Stephenie Meyer's novella, 'The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner,' and the Red Cross

This morning Little, Brown announced a first printing of Meyer’s  novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Bree figures prominently in the movie version of Eclipse, opening June 30 (and director David Slade was able to read an early copy of the novella). But as fans remember, she does not appear in the book until page 569, in a pivotal scene where Bella and the Cullens encounter some of Victoria’s wild vampires in the forest: “The girl was curled into a small ball beside the flames, her arms wrapped around her legs….Her eyes were focused on me, and the eyes were a shocking, brilliant red.” Of Meyer’s decision to donate money from the sale of each book to the Red Cross, Little, Brown deputy publisher Andrew Smith says,  “The plight of folks in Haiti and now Chile has been so much in the media, and very much on Stephenie’s radar,” pointing out that Meyer has been talking about the subject on her website for some time. (On January 27, she wrote, “I’ve been very impressed with the world in general and the Twilight fansite in specific in the support and love everyone is giving to Haiti.”) The website dedicated to the new book, — which will feature the book beginning June 7 — will provide a Red Cross link tied specifically to the novella. “We’ll be able to track how much Twilight fans are giving,” Smith says.

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  • Ed

    Can we make a deal, Shelf Life Blog? For every blog entry about Twilight or a celebrity publishing a book, can you have three other blogs discussing/promoting lesser known authors/books. For being a blog about books, Shelf Life, sadly, isn’t very literary. Honestly, most of these entries can appear in PopWatch. I’d rather hear about lesser known people/books or issues facing authors/publishing. I get that blogs about celebrities and Twilight attract more people than other entries, but I wish EW would take Shelf Life more seriously. Maybe even getting authors to write guest blogs?

    • Gigi

      Great idea

    • JackBauerEnthusiast!

      Great idea! I like it!

    • Sara Ibre

      This is single handedly the stupidest thing Stephanie Meyer has ever done. This ideda is even worse than the ending midle and misconstruted begining of breaking dawn. Not only is this “bree” an irrelevant character, she is also dead, which gives no need to write about. She should stick to being a mother, and hopefully her mothering isn’t anything like her writing capability, which is crap!

      • Amberlee

        Well, I agree with most of your statement, Sara, but I do have to say that just because she’s “irrelevant” and “dead” doesn’t mean she can’t be written about. The fact that Stephanie Meyers is the author says she shouldn’t be written about, but just because a character is only a cameo and died doesn’t mean they can’t have an interesting backstory. And besides, at least we don’t have to watch Edward and Bella touch each others’ faces for another 700 pages.

      • Sandie

        Wow, someone has anger issues! Why would you attack the author? If you don’t like the book don’t read it. I for one read it and loved it. Wished Bree didn’t die in the movie and book. All vampires are “dead”, but that is what makes them so fascinating.

    • Yvonne

      why did Stephainie Meyer start a new book and completed it before midnight sun. When wiil Midnight Sun be finshed still waiting and left hanging. Y.M

    • Aisha

      Rxed wod at 17:37. All 3 exercises were in opsipote sides of gym. Huge triangle walk! alsothos gym I’ve been going to this week is packed and had to sneak in a rep between some other dudes set. Thanks dude!

  • Margie

    Thanks EW for keeping us informed on interesting topics like this. I had no idea his was coming out. It’s a very intriguing idea. How wonderful that the proceeds are going to charity!

    • liveitup

      I agree…can’t wait to get my copy! Amazing that the haters take the time to read and post comments on something they have so much…pathetic!!

      • liveitup


      • Ted

        I am not getting the sense that the first few comments are from haters. I am getting the sense that they want the Shelf Life blog to do more blogging about unknown authors and books. I, for one, agree. I’ll take a blog about Twilight and another silly Tori Spelling book, but can these blogs be balanced with blogs that have a more literary focus. Maybe Shelf Life can work a bit harder at exposing its readers to other aspects of the literary world. There’s more out there than Twilight and books “written” by celebrities.

  • dave

    Why does she keep writing books?

    • Will

      She is like the Michael Bay of authors. Just please put the pen down Stephanie.

    • T

      Because people keep buying them.

  • JackBauerEnthusiast!

    Post numero dos about something they could’ve fit in the first article.
    I predict at least 3 more articles on the exact same topic.

  • Bellaedward

    I would rather see Stephanie Meyer finish Midnight Sun. So much more ineresting. :)

    • ladylegolas10123


    • sabrina

      I agree! :)

  • Lauren

    Why not write a fifth book about the Cullens and their life with Renesmee? Geez, I don’t care to read a book about Bree.

  • Jolie

    Not a fan. I read the first three Twilight Saga books and they are okay, but c’mon, they are for high school girls (which is a huge market afterall e.g. Jonas Bros., Mylee Cyrus, etc.)

    • Amberlee

      Come now, don’t lump us ALL in the same category. Freshman girls, I’ll grant you, but as an AP English 12th grader, I’m appalled that you’d even suggest that this book is “for” me.

      • ani

        oh amberlee, you and your self-righteous “AP English” references. i hope you understand that it doesn’t differentiate you all that much from others. and i find it hilarious that you think you’re so much better than those “freshman girls.” i too took AP english, spanish, calculus, euro history, biology, and chemistry wayyy back in the day; and, shockingly, i still enjoyed twilight and breaking dawn. new moon and eclipse were tedious. bella is a disgusting character. she ranks up there with meredith grey. anyway, the point is that, while there may be exceptions, the main audience is indeed teenaged girls. and it turns out that this is actually quite the lucrative market. too bad they are looking up to a clueless girl whose life has no meaning outside of the context of boys/men….i miss the ignorance and total bliss of youth

      • Zoey

        Oh, so you’re telling me that Ap students aren’t that much different than remedial English students? REALLY? Sure some smarter girls still like the infernal series, but we’re much smarter than the regular kids, and that is no lie. Yeah, maybe we’re a little self-righteous because we’re in Ap, but we have every right to be. We actually try to achieve, unlike the others. And don’t give me crap about how they just can’t understand or they need more help or whatever bs people come up with to try and explain why kids fail. It’s because they don’t care or try, plain and simple.

      • LW

        Oh you silly little girls. Your self-importance makes me giggle. I applaud you for being in AP English…so was I many years ago. I also have a college degree and work in higher education. Being educated and an high achiever does not mean you can’t enjoy a good story. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Twilight series and think Stephanie Meyers has a great imagination. Please remember that it is much more attractive to be gracious than to be a hater. P.S. I know someone who has a PhD from a very prestigious university who LOVES the series.

    • Agreed

      The majority of twilight fans are teenage girls, but ALL girls do not like it. I know I wouldn’t have gone near it when I was in high school.

  • amy

    I am a diehard Twilight fan, and i am so heart broken about this…I have no idea what Steph is thinking!!!!!! She should release midnight sun, not this book abotu someone noone cares the fact that they incorporated this book into eclipse pisses me off!! I dont want Eclipse time cut because of this book..its a HUGE mistake and i dont know why she is doing this to us!! its unfair

  • Cara

    I agree with Lauren. Besides, I think alot of celebs ‘donate’ money to charities just to get us buy their books or whatever. We hear charity and we all want to help, who do we really help. It’s not as if they give ALL the money, now that will be a first….

  • Scarlet

    I love her books. Why not write a novella from The Host? I am pleased to hear that money will be going to Red Cross.

  • Scarlet

    Amberlee, there are grown men who say the Twilight books were “written well.” I have met at least 3.And I may point out…how does being in 12th grade make you an authority.

    • Agreed

      “Grown men” my butt. Are these grown men a little sweet? If you catch my drift. Anyone who says those books are written well are lying their as*ses off.

      • Kristen

        My husband likes the saga because he can relate with the characters on various levels and for different reasons. I thought he’d hate them – and was surprised.

      • Agreed

        No one can related to the characters, because the development is so bad. They’re just shells for the readers to feel in. None of them are developed enough for the readers to actually care and definitely not enough for people to relate to them. I’ve read all of them and I can’t name 3 well-defined personality traits for any of the characters.

    • Kim

      look say what you will about loving them. but the fact remains, they are not “well written” books. the story may be interesting to some, but the writing is amateur at BEST.

    • Kalyne

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  • Scarlet

    Sorry! Mentally add a question mark to “authority”

    • Kiminy

      Because being in AP classes means you read real literature. I think you missed that part and skipped straight to the part where Amberlee is still in high school. You don’t need to have graduated high school to know what a good book is and what isn’t. Similarly, you don’t know what a good book is because you’ve graduated high school.

      The only reason Twilight is remotely popular is because Stephenie Meyer knew what she was doing when she wrote a book that didn’t require much brain power to read. Does anyone honestly think a BYU literature graduate would write something this terrible unless they knew they would make a lot of money? She’s a sell-out.

      • Jolie

        I happen to agree with Kiminy and glad there are some intelligent young people out there I hope that they recognize Meyer’s work is a dumbing-down romance novel for tweeners, targeting the female market.

    • Jana

      Rosalie Hale was born into a mldide class family in 1915, she had two brothers and was the favorite of the three children. When she was 18 the Great Depression struck, but her father  had a stable job at a bank. Rosalie was very lustful and longed for many material possessions and a rich fulfilled life. The richest people in the town she lived in were the Kings. Royce King owned the bank Roslaie’s father worked for. She began dating Royce II and was soon engaged to him. But something was missing, she began to want more from the relationship, like her friend Vera, who had a mldide class husband but loved very much along with a child. One night she was on her way home from Vera’s she saw several drunken men. One turned out be Royce and he began showing her off to his friends, he ripped pins from her hair and the men joined in and proceeded to beat and then raped her. She was left to die when Carlisle found her, and chose to save her by changing her. Soon after she killed Royce and his pals without spilling a drop of blood. Two years later she saw Emmett being  attacked by a bear and took him back to Carlisle. She begged him to save Emmett, who reminded her of Vera’s child. Soon after they were married. Rosalie and Emmett currently reside in Forks, Washington, but they often live away from the family as a married couple.

  • Paula

    If she was going to finish a book,
    Why didn’t she finish Midnight sun?

  • Lisa

    Sell out! O please I am a 41 year old mother. These books are what you call easy reading…..fiction! Excellent story line and huge in popularity. I was there opening night and just as many men, couples and adults were there in line as teens and preteens.

    • Sam

      A 41 year old mother and you’re reading the Twilight Saga? That’s sad…Real sad.

  • Owlz

    I think her books are good and people of all ages like them. my teacher read all of them and so did a little ten year old i know, plus everyone at my school is crazy about the books. even a lot of the guys which is kind of weird.

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