'The Lost Hero' exclusive! See new Rick Riordan book cover art, along with the first two chapters

The_Lost_HeroThis exclusive image of Rick Riordan’s new cover comes from up on high, tossed down from a nimbus straight into our website like one of Zeus’ jagged thunderbolts.

OK, fine, it was emailed to us by Disney, but it’s still cool, all the same. The Lost Hero is the first book in Riordan’s spin-off series, The Heroes of Olympus. The cover shows three kids flying a fire-snorting mechanical dragon over the walls of what appears to me to be the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec. I guess that’s one way to get past Canadian customs. The book will hit stores later this year, but you don’t have to wait that long to get a taste. Just go to this website, enter in the secret password newhero, and you’ll be able to read the first two chapters of The Lost Hero. And remember, I told you that password in confidence, so don’t go spreading it around. It’ll just be between you and me, Internet.

Fans of Riordan’s Olympian adventures, excited for the new series? What do you think of the first two chapters?

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  • Lisa

    Put simply, my son and I can’t wait. Riordan’s books are fun reads. Thank goodness for every good book author who can write like Riordan does and get my son reading.

    • Bree

      love the first book’s! and the first 2 chapters of Lost Hero

      • sarina

        Tell me pleaz where it is to read the 1syt 2 chapter

    • logan

      And I think Jason is a son of Zeus or a wind god like Zephyr or Aeolus.. I’m leaning towards Zeus.
      Leo is most likely a son of Hephaestus maybe Hermes, but he made that helicopter which is very Hephaestus-esk.
      Piper,I have no clue, maybe she’s the Sorceror Calypso, because Percy said her hair smelled like cinnamon on the island and she was the most beautiful girl but it was a natural beauty.
      As for Butch, I agree with the Iris theory but idk. Maybe he has a connection to the original books like Eurytion or someone. Either way.
      Gleeson Hedge was definately mentioned in THE LAST OLYMPIAN.
      I have no clue about Dylan, I know a lot about Greek mythology but never heard of a “ventus” maybe he attacked Jason’s group because his ‘mistress’ was an ex-titaness who ruled the winds? or maybe his ‘mistress’ is Echidna, wife of Typhon.

      • logan

        And as for my Piper theory, that would explain why she claims to be Native American. Percy said Atlas and all his children including Calypso had bronze colored and maybe she isn’t going by the name ‘Calypso’ because it’s not a common name.

      • logan

        Also, Piper; if she is Calypso; could be claiming to be a Native American just because she’s naturally tan just like all Atlas’ kids and Atlas himself. Although the location of the Cherokee Indians originally does not consolidate this according to Riordan’s version of mythology because the Garden of the Herperides is on Mt. Tamalpais in central California but the Cherokees were located on the East Coast in lower Appalachia, but I have no other guesses.

      • sid

        i think that piper is the daughter of aphrodite because she is pretty and her eye colour changes like aphrodite’s

      • nicole

        i think jason might be the son of aelous not zeus because that would be too much like thaila. piper i think might be a child of artemis even though her oth so that would be more drama

      • Michelle

        piper cant be calypso. calypso was forced to stay on her island because she sided with atlas in the war. she was banished there forever by zeus.

      • kiki

        i think leo is definately a son of Hephaestus. Piper is so a daughter of aphrodite because like sid said her eyes change color and Jason thought she was naturally pretty immediately.
        Jason is most likely a son of Zeus but he could be like Nico and Bianca and be from the past before the treaty thing. But why does everyone think Jason is a son of Hermes?

      • Jess

        Piper cant be a daughter of artemis because she devoted her existence to be a maiden and Riordan would be “violating” greek history i’m also leaning towards her being a daughter of atlas and the time thingy with Jason is a good theory although it would be too much like the last series so i don’t think he’ll be using that and Leo has to be a son of Hephaestus they lost one of ‘em in the last book so that would make sense all in all i can’t wait i iz gonna pre-order :D

      • braeley S.

        I think piper might be the daughter of Aphrodite & leo is definately the son of Hephaestus because of the helicopter and i was thinking Jasons the son of Zues

      • Kay-Z

        What’s the password that you need to type on the site for camphalfblood.com?? anyone please..

      • Black Belt Bookworm

        Jason is a son of jupitor( the roman vesion of zeus), pier is a duaghter of apothridite’s roman duo, and Leo is a son of hepatitis’s roman double. The hedge dude is one of the sentar’s grover contacted in the last olympian,and the storm thingies are roman versions of a greek monstere whose name I forgot.

      • Dennis

        Jason is a greek hero that was referred to the argonauts or the golden fleece. He is the son of Aeson and Polymede. I don’t know if he is god related directly

      • ipsa

        my friend has read the book and she told me that jason is son of zues, piper is daughter of aphrodite! that is sooooo crazy!

      • nolan


    • jon

      i think that jason is the sonof jupiter because he kept getting greek and roman mythology mixed up

      • nolan


    • Destinie

      Ok FYI Jason is a son of Zeus, Piper is a daughter of Aphrodite, Leo is a son of Hephaestus. Piper is my favorite.

  • Kathleen

    Sounds great!! I loved the first series and this one sounds just as great. Looking forward to it being released.

  • Page

    This looks great! I’m surprised the missing hero is Percy, that’s a nice twist. My bet is on Jason being a child of Zephyr, it would make sense. But what is it with Riordan naming his main characters after Greek heroes?
    I’m not sure about Piper, but Leo is probably either a son of Hermes or Hephaestus. His face description definitely seemed like Hermes, but he kept building things.

    • jess

      Piper… Leo… Charmed anyone?

      • Karen

        I like Leo best

      • eafgurl101

        lol, i was thinnking that too!!

      • trey

        LOL!!! I didn’t think of that!!! Hilarious!!!!

      • Nicolette

        i was thinking the exact same thing. piper and leo but also the fact that leo is supposed to be good with his hands as in handyman

      • Elaina


    • XD

      pretty sure jason is a son of zeus. he could absorb lightning and could fly: zeus is lord of the sky and stuff so yeahXD

      • braeley

        i agree he seems alot like a son of Zeus and i really think piper’s a daughter of Aphrodite and leo is most likely Hephaestus

      • arslan


      • AMOR

        Hmm, didn’t ncotie until I read our review, but Piper and Leo were major characters on Charmed and I think there was also a Phoebe love interest for a few seasons named Jason. Now, I guess Jason is common enough (especially since he’s supposedly descended from the Argonaut), but Piper? Leo?

    • naomi

      he’s a son of Zeus. Rick Riordan put two chapters of the book out already and if you read he’s clearly the son of Zeus (:

      • sarina

        Where. I would like to read it now. Pleaz

    • Allie


      • jerry

        you can read it at camphalfblood.com and the pasword is the oposite of old villian

  • mmex

    Check out his new series about the Egyptian gods, “The Red Pyramid”. More good, yet informative, fun from Riordan. My son loves to get his books hot of the presses, so we’ll be first in line in October.

  • chattypatra

    Loved the first two chapters! I’m glad Riordan has incorporated familiar characters into this new book. I wish we didn’t have to wait four months!

  • Michele

    Riordan’s books keep getting better and better. Really looking forward to this new series. I wish he’d write faster!

    • braeley

      i know right

    • leanne

      totally i love the pjo series aned im sure this one is going to be just as good.

  • Mairead

    I can’t wait for this! Another great read from Riordan. I would have guessed Jason would have been the son of Zues, because of the lightning bolt, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. And Percy and Annabeth are back! Of course, he’s missing, but still…

  • Aliza

    that was awesome, I’m so excited to read the whole book! Not sure who Jason is, except that he seems to be Roman, not Greek. maybe he’s the son of Jupiter? but a guy named Jason with one shoe, Riordan knows his stuff

    • Page

      You’re right, I didn’t even notice the one-shoe relation. That is seriously awesome. But like I said, I think he’s the son of Zephyr or one of the other minor wind gods. I don’t think he’d have another son of Zeus, not to mention that Jason was electrified or struct by lightening or something, hinting that Zeus doesn’t like him.

      • Liver

        I think he’s the son of Jupiter because he’s refering to everything by their Roman names. & I’m glad Leo is a son of Haphaestus, I need a replacement for Charlie.

      • Sean

        But the sky spirit thing can make the storm so there’s a good chance that he is the son of zues

      • momo

        storm spirit can do that to

      • britney

        that was the storm spirit not zeus

      • arslan


    • Karen

      maybe Jason’s from the past

      • Lizzy

        OMG thats what i think that he was sent to the future to do whatever it is he is going to do

      • braeley

        well it did say at the first part that he was struck by lightning and then was next 2 piper

      • leanne

        i think they bathed jason in the river leathe.

      • Chhaparia

        I weerodnd how these turned out! They are beautiful……i wish I had more subjects. Ive been really wanting to shoot more.I love these

  • megan

    OMG! i love Ricks books but The Lost Hero is gonna be awsome i so can not wait!!

  • Clayton

    Can’t wait to read it! Love Percy Jackson and The Red Pyramid. Riordan writes really great adventures

    • braeley

      i’ve read all the percy jackson books like 30 times

  • Ravvie

    Oh my gods, this is brilliant. I can’t wait, and the book comes out around my birthday as well!

    • braeley

      omg its comes out like 2 days before mine

  • jerry

    His adult fiction stuff was very good. Too bad he only does this juvi-fiction now. Gotta go where the money is.

    • mmex

      Maybe he went to juvi-fiction to encourage kids to read more. Give him a degree of nobility rather than greed!

    • Grace

      ok listen dude his books for adults are not nearly as good as the ones for kids

  • Zack

    It was an absoulutly great read its timne to say I,m sorry Percy Jackson but its time to move over for this series even though thats what the whole book is about

    • Grace

      its also about percy jackson stupid

      • leanne


    • Grace

      its also about him stupid

      • Nikki

        You don’t have to be mean Grace, he said ‘even though thats what the whole book is about’. He said it was about PJ. We all loved the books and are fans. No need to be rude.

        I love the series! :D I was so heartbroken when I read that-


        – PJ was missing!

  • Andrew

    A new series nice. I enjoyed Percy. I’ll take a look after I’ve finished reading Dream Raider A Johnny Marsh adventure

  • gillie

    I think Jason is a son of Aeolus, the king of the four winds, or one the four winds. Leo is definatley a son of Hephaestus. Not a clue about Piper.Poor Annabeth. Stupid Percy.

    • Sarah

      I would guess that Piper is a daughter of Hermes, they keep referring to her as a Klepto and he is the God of Thieves. I didn’t read too carefully, but it didn’t sound like she knew her father. AS for Jason, I believe he is a son of Zeus, although probably one from a different era (The Lost Hero title refers to both Jason and Percy. This belief is based on his surviving the lightning strike

      • Tony

        it said Piper didn’t know her mom maybe she is a daughter of Aphrodite or something because Jason said everyone was hitting on her. And Jason maybe he is the son of Zeus but what about the “flying” thing

    • braeley

      piper is most likly aphrodite

      • dejin

        no maybe jason is 2 gods
        like hes mom might be the daughter of someone and jasons dad might be zues

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