Is Tyra Banks America's next top novelist?

Tyra-BanksImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotosWith the end of her daytime talk show coming up this year, Tyra Banks has found another way to connect to the people of America, and not just 600-pound women looking for a paternity test or out-of-control kids who need to go to boot camp. Banks has announced that she is writing a novel, the first of three in a deal with Random House. (The former model previously published a beauty guide in 1998, Tyra’s Beauty, Inside and Out.)

The first book will be called Modelland — clearly the multi-hyphenate did not have any hyphens left for her title. While the 36-year-old author has not disclosed any plot points, she has promised that the tome will be filled with “fierceness and magic.” Which, to be fair, is exactly how Philip Roth described his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel American Pastoral. The book, like, say, Battleship or Monopoly, is targeted towards that coveted demographic of those “aged anywhere from 8 to 80.”

What do you think, Shelf-Lifers of that age group? Interested? Are there any other supermodels you’d like to see write a novel? Perhaps Heidi Klum’s WWI epic, Auf Wiedersehen, Country of My Youth or Naomi Campbell’s semi-autobiographical If You Don’t Want a Phone Thrown in Your Face, Don’t Put Pine Nuts in My Salad?

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  • Danno

    I can’t think of a scenario where anyone would actually buy this book on purpose.

    Maybe if someone walks away from their PC with amazon open and the cat lays down on the key board causing the unfortunate chain of keystrokes to submit an order.

    • dlauthor

      Two words: gag gift.

      • Kiki

        And the biggest gag is that it WON’T BE WRITTEN BY HER ANYWAY!!! Can we please end this farce where we keep pretending that novels are written by William Shatner, Tyra Banks, and that chick from The Hills, when they’re obviously all ghost-written???

  • Ed

    Thanks for another thrilling blog about the literary world, Shelf Life.

  • Brian

    Poor ghost writer is going to want to take his or her own life after working with this megalomaniacal windbag of a human. Tyra: one of the worst.

  • prettymama

    What you fail to understand about Tyra Banks – is her ability to transform herself time and again – to be compared with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She took a beautiful exterior and turned it into a multimillion dollar business. Unlike most models that fade away when they show their age – she turned her modeling knowledge into a successful talk show and produced an interesting show for top models – revealing the insecurities of the industry. I have no doubt her book will be well recieved.
    Tell me how many successful business’s have you created?

    • Brian

      I created a business where I make a dollar every time you pluralize a noun with an apostrophe and an ‘s.’ Tyra Banks didn’t do anything but turn her narcissism into a commodity for idiots to purchase and tune into. She’s awful.

      • Hussainplastic

        I bet Alicia Keys getting prngnaet held up that say you love me video. If not, can someone please direct me to it?The music industry nowadays is so competitive, if one takes long breaks some may start to lose interest. Having a baby could put one’s singing career in stalemate. Look at Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Brandy,etc. Circus Back to Basics were hits, but they took too long!Gosh how could Alicia be so selfish by having a child! just kidding.

    • ID

      I want to punch your TiVo in the face

      • Elizabeth

        Hi, im Stephanie Vargas an model is my #1 dream, that i want to do and is something i know i can be good at. only thing is, i am too short for rwnyaus. Im 5’4 1/2 . i would say the thing holding me back is mainly money and my height. I’m very determined, an have had many let downs, but nothing will stop me, because ive gotton this far. An im looking foward to pursuing in this industry. ) Again thanks a bunch Tyra for taking time to hear me out.

    • DieTyra

      I recommend the electric chair.

    • Vickie

      Hahaha, I love the comparison between Tyra and Ahnold! You’re right, they do have something in common–the world would be a much better place without either of them in the spotlight!

  • lalaland

    dlauthor – soooo funny. Thanks for the laugh!!! : )

  • gil

    why sucjh stu?d news.

  • wow

    So many talented writers struggling to get their work noticed and this. utter. a$$hole. gets a 3 book deal…the death knell of American literature.

    • Ed

      I feel the same, and that’s one reason why I am kinda fed up with the Shelf Life blog. For a blog about literature, they only talk about books if they’re connected to celebrities, are about vampires, or written by an already famous author. Along with those blogs, I’d love to see more blogs about those talented, struggling writers who actually need to get their work noticed.

      • cam

        if you want a blog about literature go somewhere else. this is EW not the new york times.

      • Kiki

        Ed, I agree. Even if EW wants to focus on popular fiction and genre novels (which I think makes sense, given its readership), that doesn’t mean novels “written” by celebrities! There are tons of new (and non-famous) authors out there writing terrifically entertaining books. (I would LOVE if they did a feature on Lois McMaster Bujold, or Megan Whalen Turner, or John Scalzi.)
        In fact, EW spending their time on books with celebrity names on them is like them only reviewing movies starring pop stars or supermodels… 99% of those folks can’t act any better than a celebrity can “write”…

    • Mira

      Oh, shut up. So, she’s using her hard-earned fame to do what she desires. Is that really so hard to understand? Wouldn’t you do the same?

      Sure there are ‘struggling writers’ out there who would like to be in her place. So what?

      Fact is, Tyra’s book is not even in its first draft and people are already talking about it. That’s why she deserves a book deal and those ‘struggling writers’ don’t. Don’t assume Tyra has not worked hard in her career, has not worked hard to gain recognition. She produces TWO successful television programs. That’s nothing to scuff at. It takes real intelligence (not saying her books will be good reads). But… why doesn’t she deserve this deal? Come on, people. You can cheer on and support struggling writers without disparaging Tyra’s well-deserved achievements.

      • Brian

        Tyra Banks doesn’t “deserve” a book deal. SHe just has one. And that’s objectively awful. If someone needs to hire a writer to write your book (which Tyra undoubtedly will), he or she shouldn’t “write” a book in the first place. I don’t think anyone thinks Tyra Banks hasn’t worked hard. That’s no the issue. The issue is that she’s a narcissistic moron.

      • Mira


        – She has book deal, and therefore she deserves a book deal based on someone’s evaluation.
        – Awful in your opinion. That’s it. There isn’t any objectivity in entertainment.
        – Lots of people (of varying competence) use ghostwriters for lots of reasons. In your ignorance, you unfortunately see that as being a negative when it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There isn’t necessarily any shame in collaborative writing.
        – Actually Tyra’s competence and (lack of) hard work have the issue of several responses.
        – We’re all a little narcissistic. What of it? You have no reason to think she’s particularly narcissistic. She’s certainly not a moron (which was the point of my first reply).

  • FiercelyPuking

    This story makes me smize while I die inside.

  • ashley

    I think this is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

    • Henry

      lol. Bravo. My sentiments exactly.


    HA HA!

  • Danny B

    I bet she’s going to make herself the main character…

  • Susan

    Did Joel McHale need something more to bash on The Soup?

    • apple


    • Annick

      okay if shes part of this illmunati buhsillt why do people watch videos with her in it dont even have any proof just he say she say buhsillt and a bunch of videos on youtube made by ppl who have nothing better to do. get a life and just leave it alone because jealousy is not a good look on any1.

  • Angelique McCall

    Tyra is my favorite supermom

  • Molly

    This is not a joke. This is an insult to every serious writer in the country working hard at quality work and hoping to be published.

  • jd

    i think i know the plot details of her first novel. it will revolve around a supermodel who run two successful tv shows. One is a talk show, the other is areality competiton. the main character’s name is kyra.

    • Terry Bell

      Kyra Hanks

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