J.K. Rowling: Another book soon

Two of the music industry’s hottest acts, Justin Bieber and the Glee cast, hit the White House stage for yesterday’s annual Easter Egg Roll. Thousands of teeny tiny child fans (along with Michelle Obama) shrieked with delight, and some even enjoyed a brush with literary celebrity — Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who outshone her tween idol counterparts.

According to the Washington Post, Rowling read from Sorcerer’s Stone and fielded some probing questions. “I’m quite sure in the not-too-distant future, I will bring out another book,” she said. Rowling did not rule out the possibility of another Potter-themed novel somewhere down the line.

Also reading to the Easter Egg Roll’s captive audience were Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno (with a dramatic and dynamic rendition of “Green Eggs and Ham“) and Yo Gabba Gabba‘s DJ Lance, with the timely “Duck! Rabbit!

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  • Julia

    I really hope she does. Even if it’s not in the same world as HP, I would still love to read more of her work.

    • Lady Fi-Fi

      Why does Dame Rowling insist upon threatening the masses with such rubbage? I say, this bugger has had her fortnight of fame, and would be better of chowing down on spotted dik in her mansion or many other estates. If only Jack the Ripper were still around to give this harlot what she deserves. Cheers!

      • katuuuy

        your just jealous of her fame and wealth. too bad your imagination isnt as creative…millions of people love the series and would love to see more. dont hate

      • Tom

        Don’t worry everyone, it’s probably just another scorned Twilight fan.

    • Celia

      I do too. JKR said she’s planning on releasing a NON-POTTER book in the “not too distant future” during the Easter reading as well. I can’t wait!! I just love her writing style. She really has a talent for storytelling. One of the reasons is because she takes her time with it. I can’t wait!

      • uuuuuSS

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    • Kylie

      She could do another Potter themed novel and never right about Harry, Ron, Hermione or even Draco…her world is so extensive.

      People go on about the Marauders, the Founders. the Ghost, and even the origins of the Deatheaters and Order of the Phoenix.

      • Tim

        I’d like to see her do a book about Dumbledore and his life.

        Of course the rightwingers would hate it…

      • Celia

        The majority of the Deathly Hallows plot revolves around Dumbledore’s back story, so I doubt JKR would write a whole book about him.
        However, she’s supposed to be releasing an encyclopedia for charity, so hopefully we will get more back story on all the characters when that finally comes out.

  • Stacie

    Yay! I think she should branch out of the HP world a bit. I like her writing and it would be fun to see her do something else. A detective novel perhaps?

    • Jane

      Awesome idea. We should start campaigning a JK Rowling detective novel!

      • Jess

        I think I actually heard on a HP podcast that she was working on a detective novel . . .

      • Celia

        She’s already working on a detective novel. In the documentary, JKR: A Year in the Life, she said she was working in two things. One of them was a political fairytale for kids and the other was an adult detective novel. She also said she was working on two different stories when she first started Harry Potter and HP just took over. So the book she’s about to release could be the detective novel or the fairytale.

  • Merry

    Can’t. Wait.

    • jack


      • finnley

        You’re cool for going on here and posting that.

  • Bug

    Yes! Please! Can we have more! Please!

  • Kelsey

    I never fully appreciated Rowling until after the last Potter book came out and newer YA lit moved in to fill (or attempt to fill) the Potter void. I hope she comes out with something good.
    Maybe it’ll be a 120-page novella about the secret life of Hannah Abbott…

    • Natalie

      Hahaha I love you.

    • Stacy

      Lol That was great!

    • dizzy

      Lol, that was great!

    • Christine

      LMAO. That’s just great :]

    • Celia

      Lmfao! Good one.

    • Mark

      I think there’s a lot of great YA out there. I don’t think that anything has attempted “to fill the void” of HP. Different readers appreciate different YA works, and I respect that.

      • Hannah

        Ever here of this little thing called twilight :)

      • JackBauerEnthusiast!

        @Hannah: *gag*

      • @Hannah

        you must be mistaken.
        Mark said great YA out there.
        sorry, but that does not include the twilight series.
        and even then, that series does not compare with HP.

  • Sheri

    I was at the White House yesterday, it was AWESOME!!!!

  • Anna

    I was on the same flight as JKR between Edinburgh and London recently; she was clutching a laptop so I assume may have been working on something!

    • Jacquelyn

      Did you talk to her? I would have been freaking out!

      • Celia

        Me too! I probably would’ve stared at her the whole time and freaked her out.

    • Sam

      I would’ve started gushing about how i LOVE her work! :)

  • Katie


  • Carrie

    I really would love to see her write a book about the happenings at Hogwarts during the same time frame as Deathly Hallows. Maybe write it with Neville as the protagonist.

    • Colleen

      Great idea! I always wondered what she imagined went on there when Harry & friends were not there!

    • Rosalie

      Did you not read Deathly Hallows? While Harry was not in school, the students back at Hogwarts were being abused by Death Eaters. Snape was Headmaster. Students learned how to use the room of requirements and so forth. No need for a prequel either, everything was explained throughout the series. She would only ruin a great series if she does not leave it alone.

      • Falkor

        Are you anti-anything Harry Potter-related, or are you simply against this particular idea?

        Personally, there is probably a lot more story inside Hogwarts Castle than anything that Harry does.

      • JackBauerEnthusiast!

        JKR is incapable of ruining anything. I’m pretty sure if she ever did write another novel set in the wizarding world, it would take place during a different time. Probably after the second war. She’s really intelligent and her world is so rich that any new story she comes up with would be amazing.

    • anne

      That would be great. I remember reading DH and wishing there was more information about what the Hogwarts folks were up to while Harry and the gang were off chasing Horcruxes (Horcruxi?).

    • Celia

      She said she was really interested in Albus Severus Potter, so there’s a chance she may write a book about him. But it won’t be anytime soon. JKR likes to take her time. It took her 15 years to write all the Potter books.

    • JS

      The events at Hogwarts in the early part of DH could be an opportunity for another book, but people would criticize here for trying to directly sponge off of her HP success and not creating a new story. On the other hand, I don’t see the logic in not utilizing the HP world, which is so well established. I think a prequel series about the founding of Hogwarts would be good, or a sequel series about the “next generation” of characters, with some involvement of some of the characters from the HP series as adult minor characters (professors, headmaster, etc?) to tie the two together.

  • joblo

    I hope she gives us another brand new story with a universe as rich and colorful and in-depth as the Potter-verse. I’d be all over that in a second.

    • Sam


  • Lady Pirate

    Squee!!!! I hope hope hope it’s soon. I’ve been dying for a good, can’t put this down, book.

  • Lori

    I’d certainly enjoy another book in the Potter-verse, although not about Harry, whose story has obviously concluded. But perhaps a prequel to Sorcerer’s Stone, about the first Voldemart Battle with the Order of the Phoenix. I would appreciate reading about some of the past characters named in the books being fleshed out and brought to life. Just wishing out loud, but I will read anything JK Rowling writes and puts out on the bookshelf for me to buy!

    • Jose

      That sounds perfect!

  • mmm

    i think its totally possible that she can pick up with harry and the gang when they are older! WHo says Harry has to be a teenager to save the world! i would love to see them all back in action

    • Falkor

      I truly believe that would be a mistake.

      To tarnish a classic with another Harry Potter “saves the world” series would be an outrage. And extremely derivative.

      JKR is much more creative than that.

      • Allyson

        I 100% agree. Plus she has already said that Harry has a completely normal life as an adult and is simply average, which is what he always wanted. To force him to save the world again would be rather cruel.

    • Celia

      IF she did write another story about Harry, then I would be more interested in reading about what happened during that 19 years between the end of the battle and the epilogue.
      However, I thoroughly doubt JKR would will write another Harry-centric novel, so it would have to be from someone else’s viewpoint. Hermione maybe?

      • stacimcc

        I agree w/ you, celia! I want to know what happened during the 19 year fast forward! what careers did they all end up going into; more about Teddy (tonks & remus’s son),Hagrid & Maxime, even Draco.

      • JackBauerEnthusiast!

        @stacimcc: JKR said what careers everyone ended up with during an interview she did after DH came out.
        Harry because Head of the Auror department. Ron was his right hand man in the same department. He also helped George run the joke shop. Hermione worked in the magical creatures department and then eventually became Head of Magical Law Enforcement.
        Neville became the Herbology professor and eventually married Hannah Abbott.
        Teddy married Bill and Fleur’s oldest daughter.
        Hagrid never married, but remained gamekeep and Care of Magical Creatures professor.

  • Sara

    Why did American’s call ‘the sorcerer’s stone’, when it was originally called ‘the philosopher’s sotne’? What’s offensive about the latter?

    • Sarah

      It isn’t offensive. The US publishers just didn’t think it would sell with the philosopher title.

    • ugh

      English people.

      • james

        .. are great

      • ks

        @james-agree :) I recently bought a book, thinking it was a new one. I found out it was the same one as I had read, published in the USA but with 100 more pages in the UK version. It was actually better than the USA version.

    • Celia

      The US publishers thought American’s wouldn’t know what a Philosopher was. In other words, they thought Americans would be too stupid.

      • Wil

        In many, MANY cases, they’d be right O.o

      • Katie

        That is really just a bona fide HP myth. It was a marketing strategy. Philosopher does not really give a feel for what the story is actually about- sorcerer ties in with the idea of a boy finding out he’s a wizard. You can see why they decided that the sorcerer title would sell better. Americans know what philosophers are but they aren’t going to buy children’s books about them… what that says about America you can decide for yourself.

        I am anxious to see what J.K. Rowling comes up with next. I like all the other rabid HP fans would love to see more of that universe. But I would be equally excited to see her prove herself as an author by writing something completely new but equally imaginative.

    • JMB

      It’s a history of language thing, which is too lengthy to go into on a message board. But it has nothing to do with censorship and everything to do with differing language use in each country. That’s all. It’s like them calling a sweater a “jumper” over there, or diapers “nappies.” No big mystery, just different languages.

      • Sean

        Philosopher in this case is totally different. Philosopher’s Stone was supposed to be a stone that could create gold from lead and also make someone immortal. In both cases, it made more sense than “Sorcerer’s Stone.” I’m not sure why the title was changed, but the original title was better.

      • JackBauerEnthusiast!

        The original title was definitely better, especially since that’s what JKR named the stone and the book.
        I’m having trouble remembering…do they call it the sorcerer’s stone in the film versio too?

  • Kelly

    She said she was working on a political fairytale, but I’d still like to see her write a story about James, Lilly, Snape, Lupin, Sirius, and Peter.

    • Marianne

      Agree! There is plenty of material with the Marauders Map and those characters…How amazing would those stories be!

    • Celia

      In all honesty, she could probably choose any character in the whole series from Lupin to Luna to Umbridge and write a whole other series about their lives. All of the characters are so interesting. I would even read a whole book about Cornelius Fudge.

      • Amina

        I just want to know what happened to everyone in the D.A.

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