George W. Bush's book 'Decision Points' gets a cover and a release date

Decision-PointsRandom House division Crown has announced a Nov. 9 release date for George W. Bush’s upcoming book, Decision Points — the week after midterm elections. The publisher also revealed its cover, an image of a determined-looking Bush strolling the exterior corridor near the White House’s Rose Garden. The book will touch on matters both political and personal, and will mark one of the few times the former president has commented publicly since leaving office. Considering his low popularity numbers, even now, it’s hard to imagine that at least part of this isn’t Bush’s desire to tell his side of the story and seek to recast his legacy. Though his father, George H.W. Bush never published a post-presidential memoir, many of his counterparts have: Bill Clinton released My Life in 2004, and Jimmy Carter has written a veritable library since the end of his term.

What do you think, Shelf-Lifers? Will you read Bush’s book? Vote in the poll below, and then sound off in the comments.

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  • Jake

    He knows how to write?

    • Brenda Barrett

      It’s probably a picture book.

      • dubya

        The title is awkward and odd, but it sounds like something that Dubya would make up

      • kt8711

        My money is on pop-ups.

    • Catlag

      Ghost writer for sure

    • yambo

      He doesn’t need David Axelrod’s hand up his backside.

      • Donknottz

        Yup no room with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Condaleeza, and Daddy’s Hand up there already, not to mention his invisible friend that told him to take us to war for no reason.

      • Donknottz . . .

        You’re giving Condoleezza Rice way to much credit. There’s no way she was anything more then a minority figure head in that administration. They wouldn’t let her serve coffee in the oval office let alone allow her to put her hand up Bush’s back.

      • Donknottz

        I thought that was Colon Powell?

      • Brenda Barrett

        “Colon” Powell. Nice (unintentional?) pun.

      • Donknottz

        Paging Doctor Freud!

      • francesca

        how long the people of this planet are going to accept criminals at the top to lead HER to the wall? and when they come out of their underground cities, they might need the sun and the sea and the stars in the sky…!

  • Q

    The audiobook will make for a great drinking game. Take a shot everytime he says 9/11!

    • Penny

      And a shot for “strategery” and “nu-cu-lar”

      • Q

        “Ten college students were playing a drinking game with the first two chapters of George W. Bush’s memoir. There were no survivors.”

      • ann

        actually, i live in the south, and most of the people i know say “nu-cu-lar,” including my own sainted father. i guess it’s a southern thing.

      • John

        Southern thing or not, it’s WRONG.

      • it may be wrong but…

        it’s called dialect. go up to every african american person you meet and correct them if they say “axe” instead of “ask” – my bet is you won’t last long.

      • confidential

        Are you sure you want to say “every african american person “? I’m black and it has always been ask and asked.

      • erin

        ann, Clinton and Carter are from the South, too, yet they managed to pronounce the word correctly.

      • bigtex

        bush ain’t a southerner. Or even a texan, really,

      • Desmond

        Interesting that the only time W said strategery was when he was played by Will Farrell. People just need to leave this guy alone. He has been a lot more respectful then most other politicians by not bashing the President everyday (which is a lot more than can be said for Obama, Clinton, (insert any other Democrat) during Bush’s tenure).

  • Matthew

    If you’re a republican, and given Bush’s knack for making up words, the book should be titled:


    • yambo

      Obama’s future book: Das Kapital Vol 2

      • Donknottz

        Yeah capitalism has brought us so far in the last two years!

      • Menchy

        Are you really bashing capitalism? Please, do us all a favor and go back to the U.S.S.R., Cuba, or Laos. Because we all know how well those countries are doing under communism… oh wait.

      • donknottz

        You brought up communism because you watch to much fox there glenn! Capitalism is what destroyed our economy see the mortgage industry lately? Regulated capitalism can be good but not what happens here. This is what leads to Insurance companies targeting aids and cancer patients. The rich are too greedy to make it work here again.

      • Menchy

        I actually hate Glenn Beck, and I love how you have to immediately jumpt to that in order to try and defend yourself. I just hate the idea that I have to give all my hard earned money away to any crack whore that comes knocking on Obama’s door. Capitalism works, that’s not a question.

      • donknottz

        So kids on welfare are crackheads? Considering that more than half of the recipients are children. Stop being so selfish. ME ME ME. You sure are a capitalist! You realize Obama has reduced income taxes right?

      • bigtex

        I’m so tired of you capitalist vs socialist ignorami(That’s a word, right?)! Let’s face it, humans were doin’ pretty well as hunter/gatherers. It was that whole agricultural revolution thing that screwed us up! DEATH TO FARMERS!!!!

  • CiCi

    Will the pages all be blank?

    • yambo

      Like Obama’s document trail

  • Michael

    Disappointed. I expected there to be a bald eagle flying through fire with a dead terrorist in its mouth with the title “Mission Accomplished!”

    Oh well…

  • Adina

    Wow. Will you all grow up? Over 50% of your fellow Americans voted for this man and last I checked, we still supported democracy in this country whether “our” guy or “their” guy is in office. He’s not in office anymore. Shut up.

    • JE

      “Shut up”? We DO have democracy in this country, which is why we’re entitled to speak our opinions.
      Also, “over 50%” of Americans didn’t vote for him in 2000. Just sayin’.

      • Kevin

        Actually we have a Republic. And the reason we’re able to speak our opinions is because of the freedoms spelled out in the Bill of Rights. Many other democracies don’t provide their citizens such rights. Just thought I would correct you since you’re being a smarta$$ ;)

    • A. Scalia

      You might want to check on that “over 50%” thing.

      • John

        Over 50% of Diebold machines assured votes for him.

    • Michael

      You do know he didn’t win the popular vote…right?

      • Jeremy

        He did win the popular vote in ’04. Recall, if you will, that he was in TWO elections, not just the one you happen to remember.

      • Donknottz

        Well how can you get re elected if you never one in the first place. I’ll take the late great George Carlin’s approach on this one and call him Governor Bush because thats the last office he was legally elected to

      • Menchy

        Losing the popular vote didn’t make his election illegal… I’m not sure if you’re aware how the electoral college works (I mean… obviously not), but you technically only have to win 13 states to win the presidency. Mind you, the have to be the right 13 states, but you could win by 1 vote in each of them and not get a single vote in the rest of the country and get elected president. While I don’t exactly like the idea of that, I would hardly call his election illegal.

    • Kim

      So your view of democracy is everyone who does agree with you, 50% of the country by your claims should shut up. Did you read or think before you posted that? does the logic of it make sense to you. Speaking as an indep voter myself. Seriously did you think at all before posting that

  • NucularStrategery

    Subtitle: George and the Big Blue Crayon, or How I Caused a Global Economic Collapse and Convinced Everyone It was Obama’s Fault (Thanks to Glenn and Rush!)

    • F

      Actually it was mainly Clinton’s fault for easing the regulations on home loans so much people were getting loans that were much higher then they could ever pay off, thus leading for so many people to default when the ARMs began to pop in 2008.

  • JBF

    When you pre-order it on Amazon, they suggest you might also like “My Pet Goat”.

    • DUDE

      OK… these comments are all just childish and the jokes are way too predictable… but this one made me laugh lol

    • yambo

      When you order Dreams from My Father, they suggest Uncle Tom’s Cabin

      • J

        Okay, that’s horrible, but also hysterical!

      • me

        Not a smart analogy

      • Donknottz

        Yambo how was the last Clan Ral oops I mean Tea Party?

      • @yambo

        If you ever read “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” you would know that Tom was a strong, noble character who sacrificed himself so others could escape. The book helped to turn the public against slavery.

  • springs

    Lol at all the comments. Awesome.

  • Makeith

    Adina- Everyone makes mistakes! :o)

  • DGH

    His book should be titled:

    “How not to cry every time the media says something bad about you, Obama take notes”

    • dlauthor

      Re your suggested title:

      Please Google “brevity + wit”.

  • rocco

    Okay, the massive hate of George W. Bush needs to stop. Sure, he wasn’t the best president, but he’s not as bad as the president we have now. Obama doesn’t have any military experience, he took away the National Day of Prayer, and wanted to call the White House Christmas tree a ‘holiday tree.’ And this is all because he didn’t want to offend anyone. Seriously, liberals have to stop freaking out about not wanting to offend anyone. It’s strange how liberals don’t have any trouble offending anyone who disagrees with them. They’re nothing but walking double-standards. Plus, all these liberals who voted for Obama didn’t even know what ‘change’ he was going to bring. And I remember watching the news before the election, and Michelle Obama said that she wasn’t proud to be an American, but after her husband won, she was proud to be an American. All these people that are obsessed with her arms are ridiculous. You can go on ESPN and see women with arms as big as Michelle’s face weightlifting. And the way how women obsess about her fashion is pathetic. You could go into any department store and find manniquins wearing the exact same things. You know why people like all that about Michelle? Because there is nothing else to like about her. She doesn’t have any class like Laura Bush and Jacklyn Kennedy. And there will never be another liberal president like JFK. Back then, liberals weren’t crazy like today’s liberals. Back then, I probably would have been a liberal, but it’s the liberals of today that make me a conservative. January 2013 cannot come fast enough.

    • JE

      Been watching Fox News, have we?

    • Laura

      Is your post actually supposed to be making a point, or did you just feel like rambling about the first lady’s arms for awhile?

      • rocco

        I just felt as though I should point out how idiotic some people are that like her for those reasons. There are plenty of other women in this world that are highly more admirable.

    • radiowarsx

      You’re right. Bush was far better. A million dead Iraqis pales in comparison to naming a Christmas tree a Holiday Tree.

    • Katie

      Actually Rocco, Obama is defending the National Day of Prayer. He’s named the principal defendant in a lawsuit appealing a court ruling against the Day of Prayer.

    • Matt

      Why would you need a national day of prayer? Religion is BS.

      • Mother Goose

        If there is going to be a National Day of Prayer, then I demand a National Day for Other Fairy Tales.

      • Donknottz

        I want National Bunny Rabbit Day!

      • Donknottz

        I want National Bunny Wabbit Day

    • Thomas

      This was too good to be true. I felt the need to post it on my blog.

    • Millsy


      Please try getting your news from more than one source. Fox News has an agenda (as do ALL the other news channels) and are very good at slanting what is going on to suit their purpose. Read, watch and learn from many sources then make your OWN mind up for yourself rather than relying on a channel hungry for ratings.

    • kahuna

      bushco stole the presidency, plundered our treasury. He gave away our money to his already rich campaign contributors, failed to heed the pre-911 intel warnings, borrowed money from China to give tax cuts to millionaires (nary a peep out of the teabaggers about that though), which is responsible in part for the deficit we’re in now. He destroyed a country, by bearing false witness like any good Christian would. He and his party left the financial institutions to their own devices, causing a total meltdown of your economy because THAT is their true religion. President Obama is doing a yeoman’s job of cleaning up bushco’s messes.

      • Bravo!

        kahuna is making sense!

      • FNT

        Since we get thousands of threats a month it is kind of hard follow up on every single one.

    • Technically . . .

      George Bush didn’t have any military experience either, unless one were to count his tour in the National Guard (which he may or may not have been there for).

    • maggie

      Rocco, turn off FOX news.
      Obama did NOT take away the National Day of Prayer. Here’s his proclamation declaring May 7, 2009 as a National Day of Prayer.

    • maggie

      Obama never said he was changing the name of the Christmas tree to the Holiday tree. Look at the video of Michelle Obama receiving, what the sign clearly identifies as, the White House Christmas Tree. And read that it was Laura Bush who started decorating the trees with non-religious decorations.

    • maggie

      “She doesn’t have any class like Laura Bush”

      Unlike Laura Bush, Michelle Obama has never run a stop sign and hit and killed someone.

    • JenL

      WOW, rocco!

      So much of this is either a) untrue or b) personal feelings toward a First Lady based on some untruths.

    • @rocco

      Obama never asked for the White House Christmas Tree to be called a Holiday Tree. That’s an urban myth.

      • Suze

        Isn’t it sad how people get an e-mail and believe everything they read instead of researching it only a little?

      • Carlee

        Finding this post sovles a problem for me. Thanks!

  • DUDE

    Yea, I might check it out. Someone who actually has the balls to stand up for the country instead of worrying about staying PC and appeasing every little special interest group. At least he makes decisions and follows through instead of just trying to be nice to everyone, including terrorist leaders who openly plan to bomb Isreal off the planet. But I guess if Bush went in and stopped that, he’d be the devil, while the guy who said, “hey please don’t do that” won a peace prize for his smile.

    • dlauthor

      Weird. I tried passing your post through a text-to-speech translator, and what came out was the same sound that Charlie Brown’s teacher makes.

      • DUDE

        Like most crazy liberals who can’t comprehend an opposing viewpoint… you’ve made my point for me. Thanks. And when Iran bombs Isreal and wipes them out, Obama will frown and give a speech, where as Bush would have taken action before it was too late.

      • DGH

        Maybe he should have put in on a teleprompter so you can understand it!!!

      • Catlag

        @ DUDE
        Yeah, just like that time he took action before 9/11

    • Mother Goose

      Good points, except Bush never did any of those things.

    • Donknottz

      Follow Through you want to talk about Follow Through??? Wow o Wow o Wow. Follow throuygh like catching Bin Laden? Follow through like finishing the war in Afghanistan? Follow through like ending the war in Iraq? Follow through or shopuld I say fly through for five days while the citizens he’s sworn to protect are drowning? Yeah there’s follow through with one awful decision after another.

      • maggie

        Good points, Donknottz!

      • Donknottz

        Why Thank You Maggie just doing my part!

    • Annoyed

      You, sir (DUDE), are a moron.

    • maggie

      Sorry, but my computer refreshed before I could finish the above post.

      Bush not only makes nice to people who hate Israel, he kisses and holds hands with them.

      • @Brian

        Hey, they deleted the rest of my post!

    • maggie

      Did it violate any rules?

      • Nach

        Midori0Akagawa on May 10, 2009 I love this song and Avenue Q and Ib4d love to see this live! But Ib4m from Germany and I think it will take many years, till I can get to one of their shows T-T Thank you for taking it here x3

    • maggie

      The line above:
      “At least he makes decisions and follows through instead of just trying to be nice to everyone, including terrorist leaders who openly plan to bomb Isreal off the planet” was a quote from DUDE.

      My reply was to show that Bush sucked up to many anti-Israel folks.

  • Jason

    All these jokes, they’re all so funny. It’s like we’re living in 2006 again. Wait, it’s 2010 and we have a different president, guess some of us haven’t grownup or moved on.

    Still waiting for the “Bush is a war criminal MAAAANNN” post.

    • Catlag

      I don’t see how this is all about “growing up”. People still make jokes about Nixon and I don’t see that keeping them living in the past or something. Being the object of a joke or two is probably the least harmful thing Bush can be put through, even after a disastrous turn as president. I think history will be much more cruel to him than these few jokes.

    • erin

      Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

  • Donna

    I hope GW offers dancing tips as well.

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