EW Exclusive: The trailer for Glenn Beck's upcoming thriller 'The Overton Window'

First it was Bill O’Reilly’s steamy, seamy back-alley mystery, and now Fox News’ resident blackboard enthusiast Glenn Beck is releasing his own thriller. EW has an exclusive look at the trailer for the book, which releases on June 15 and is about twenty-something named Noah Gardner who finds himself in the midst of a massive fight to protect the country he loves from nefarious forces that threaten to corrupt it.

Now, writing for Beck is nothing new. The man squeezes out nearly as many books as he does tears, but this is his first time trying anything near this genre, and I’m guessing it won’t be all that much like The Christmas Sweater. The trailer itself is certainly interesting, a kinetic text illustration of a creepy poem that sounds like Dr. Seuss by way of the Book of Revelations. (Some of you pointed out that it’s actually this poem by Rudyard Kipling.) Take a look for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comment boards. But please, please remember to use your inside voices.

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  • nodnarb

    Fiction should be too hard for Glenn Beck. He’s been making up stuff for years!

    • Dory

      Very true.

      • Sandi

        WAY TO GO GLEN!!!! I’m so anxious for the book. Those sad people who are wearing blinders will see for themselves at the end when it will be too late! God is using you Glen, don’t let stupidity stop you now. Now is NOT the time for tickling the ears even though thats all so many of the lost are looking for!

      • Maida Hosel

        Perhaps Glenn has study history and doesn’t wwant to relive it there is and old say that has been prove34n time after tine if you don’t learn from history you will have to live it I presonal don;t want too. I’m old enought to remember what happened to Germany. When the blind lead the blind the can get into are cas other a great deal of trouble

      • ECB

        I can’t tell if Sandi’s being sarcastic or not…

      • B Hacket


      • Frank

        From what I have seen, Glenn has been making stuff up like those crazy people who thought that one day the future would have those crazy things that you can put up to your ear and listen and talk to another person, but wait a second…seems they weren’t that crazy….

    • snochick

      Shaddap and go back to watching “American Idol”…

      • PAT


      • JP


      • Ragnvald

        I think a lobotomy is in order for erin or someone to teach said person how to read…

    • Amy

      Like what?

      • larry

        Okay, so no matter how you feel about Beck, how did you guys feel about the trailer? The Poem definteily was creepy but effective in building anticipation without knowing anything about the book. Would have been equally effective for a movie if there were better visuals. Maybe a nice teaser trailer. Your thoughts?

      • nat

        Removing all thoughts on Beck, I thought the trailer was interesting. It kinda reminded me with its narration of old horror movie trailers…which isn’t a good thing. But the visuals were cool I guess. An interesting approach. Is this normal for books to have trailers????

      • trey

        I thought the trailer was pretty stupid. I mean, it told us nothing about the book. Heck, it was just a reading (in a ‘horror movie’ voice) of a poem that beck didn’t write. I was extremely disappointed. I understand the marketing value of building suspense like this (if beck is good at anything, it’s marketing), but it’s just a little too transparent for my taste.

    • Castaway50

      Not hard to see that nodnarb and Dory are left wing liberals. I think you’re just afraid to admit that Glenn Beck has been telling the truth about people like you! It’s your type that don’t want to be fingered and pointed out to the rest of us. And he backs it up with reliable sources. Stupid is as stupid does. So, when you finally going to wise up and see the truth???

      • lilsishotshot

        Plus he gives you the info so you can do your own research. Very informative man with damn good insight.

      • Donknottz

        The Truth according to Beck. Everyone is a nazi and our president is a half white guy that hates white people. This guy is a vile stain on the planet.

      • Renee

        I am so buying this book! Can’t wait! Glenn Beck is never a disappointment!

      • Dan

        DonKnottz. What you say is of course a lie. Which, since you can’t dispute the facts, is the only thing you and other country destroying liberals have left. Have fun in November.

      • Shayne


      • Tofumouse

        Reliable sources like “I can make someone look like Hitler if you give me a sharpie and a photo?” Oh yes! I’m convinced!

      • elsie

        Reliable sources, that’s a good one. You can’t name ANY. They don’t exist.

        Now, why don’t we get down to the creepy way Beck has trained you to imagine that your fellow citizens are enemies of the state that need to be “fingered” and “pointed out.” What are you planning to do – round us up and put us in internment camps? Or is that the merciful version?

        Glenn Beck teaches Americans to despise other Americans for imaginary and inflammatory reasons. For that, he deserves to be called un-American himself.

      • AmericanLady

        He only asks you to read history so we dont repeat the mistakes of the past…if you would do your own research maybe you would understand… Or ask yourself one thing…What if he is right?

      • trey

        @lilsishotshot: “he gives you the info so that you can do your own research”. How is it doing your own research if your just looking at the information he gives you?

        Also, I agree with beck, it is necessary to look at the past in order to avoid making the same mistakes. All it takes is a cursory look at the long history of demagoguery in America, coupled with a good listen to one of his shows, in order to see that he’s just a (hopefully) harmless ex-pothead turned marketing whiz. So many people get their panties in a twist over this cat…what a waste of time.

    • Lesley

      Making things up for years?! Where’s your fact checker!

      • michelle mattingly

        Really! Where is your fact checker?

      • Eric

        On Tuesday of last week Beck claimed that no major news outlets had showed the Israeli soldiers getting beat on the floatilla by Palestinian supporters. He said the media was calling these supporters freedom fighters and ignoring the tape. The reality was that every single major news network had shown it multiple times the day before, including on The Daily Show. Sorry conservatives, but that is a lie.

      • josh

        You are taking him out of context. He was referring to the specific video he was showing. The MSM was showing video of the flotilla, but not necessarily that particular video. It is obviois that he was referring to that specific video. Your example is weak, try again.

      • Scott

        Eric – what Glenn said was that no other news network (other than Fox) was showing it any longer. The government news networks only showed the video for the first few hours and then when they reported on it again later they stopped showing the video. They knew the video speaks for itself and they could no longer spin the story while showing what actually happened. Take off those liberal headphones next time you tune into his show and you might actually learn something.

      • Jean Bennett

        Josh, Glenn is quoting the Bible which has never wrong. You are showing your ignorance.

    • Lesley

      Can’t wait!!!!!! I love you Glenn Beck!!!!

      • Ok

        Your obviously as crazy and psycho and pathetic as he is then.

    • Brett

      You obviously have never read anything by Beck, or you would notice he researches everything tirelessly. His book, Arguing with Idiots, has all the references of where he got his information. Maybe you should do your own research before making stuff up. You might also go back 4-5 years ago, and you will see he predicted a lot of what is happening today. Just saying…

      • erin

        Just because someone gives sources for their “information” doesn’t mean that it’s accurate. Are the sources reliable? If he’s getting his “facts” from other opinion-based books and blogs, then it’s no more reliable than if he didn’t list any source at all.

      • Stacy

        Love Glenn Beck cant wait for the book.
        Brett is right and it simply amazes me what fools we have in our country. God dont let it be too late for us.

      • Joe

        Erin, I challenge YOU! Go get his book – “Arguing with Idiots” would be a good starter and do the fact checking yourself and comeback with some facts please.

      • Barb


        You obviously have never watched the show otherwise you wouldn’t have made such a statement. Almost all of the facts/sources come out of the mouth of the people who are saying it. Watch the show

      • KL

        Erin: Your words- “Just because someone gives sources for their “information” doesn’t mean that it’s accurate. Are the sources reliable? If he’s getting his “facts” from other opinion-based books and blogs, then it’s no more reliable than if he didn’t list any source at all”

        Guess that’s why we are in the situation we are in today. We had people like you that believed what they were reading without checking the facts. Now we have a president we know nothing about because he spent millions to keep the facts from WE THE PEOPLE! Check the facts, Erin, if you can find them!

      • Wes

        Honestly I literally hate Glenn Beck on his television show but I have read some of his books and he comes off a lot less umm… how should I put this douchey? It’s almost like it’s two different people.

      • Dan

        Just because he addsa footnote and says it was researched DOESN’T meanBeck got the info from a credible source. Dan Barton is NOT a credible source.

      • ship

        If by “research” you mean making things up and distorting reality to suit his paranoid fantasies.

    • nodnarb

      And the Glenn Beck twitter army have arrived! Welcome, retarded tea baggers. Please tighten your tinfoil hats and hold on the handrails.

      • English Teacher

        You’re a moron.

      • slatdurham

        It’ appears to me that the only reason civilized society can not coexist, is simply that the people on the left just hate everybody and everything that does not conform to their UTOPIAN ideals. Tell me nodarb, why do you insist on belittling those that express opinions different from yours? Varlgarities and beligerence is the first reaction to the small minded.

      • nodnarb

        Riiiiight! It’s the people ON THE LEFT that hate everyone.

      • Anne

        Hey, brandon (nodnarb), go back to drinking your Kool-aid. Tea is obviously too grown up for you.

      • slatdurham

        Well it seems to me that all you do is spew hate and intollerance of the right. You resort to flag burning, violent protest…destroying your own offices and blaming it on the right, need I go on. All I am saying is that “THIS” right now is a direct result of those ineffectual of leadership. Yet all I hear is slamming and bashing on both sides, but you must agree, that it is predominately the Left that ejects the most “made up crap.”Your scared, I don’t blame you. This isn’t the America “I” defended. But tell me, “Exactly” what Beck has said that was factually wrong?

      • lora

        I am sure the teabagger’s will Love the complment of being retarted ! When will all the people who use that word understand Down Syndrome is not an insult ! Grow Up !

      • Jennifer Allen

        Nodbard, why is it that when you liberals accuse someone of lying you can NEVER point out those lies, or even provide any evidence at all that a lie has been told? PLEASE show me some proof of lies Glenn has told, PLEASE!

      • whatsmineisminenotyours

        give nod whatever a break. I’m seriously waiting for all the LIES these people think Beck has been telling. all I see is comments insulting another American, that’s all. C’mon give it to us!

      • Eric

        To Jennifer and all the others who think Beck doesn’t lie. On Tuesday of last week Beck claimed that no major news outlets had showed the Israeli soldiers getting beat on the floatilla by Palestinian supporters. He said the media was calling these supporters freedom fighters and ignoring the tape. The reality was that every single major news network had shown it multiple times the day before, including on The Daily Show. Sorry conservatives, but that is a lie.

      • Amy

        I’ll ask again: What lie has Glenn Beck told?

      • natioam

        Eric- The Daily Show is not a major news outlet. It is on comedy central and is a comedy parady about news. CNN did have it, but the reporting was slanted towards the activist. the other stations Jon Stewart showed you on his parady show did have the dates of when they aired them. How about you go to each of the major news outlet websites and watch their videos and news stories and see how they tried to ignore that the soldiers were attacked first. Also, if Beck lies about everything how come this is the only thing Stewart has pointed out? I am sure if he did research he could clear everything else up…right? Think for yourself, don’t let a Parady show think for you. I watch beck, but I research what he talks about.

      • Eric

        Natioam, don’t make ignorant comments like “a parody show does the thinking for me” because it just shows your closed-mindedness. Pointed out Stewart merely as an example of how that video was EVERYWHERE in the news. I’m not going to defend my news viewing to you but Stewart keeps it points out the hypocricies of our world better than any news show out there. Also, I didn’t say everything Beck says is a lie. You should actually read the post and not let your brain process what you want it to process.

      • la rue

        You liberal idiots make me vomit.

      • Stacy

        Cant wait to see you say that this November!



      • retrobob

        This is what is nice about a free press; you are free to expose yourself for what you are, tirelessly if you desire, by your ramblings. Please, ramble on. Meanwhile, I’ll pay attention to Beck.

      • MEO

        You are not the brightest crayon in the box are you…..

      • chuck

        your the one wearing the tin foil hat

      • sandalman

        eric…dude…give it up bro! you get your news from the comedy channel?? rally bud – close your eyes and just say that to yourself and think about it. the comedy channel?? haha! what do the blue collar comedy boys tell ya?

      • sandalman


      • independant thinker

        Serioulsy??? Name calling?? Please use some semblance of the education that your forebears have paid for and at least TRY to back up your comments with facts. But name calling??? Getting really tired of that from ignorant liberals.

    • BrokenArrow

      seems truth finds and empty vessel in you

      • Amy

        Lora, it’s spelled “compliment” and “retarded” — with a “d”, not a “t”. It’s the past tense of the root word “retard”, which means stunted in growth. Great word. Can be applied to many things.


        ignorane is bliss!progressives

      • marjom

        Your comment was so poetic I actually tried looking for a cross reference of the original quoter. These are the gems that make these types of forums all the more worth it.

      • ship

        Isn’t this man’s fifteen minutes up yet?! He’s steadily lost ratings for the last six months (check out those statistics), lost ALL his advertizers in Europe and most of his advertizers in the US and yet FOX keeps him around. Why would they do that if not for pure ideological agenda pushing? Well, there is the train wreck viewing option, but other than that. Why? I’m sure Beck could fill a black board with non-sequitors and draw nonsensical conclusions about it if he were of a mind to.

    • TexasLady

      We listen to him daily ,extol the virtues of God and country . Oh-h-h terrible stuff . I have only the highest regard for this man.He tells the truth. Something you don’t often get from the Liberal media these days. I’ve found that those who criticize him the most are those who can’t handle the truth.

      • erin

        seriously? “liberal media”? that fallacy is soooo 1997

      • Dottie042

        Well said Anne. I get so sick and tired of Liberals saying that Glenn is just making up all these “lies” he supposedly just comes up with. The man is a genius; I have ordered the book and cannot wait to read it. Liberals can go dip their heads in the sand – again – and maybe feel better about themselves???

      • john wegat


    • Retha

      You are a Jerk.

      • Retha

        My replay is to nodnarb.

    • David

      Any examples? Just like all the rest. Just throw out accusations with nothing to back it up. It’s an old game. Beck’s fans like because he speaks the truth and wants his fans to verify his claims for themselves. “The truth will set you free.”

      • Lucy Brown

        If you hate Beck, nothing is good, his jokes won’t be funny his books will be garbage, but if you like Glenn Beck, I believe him, and he is warning us against a President who promised to, ” We are five days from fundamentally reform the United States of America.”

    • FedUp

      That’s right nodnarb, denigrate the man. He’s a successful multiple author and you however post comments on message boards. I see you worked hard on your screen name too Brandon. You sir are simply brilliant…akin to the amount of light emitted from a two slice toaster.

    • rlo

      nodnarb learn how to proof read…dummy read your first post


      truth is a hard pill to swallow!

    • DANICA


    • AJ

      Name one thing he has ‘made up’!

    • becky

      dory and nodnarb are you sure you guys are talking about the same Glenn Beck I know???

    • MEO

      Show one thing that he has said that is not backed up by facts. Facts are his best weapon friend.

    • B Hacket

      Examples please

    • Dan

      You obviously don’t know anything more that what losers like Olbermann says about him.

    • copycat042

      name 3 things, glenn has made up (and promoted as fact) in the last year. Should be easy for you, since he does it “all the time”.

    • Sarah

      Really? you say! It’s amazing how closed-minded people like yourself say these things, but NEVER have an example. Back it up or shut it up.

    • Melanie

      Making stuff up? Really. I’m capable of discernment. And what I see on Glens show is unrefutable truths backed up with facts. He presents the story and challenges every listener to do his own homework and find out for themselves. Ironically, those who look the worst in his reporting, do not respond because they can not refute the truth.

    • Taggert

      Based on the quality of nodnarb’s opening comment, is it possible he/she is just illiterate and is simply jealous of anyone who can write?

    • ship

      Or at least the paranoid voices in his head are.

    • Troy

      There you go again. Instead of making generalizations, why don’t you get specific? Exactly, what is Glenn Beck making up? Come on, prove him wrong!

    • Kristin

      Name ONE thing he has been wrong about. He has backed up every piece of information he has given. Open your eyes to the kind of people that want to destroy our great country!!!

      • nat

        Unlike some on here, I don’t have a hate-on for Beck. He is charismatic, and is very effective at what he does. But this is one of the things I just don’t get about him, and people who think like him. What is destroying this country? I am seriously asking this question, as I hear this often from Right-thinking individuals, and I just don’t get it.

    • Karen

      My thoughts would be that I am sorry for the people who do not get what Glenn is saying. Maybe you should copy the stuff to have around for the future, you are going to need it.

    • Joseph Debe

      What type of stuff has he been making up? Do you listen to his show? He and his staff do a huge amount of research. You should give him a chance and not go by other people’s hearsay.

    • Lori

      Given your ineptitude at the English language…your sarcasm was lost. Try again…

    • Christine

      I know it’s suppose to be a Non-fiction, but Wow, I wonder how much of it will ring true!!!! Love you Glenn Beck! YOU ROCK!

    • PAT

      How come no one can come up with anything Glenn has said that was wrong. The only thing they keep bringing up is about news clip on the Israeli soldiers getting beat up. I’m still waiting for something else!! Could it be there is noting else???? Anyway, if you don’t like him just change the channel.

    • donleogon

      My friend, If you do not know your history, be it of blind sight, ignorance or just plain laziness then, you are prone to repeat it. Mr Beck knows his very well. I consider him knowledgeable and honest. I advise you to read all you can find. I too thought like you about Glenn once and a friend told me what I’ve told you. Now I see things differently. I read and weigh in all sides, then go back in time using all means of written literature and learn the truth. It takes time but it’s a worthwhile investment of time and knowledge. You will see the world and people who run it in a new perspective.

    • c3po

      er, Brandon..I mean, Nodnarb..whatever…er, don’t you mean “fiction SHOULDN’T be too hard for GB to write, he’s been making up stuff for years”? And also, what “stuff” would that be? Examples would be helpful. Thank you.

  • dlauthor


    First half: cliched and reactionary potboiler.

    Second half: mix of non sequitur references to Woodrow Wilson and howler-monkey onomatopoeia.

    • Quirky

      Plus the villain is probably a powerful black commie.

      • MEO

        That would be funny if it was not so true

    • Norma

      Can’t be worse than anything Michael Moore put on the screen.

      • Donknottz

        I know what a jerk that guy Moore is he called the Iraq war for what it was a massive lie long before anyone else had the balls to. He tried to warn everyone of the coming Bush disater in the making but you idiots re-elected the Governor again. Then there is Sicko which acurately portrayed how the U.S. allows the almighty corporations to profit off of sickness and death and how Ace backwards our health care system is unless you are one of the few lucky rich people. Truth hurts I know. Back to the Bagger Clan oops I mean Tea party rally for you.

      • MEO

        Donknottz You are a real fool. Please get more education than watching movies. By the way the Tea Party people have more education and money on average than the left. Plus they give WAY more to those that really are needy

      • Donknottz

        Where was he wrong in those movies. Your tea party is the clan evolved. Two words Sarah Palin. More Money and education does not make someone smarter just because they get paid more and went throught the motions at a university that most average people can’t afford.

      • Dan

        Donknottz another uninformed, pawn of the Democrats. Moore thinks Cuba has a good system, He owns Haliburton stock, and he’s made millions of dollars in the free market system that he wants you too hate. Who’s the boob?

      • drillbeast

        Thu 06/10/10 9:43 AM

        Where was he wrong in those movies. Your tea party is the clan evolved. Two words Sarah Palin. More Money and education does not make someone smarter just because they get paid more and went throught the motions at a university that most average people can’t afford.
        (It’s called success)

    • BrokenArrow

      The Video references are,IMO, being echo by history and forecasting the past.

      • BrokenArrow


    • Kich the Mensch

      Your psuedo intellectual claptrap and rather inept attempt at elitism is both boorish and insipid and belies your total ignorance.

      • You

        You took all day to come up with that sentence, didn’t you?

      • Timmy

        It took me all day to read it

  • HassleHO

    Who knew the charecter from Living Single would do such things. I guess it was all that time wtih Tooty.

  • Yes

    What the HELL was that???? Seriously, was that quoting something? That’s the weirdest promo for a book I have ever seen.

    • Brian

      It was a poem by Rudyard Kipling.

    • MC

      Rudyard Kipling poem

    • robray

      the only promo for a book ive ever seen

    • Eddy S.

      Rudyard Kipling poem that has a “huge role in the plot.”

  • Rob

    Looks awesome! Beck is the man…you just don’t know it…hahahahahahaha

    • Sher

      Those of you who do not get it…NEVER WILL.
      Looks awesome Glen !!!

      • Peggy

        I agree totally. Probably why they keep repeating the same mistakes. The trailer looks great! Thanks, Glenn.

      • Eric

        Peggy. What mistakes exactly? Real ones or the fake ones that Beck makes up and gets white baby boomers all riled up? You guys asked to name a Beck lie, I did. Now it’s your turn.

      • dotherightthing

        Eric, Beck constantly laments that he “wishes he was wrong and prays he is wrong”–and so do I. Unfortunately, I have watched him for a long time and he accurately predicted the stock market collapse, the enormous debt this country was mounting…years before it came to pass. But he could see the destructive path we were on. I have never heard hate come from his mouth. I only hear love of country and concern for his fellow man. He is Paul Revere trying to warn us of the Tsunami that is coming.

      • Cody M. Buckmann

        You know, Eric, you are absolutely entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to question another person’s opinion. You are entitled to criticize another person’s opinion. But when people voicing admiration for somebody, whether or not you agree with them, it’s somewhat childish to butt in and say “he lies! he lies! he lies! no facts! no facts! no facts!” You sound like the Madd Hatter. Don’t criticize a well respected media and opinion personality and then mention only Comedy Central as a source. I’m sure you have many that you check out every couple of weeks or months. Ever see Jon Stewart on Bill O’Reilly? He always looks TERRIFIED. Granted, Stewart looks like crap anyways, but he clearly is uncomfortable? Why do you think that is? Because he will be asked for solid fact for support his opinions, and I don’t know that Comedy Central worries much about fact. Tapes of IDF being played on all media? Of all the, literally, horrific things Glenn Beck talks about, you point out THAT as his lie? Okay. Go fact check Glenn Beck and come back with a researched list of lies. And I mean, do it yourself – don’t Google “All Glenn Beck’s lies” and come back with a plagiarized or summarized account. Go do some research. I tried disproving this guy, because he looks and acts and talks insane. I can’t disprove his crap. I’m sorry. But I tried, and I can’t. His opinion might not conform to whatever you believe in, but his opinion clearly matters to way more people than yours ever will, buddy. Not to say that you’re a little person, but you don’t have one million people trusting you. Beck does… several times over.

  • Janine Zeller

    Can’t wait! It’s gonna be good!

    • Retha

      To Janine, I can’t wait for the book, either. I am going to try and pre order it right now.

  • Lori

    Powerful. I get it. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Jim Mulloy

    The quote was from Kipling maybe you people need to try reading a book sometime. I thought the promo was awesome can’t wait to read the book!

    • Michael McNamara Sr

      Love how the haters on the Left just latch onto anything they think might be odd, like the poem, and just rip it apart because they don’t even realize it’s a legit poem by a classic writer. What more could we expect from people who never read anything more weighty than HuffPo and rap lyrics? A book? What’s that?? But we’re the morons, right? LMAO

    • Timmy

      I’m waiting for the movie.

  • christine cunich

    whoa……anxiously awaiting the release

  • Jack Hart

    You morons WISH you were half as smart as Glenn Beck…why don’t you try listening to HIM instead of what the media tells you to think about him. Might be enligthening for you.

    • You

      I stubbed my toe and cried like him.

      • MEO

        You don’t seem to have learned alot of life lessons. Someday you will understand and I hope you have the soul to cry…

  • Bridget

    I get it! I love it! That is a AWESOME! Keep going Glenn, you are doing exactly what your purpose in life IS! SO proud of you!

  • Michelle O’Dea

    Glenn is a genius. He talks about what a lot of us already see and are too afraid to talk about. He is laying down the groundwork for those of us who do not want to live in fear of a marxist govt. Those of you who do not agree with him are those that expect our govt. to take care of everyone. Yeah, like that would happen nicely. Get a clue people. Read your scriptures. Everything that is happening was foretold, not only in the Bible but from others who had prophecies to what is bound to happen. You can hide your head in the sand in fear, or you can step up and help.

    • Eric

      People like yourself and Glenn Beck don’t want “socialist, communist, Marxist.” You guys want regligious, authoritarian rule. You think we want Russia (which isn’t true) but Beck supporters want us to become Iran.

      • Amy

        Eric, it’s clear you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Eric

        Ah, another debate genius. How do I not know what I’m talking about? Do you have any reasoning behind your statement at all. Nope. Beck is a lot of loaded speech and religious pandering. His major focus is following the rule of god. If you don’t see this then there’s no discussion here

      • NurturedByNature

        And right here is where we run into the problem we’ve always had: separating church and state. I don’t believe in a god, and I especially don’t believe that all of the answers can be found in an ancient book written by a bunch of fishermen. I don’t think that this should disqualify me as a candidate for a good US citizen.

        But even more important than that: why are the right and left still fighting? Why is there even a right and left? What about those of us who don’t want “big government” controlling our lives but also think that gays should be allowed to get married? How are those two topics even related? They are not. It seems to me that what makes you “right” or “left” doesn’t even have a whole lot of rhyme or reason to it.

      • Jon

        So Eric, when has Glenn said he wants our country to be more like Iran. Or how about when he said he wants “religious authoritarian” rule?

        Just curious, do you know what authoritarian means? Can you define it? Or is it just a nasty sounding adjective you heard once?

        “of, relating to, or favoring a concentration of power in a leader or an elite not constitutionally responsible to the people”

        Seems like lately the only “leader” we are supposed to just shut up and listen to is Obama…

      • Omega

        I’m a Beck supporter, and not afraid to say so. As such, I have no desire for an Iranian government. I want the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT as written in the Constitution! (Minus the progressive amendments 16 & 17, maybe 22) Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Omega

        NurturedByNature – You seem to forget that America was founded by Christians with Christian ideals. Hence our motto, “In GOD we trust.” The idea of “Separation of Church and State” is simply that the government of religion and the government of state shall not be mixed. There is nothing preventing nations and religious people from living in harmony save those who are godless and let everyone know it.

      • MEO

        Are you saying that you want all of us to live by your rules. I’ll tell you what you go to work every day for 12 hours 7 days a week and then give your pay check to the guy down the street that seats on his backside. That my friend is what Socialism is. As for me and mine We’ll take GOD’s rules

      • ALR

        Iran??? Are you kidding? What we want is to live in an America again where the Constitution is respected and followed. We once were a nation of laws, and wish to be again.

      • Cody M. Buckmann

        Did you really go through this webpage and comment on every comment or thread you took issue with? Why not just start your own thread that states your hatred of Glenn Beck and admiration for Jon Stewart. Or go to another website where you don’t have to listen to us idiots talk about loving another idiot? If you were researched enough on Glenn Beck to know what he stood for you would recognize that Glenn Beck hates government but recognizes it as a necessary evil in the current state in our human civilization. I don’t listen to Glenn Beck’s radio program, and I may watch 2 or 3 episodes of his show a month, if I have nothing better to do at 2am on a Saturday morning, during his Friday re-run, but I honestly read all his books. Why? Because I am well-researched and well-educated. I recognize his prominence in today’s media. He’s huge and his opinion matters to a serious population in the country. If it didn’t; you wouldn’t be making fun of him or us; you’d still be zeroed in on Rush or somebody else. Maybe even G.W.B. How well-researched are you? Despite his fame, you clearly have never read a book or watched an entire episode of his, or you wouldn’t claim we want religious, authoritarian rule.(Oh, by the way, the term is called “theocracy” and Glenn Beck staunchly opposes that ideal). Glenn Beck does not advocate religious government; he advocates MORAL society. Moral does not equal religion. Unless you kill, rape, commit genocide, starve people, cheat on your wife with another man’s wife (or husband), or commit any of one hundred other heinous crimes, you have morals, too. Glenn likes the idea of religion (note: he’s never EVER mentioned “organized” religion), or simply a private, personal faith, because if you believe in an all-powerful being, whom some refer to as God, then you fear Judgment Day, not because you worship your God and kill for him (that’s called a fundamentalist, but you probably think those religious fundamentalists are another one of the Bush-Beck LIES!! LIES!! LIES!!), but because you want to be cherished by him and welcomed into his home. “God’s Home” is nothing more than an afterlife of eternal peace. NOTHING MORE, unless you imagine and believe in more. What is wrong with that? I’m not a devout Christian or Catholic, but I have a personal relationship with God, built from years of failures, trying times, and the loss of good friends. If you know the difference between a good person and a bad person, then you probably consider yourself a good person who is worthy of eternal peace, and you probably think that moral society is a good thing. That’s what Glenn Beck advocates. And so, if you believe moral society is good then you have something in common with Glenn Beck. Maybe he’s not so bad, just a little out there with his accusations of what man can do when man has power over his fellow man.

      • Yes

        Omega – you want American Govt…except the parts you don’t like….hmmmm that kind of makes it tough for you huh?
        I’m sick of Glenn Beck – the guy who converted to Mormonism to get laid. Give me a break.

      • Mic

        Guys – you can’t argue with someone like Eric because he won’t listen. He’s small minded. His comments are more laughable than anything.

    • Donknottz

      “Get a Clue Read your Scriptures” Wow if that doesn’t just say it all I don’t know what ever will.

      Hate to tell you those scriptures were written by the Glenn Beck of the BC era.

      • NurturedByNature

        Donknottz, you’re a winner.

      • donknottz

        Thanks Nature your not so bad yourself!

      • ALR

        You may not be a beleiver yet, but Isaiah 45:23 will have the final Word. I pray you will know for yourself while it is still your choice.

      • Donknottz

        Still written by people ALR. The whole purpose of the book was to control the feeble. Things written in a book of fables do not affect me. How bout you just do whats right just because rather than have someone or something telling you if you don’t you will be punished. All seems pretty petty to me, if a single deity created all o fthis you really think he/she/it will have petty human emotion such as revenge?

  • Aaron

    Glenn Beck is a trifle to me. He exaggerates his beliefs because no one will watch his show if he acts normal. btw, If anyone actually reads the Constitution(I know reading is scarce among his viewers) they’ll know that he makes factual errors all the time.

    • PappyD

      Factual errors? Please provide data or stfu. thank you

      • Eric

        On Tuesday of last week Beck claimed that no major news outlets had showed the Israeli soldiers getting beat on the floatilla by Palestinian supporters. He said the media was calling these supporters freedom fighters and ignoring the tape. The reality was that every single major news network had shown it multiple times the day before, including on The Daily Show. Sorry conservatives, but that is a lie, or factual error.

      • Omega

        How is this ‘factual error’ that you keep stating related to the Constitution? Also, those who I know who also watch Beck’s show, do more substantial reading than anyone else I know (sports stats, comic books, the plethora of hate blogs, or OK magazine don’t count as substantial reading)

    • Michael McNamara Sr

      Aaron, if you actually did any of that reading you deride others for, you’d know that Beck’s audience is now driving the Amazon best seller list. We’re some of the most well-read people in the country. Contrariwise, recent surveys show that self-described Liberals don’t put their crackberries down long enough to read books. So your cute little quip “reading is scarce among his viewers” actually shows how ignorant and biased you are. Try following your own advice. You might actually learn something.

      • Eric

        The only problem is that you only read things by Glenn Beck and other conservatives. That doesn’t make you well-read it makes you brainwashed.

      • Will

        Also something that people are failing to see is that this novel is fiction…so why all the hullabaloo about researching and fact checking…in the end it’s going to be a fiction thriller novel.

    • mm

      Current reading suggestion by Glenn Beck- The Road to Serfdom- you obviously don’t actually listen to Beck

    • mr. sensible

      glen mentions a book on his show last night and all of the non-readers watching make it #1 on amazon in 3 hours. name some factual errors mr. constitutional scholar.

    • Brooke Lorren

      You’re right, Glenn Beck viewers don’t read books; they just buy (lots of) them and set them on their shelves to look pretty :rolls eyes

      • B Hacket

        HuH? You, obviously, don’t have a clue or brain if you actually think that anyone would just go out and purchase books and not read them….but then again, maybe I am incorrect; that sounds like something you might do from your comment.

      • Dave

        B Hacket…Brooke was being sarcastic…note the :rolls eyes comment

    • Sarah

      I love how the only “lie” liberals can come up with that Glenn has said was about the flotilla video. And just to let you know the Daily Show is not “news” it’s just parodies about what has happened in the news. When you liberals can actually come up with a REAL lie Beck has ever said then let me know. Otherwise shut up because I’m sick of arguing with idiots. I find it hilarious that a high schooler can out smart every liberal here.

    • Jay

      You said reading is scarce among Glenn Beck’s viewers. Then could you explain to me how the book George Washington’s Sacred Fire, went from about 4000 on the NY Times best seller list to the top 5 after one mention on the Glenn Beck program. This has happened with about 17 different books mentioned on the Glenn Beck program. So obviously his viewers just want to buy books just to sit on their coffee tables or just waste money on books they do not read. I just thought you should know this and perhaps you could do the research and fact check before you offer an inane babbling response.

      • john wegat

        think we just got a inane babbling response,dude some people read,really.
        Education of our history is very important.
        our present times prove it,hope you do well.

      • sandalman

        you’ll never get a response from him. once you call their bluff on one of their unsubstantiated lies they just fold like a lawn chair. all the dude wants is a free ticket like the rest of them.

      • sandalman

        @john – what does that even mean bro?

      • nat

        I think its great that Beck viewers buy lots of books. My problem is that they are ones that he suggested, and therefore reflect only his interests/views. I hope that Beck viewers also take the time to expose themselves to other ideas. If you’re only listening/reading one type of narrative, then you are being closeminded….this applies to Liberals and everyone in between.

    • MEO

      Prove the errors. FACTS about something of substance.

    • Sal

      You are obviously one of the idiots he speaks of in his book, that yes I have read along with hundreds of other books.

  • PappyD

    The trailer is based on a poem by Rudyard Kipling. As for Beck making stuff up, how does he get those people to say all the stupid things just for his lies. Oh, wait, maybe they aren’t lies… But that would mean he’s right…

    • Noah Midcap

      Of course they aren’t “stupid” lies.

      If Liberals actually took the time to say at least, for a moment, consider that he IS right, and actually LISTEN instead of throwing insults at him and everybody that listens to him, they’d see that a lot of what he’s talking about is true.

  • Kathy

    Wow sounds great.

    • Mary

      Sounds interesting. As usual, the leftist wackos out there are already clamoring and whining, so I suppose Beck hit a nerve…again.

      • erin

        Of course he hits a nerve, because he and idiots like you who believe his psycho rantings are trying to ruin our country. Why shouldn’t we be passionate about that? Isn’t that what Glenn is always blubbering about on his show?

      • Kenneth Peterson

        @Erin No it is just coincidence that since the country was founded that Communists and Socialists have wanted to destroy Freedom. With the Term Progress they have come full circle in disguising it as something you will like. When all your freedoms have been taken away you will look back or your kids will look back and say, “We used to be Free”. That will be your history then. You have no historical background whatsoever, if you did you could see the truth. Oh let me guess you are a history teacher.

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