIENCE because of Christian fundamentalists like Beck…

        You guys ARE the reason schools refuse to teach these things.

      • GAFC

        “Children are now being kept from learning about Thomas Jefferson, civil rights, and SCIENCE because of Christian fundamentalists like Beck…”

        Hadn’t heard that actually. Sad, if true, but I remain skeptical. Also, Thomas Jefferson was a Christian.

      • Mike

        Wow. To think that Glenn Beck shows facts makes you just as out of touch as the as those evil liberals.

      • invisigoth

        Jefferson believed in Freedom of Religion

        But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.

        -Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

      • invisigoth

        The same can be said for the people on the right who lap up Beck, Coulture, Limbaugh and other right wing celebrities. I hear the right complain all the time that celebrities should have no say in politics but remember, Ahnold, and Ronald Reagen were *actors* before they were politicians. Beck, et al are celebrities and if you don’t think so, you’re a fool.

      • maggie

        @GAFC, google the Texas Textbook Controversy. Texas buys so many textbooks, that publishers usually make their textbooks along Texas preferences. Therefore, the books are also sold to other states as well. Texas is downplaying the importance of Thomas Jefferson because he advocated the separation of church and state; mandates studying the speeches of Jefferson Davis; claims the government was infiltrated by communists in the Cold War and Joe McCarthy was proven right; can’t use the term slave trade; teaches the importance of Reagan and the conservative revolution.

      • Tom

        @GAFC Jefferson was not a Christian, he was a Deist like most of our founding fathers.

      • Kelsey

        “Also, Thomas Jefferson was a Christian.”
        Thomas Jefferson was a DEIST, not a Christian.

    • maggie

      “My grandkids cannot sing Christmas songs in school as some people do not believe”

      The separation of Church & State is what the Founding Fathers intended. Don’t blame political correctness, blame Thomas Jefferson.

  • stan

    Anyone see the fourteen semis from Amazon outside Fox News Channel – must be the 774,999 copies of The Blowverton Window that they ordered.

  • Popo

    I have to give Beck and his people a lot of credit for using the words “dog vomit” to advertise the book… Just when I thought there was no more truth and advertising!

  • Ugly Jenny

    Wow Keith, bitter much? Geez, way to make your disdain for Beck subtle. Not only did you insult Beck, but also those 775,000 readers who bought his book.

    • invisigoth

      You mean everyone who works for faux news. You know, the Scientologists do the same thing to keep L. Ron Hubbard’s books in the top 100

  • stephen

    We should be very very afraid of Glenn Beck. He could cause a lot of damage because the people who listen to him are easily brainwashed (i.e. Christians)

    • GAFC

      I am more afraid for you. “ie Christians”…really? You mean 76% of the US population is easily brainwashed?

      • stephen

        YES! That’s exactly what I said. People who have to go to a building on a weekly basis to be told how to live their lives need help! It’s crazy… just think about it! Be a good person and don’t hurt others. It’s really quite that simple.

      • Melissa

        No just the far, far right who think that everyone should think the way they do and try to stop scientific debate and try to rewrite history. I’m a Christian but I would never, ever tell my neighbors how to worship or who they should worship or how to run their lives.
        But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

      • GAFC

        Melissa, I don’t disagree with you, but there is no reason to generalize for such a large segment of the population. That is the real delusion.

      • stephen

        Buddy it’s not delusion. I’ve been around Christians for a long time…there have been too many bad apples that’ve ruined it for the rest of you, I’m sorry. You’re told not to judge others, that’s for God to do, yet I’ve never met a single Christian who didn’t judge anyone who was different from them (Muslims, gays, people with green mohawks).

      • dudenorth

        I like green mohawks and Saturdays…

  • Jeremy DC

    I don’t like Glenn Beck. But I can’t stand Keith Olberman.

  • Melissa

    To those defending Beck and his ridiculous foaming at the mouth commentaries and scare tactics – you need to wake up. It took 8 years of inept rule to get us into this mess. Do you really, honestly believe that all our of our problems began on January 20, 2009? Really? Because it didn’t and the far right can’t stand that they are not in charge anymore so they elevate Beck, Palin, et al to near godlike status and allow them to spew their hate through publishing. I read an ARC of Beck’s book and found his hypocrisy quite disturbing. His twisting of actual historical facts and his obvious, rampant bias a huge turnoff.

    I don’t watch *any* talk shows (masquerading as “news”) because both the far left and far right are marginalizing those of us in the middle. I wish everyone would just shut of their televisions and radios and pick up a *real* book about history and not that fictional crap they’re trying to peddle today.

    • @Melissa

      IF you people who bashed Glenn listened to him, you would know he blames alot on Bush! (as do alot of us) Bush was a progressive Repubican and Glenn is quick to point that out, and critizied Bush during his last term. So, its clear the people bashing him do not know enough about him.
      But when you are in debt, you have to work hard at paying your debt off, not adding “MASSIVELY” to it. That would not work you at home, and it will not work for our country.

      • Harry Gensler

        @”IF you people who bashed Glenn listened to him, you would know he blames alot on Bush!”

        Actually, I listened and watched Beck daily before he veered into messianic apocalyptic Jim Jones land around the time he moved to Fox. The only time he bashed Bush was on the border and not cracking down on illegals. Aside from that, he was just another cheerleading GOP mouthpiece. Not only was he a huge advocate of the Iraq War, he wanted war with Iran. He also called Ron Paul’s followers “terrorists.” He even used to sell “I Love Waterboarding” t-shirts on his website. Does that scream independent to you? He sure knows how to jump in front of a parade, but he’s no constitutionalist or Goldwater conservative. Just a fat faced GOP neocon changing his spots now that Bush destroyed whatever was left of the Republican Party.

    • Will

      You make extremely good points Melissa. Furthermore, so many people on this thread are preaching that Beck is trying to make us “see the light”…have they all forgotten that this book is fiction? If you’re reading this for political knowledge then you’re reading the wrong book.

    • joblo

      It’s interesting how people who tend to hate Beck the most never (or rarely) actually watch him.

      (“I don’t watch *any* talk shows (masquerading as “news”) because both the far left and far right are marginalizing those of us in the middle”)

      And Melissa, I think you’d be happy to find that Beck actually does push a plethora of “real” books about history on his show, and they then sell like crazy. I picked up Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler because of his recommendation and it was fantastic in its thoroughness and readability.

      • Will

        So lets recap….he recommended books on Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler….re-read your sentence out loud, and see how it sounds. Also those who hate Beck only need to watch 10 min of his show before making up their minds…why do we need to watch an entire season let alone one episode.

      • joblo

        I see. So recommending and reading a book about WWII is now somehow a dastardly thing to do. Wow. BTW, it was one book. And if it only takes 10 minutes for you to hate someone, I think that’s just sad.

      • Will

        Yeah it’s sad that Beck can spew so much hatred in less than 10 minutes…better yet, 2 min clips of his show on youtube.

      • merle Balke

        I get all the Beck I need by watching The Daily Show, where, by the way, Jon destroyed Glenn.

  • WTF

    Glenn Beck is laughing, or crying, all the way to the bank, with all of the money he’s making off of his marks.

  • dvj8

    As do many right wing authors Glenn Beck only has the number 1 book is his staffers are buying the books by the case and in about 10 days if you join the Glenn Beck Kool Aide Club for 50 bucks you get A FREE BOOK!! Sorry tea-baggers!! And let me insult myself and save you baggers time. I am intolerant,hateful,and Un-American!! Thats what you guys were gonna type right. Well keep it up wing nuts a republican in the White House may happen before 2022. Thats only if you guys learn how to play well with others and maybe you guys can move from the kids table sooner! But Joe Barton, Beck and the Drugster keep you mired in the corner..

  • Laura W

    The Passage is amazing! Highly recommeded!

  • Joshua

    To the author of this article:
    Why don’t you take some time to get to know some of these “pundits”?
    Your just like every other low life(including the ones commenting) who downtalks anyone who has a different opinion than you, grow up and realize your not always right. How old are you liberals in the mind, 9? Take it from someone from the center, you make yourselves look foolish with your fat-heads.

    • dvj8

      wow did not think to call myself a fathead! Good One JoshuA! Low life thats a kinda weak.And back to fatheads….Rush or Gretchen Carlson I cant tell anymore who is dumber …And for the record the only reason I hate these people is sometimes you got to fight hate with hate!Everyday these people lie and spout hate to the mindless masses on the right.Yes mindless..We on the left hate because we have to make sure these people who claim to look out for the little guys dont get away with saying how Obama wants to tax you to death when the fact is the very same people going to Becks 9/12 project are the white middle-class folk on unemployment who just got the benefits cut off by the GOBP.Hey Aaron Cant you Libertarians just go back to being pot smoking hippies? And when did the Libertarian bunch move back to Jim Crow? You people make me sick ..I am real libertarian …Smoke weed I dont but go ahead.Gay marriage not gay not married but go ahead .You wanna be a muslim,jew ,catholic or baptist be my guest.You wanna be a black man at a lunch counter at Walgreens if they still had that be my guest but you Rand Paul loving idiots dont want that .You guys want Rand Paul the outsider well this weekend his at a 1,000 dollars a plate fundraiser for his campaign to be elected Senator of the dumbest state ! Too much hate….here is more back to Beck he is hate so keep lying and we will keep setting the record straight and if you weak minded people on the right or fake libertarians want to fake there outrage and claim not to be haters and point the finger at me and say your full of hate and anger I will say DAMN STRAIGHT I AM !!No more will I let them get away with the lies.No more will they force their values down our throats! I will hate only those who choose to ignore the rights of the people with no voice! Well that gotta a little much..So I will move on so you may rightfully call me names but if you morons try to elect a guy who would endorse telling a black man he may not come into a business you really need to look at yourself wingnuts!

  • Aaron

    Almost all of you are bigoted morons, which has the peculiar effect of making almost all of you normal. The way half of you attack Beck makes you sound just like him, and that’s not a compliment. And the other half of you defend him with single-minded devotion. And some of the people attacking religion are making terrible arguments that don’t help anyone’s perception of their intelligence. By the way, politically I’m a fiscally conservative libertarian so have fun putting me on the left or right because I don’t fit either philosophy. If you advocate common sense, post a comment.

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