Sarah Palin to pen a second book

sarah-palinImage Credit: Mike Theiler/Reuters/LandovLess than four months after Sarah Palin’s memoir, Going Rogue, hit bookshelves and best-seller charts, the former Alaska governor is back at her writing desk. HarperCollins announced today that there will be a second book from the former governor of Alaska. This is how you turn a spot on an unsuccessful ticket into a ticket to success, or at least public visibility.

According to the publisher, the as-yet untitled book will be a “celebration of American virtues and strengths,” and will include excerpts chosen by Palin from and about people who have inspired her. Lately, Palin has remained a ubiquitous presence in the public consciousness, whether by Facebook-fighting with Family Guy, appearing on the newly reconstituted The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, or embracing her new gig as a commentator for Fox News.

Politicians’ books, usually with some combination of “American,” “Hope,” “Spirit,” “Liberty,” and “Believe” in the title and an image of them staring into the distance with conviction, are often a preliminary step towards starting a run for the presidency, but Palin is still hedging over announcing whether or not she plans to take a stab at the White House in 2012. What do you think? Is the book just a way to capitalize on the 2.2 million copies of Rogue that have sold so far, or do you think there’s a more political significance?

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  • Nshi

    So she’s basically plagiarizing. Sweet.

    • Jolie

      I hate this whore.

      • phil

        You’re a whore, and a cut rate one

      • Char

        I love that you hate her. It makes me love her more, and that’s the overwhelming lure of her person to conservatives.

    • Steph

      I wonder who is actually “writing” it for her? This broad is so dumb, she couldn’t even cut and paste the writing of other people. Count your money and please go away, famewhore.

      • Paula

        Yes, I’m thinking the author’s contention that Palin is “back at her writing desk” isn’t quite accurate…unless her writing desk is where she writes important things on her hand.

  • Marie

    someone please…make it stop!

  • Ambient Lite

    Who is responsible for the 2.2 million copies or ‘Going Rogue’??? I thought she was an embarrassment to the even republican party. I am truly baffled. Could it have been solely purchased for libraries and museums, some sort of historical documentation of the greatest collective political shrug of all time?

  • Sarah2012

    Jack Kemp is dead you idiot.

  • Jeff W.

    “Sarah Palin to pen a second book” Please, she didn’t pen her first book. There’s no way this greedy fame whore is writing anything. I guess making millions of dollars off the dopes who purchase her book is the “higher calling” that she referred to when she justified quitting her job. She’s just vile.

    • Dee

      Didn’t her PAC spend tens of thousands to buy copies the first book to ensure that it would appear on best seller lists? She’s such a fraud, and total hypocrite.

      • Mike

        No. It was for a fundraising program, people could buy autographed copies of her book from the PAC. Do some research beyond the daily kos please.

      • Laughing

        That’s correct. The PAC spent more money on buying the book that the ghostwriter wrote for Palin than they spent on campaign contributions. That’s how Palin got on the bestseller list.

    • kse

      “Write” two books? I can’t believe she’s even read two books!

  • dlauthor

    With any luck, she signed a three-book deal, so she’ll quit partway through “writing” the second one.

    • Tony2Toe

      Ha, best comment of all!

  • Mike

    OMG I still haven’t had a chance to get the first book yet. There could be a whole library of her literary works available before long. I’m sure these works will be required reading in both high schools and colleges worldwide. How did we ever get along before she ran out on her governorship in Alaska?

  • jim

    You morons can’t read anyway.

  • Hannah

    she is making the republican party a joke-i hate her

  • jason

    she is making the republican party into a joke-i love her

    • Sue1

      So true. Nevertheless, I want her to go away. Pretty soon we’ll be hearing about her next bowel movement.

  • Tom

    Sarah Palin is a brilliant, talented, and gorgeous woman. I hope she writes 2 books a year for the next 10 years. And, I hope she runs for office again. She will win, and all you libs will eat your stupid, no-talent, ugly hearts out.

    • Moira

      I’m not a “lib.” I don’t think she is brilliant. I find her and her schtick appalling. She’s a liar, a quitter, and total narcissist.

    • simon

      Is that you?

      • ks

        I believe it is Todd..

    • jesse

      kinda like she won the last election right? oh wait! she didnt.

      maybe she can write a book about how much of a sore loser she is..oh my bad she already did,its called “going Retarded”, oops i meant “going rogue”.

    • AC

      For every 1 person like Tom, there are 20 people that hate this women on all sides of the political spectrum. She has zero chance to win anything at this point.

    • Mark

      “Brilliant?” Please…stop…you’re making me laugh sooo hard it hurts!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous maybe, but, “brilliant”. LOL again. Wow….thanks for the laugh!

    • points_and_laughs

      She’s still not going to sleep with you, Tom.

      • jesse

        good comment. i LOL’d

    • Laughing

      Who is going to be the ghostwriter for this book?

    • Jeff W.

      Let me guess, Tom. You never went to college, you live in a square state, and your understanding of the issues mirrors that of a 7-year old.

    • Rod

      Your statement, Tom, proves once and for all that the dumbing of America is in full force. It startles me to hear anyone say she is brilliant. Doesn’t say much for your intelligence.

  • Jerry Jones

    Palin is living proof that an utter dumb@ss can mesmerize a nation of obsequious conservative sheep.

    • dick

      Jerry just described what Obama did to his stupid followers. Hows that hope and change working at for ya so far?

      • tofumouse

        Hope and Change is working pretty well for me. If our country wasn’t so into instant gratification people like you could pull your heads out your butts and understand that it’s not going to happen overnight. But, it’s happening

  • simon

    That’s enough, Sarah Palin!!!
    Go Away!!!

  • jesse

    instead of writing a book on “american values”,she should teach her daughter some values.seriously this woman is a joke.there is a reason why she isnt vice president of the united states,shes retarded.oh wait! thats her son.

    • Moira

      That comment about her son was mean spirited. But I do agree that she needs to be a better parent than she’s been in the past. At this rate, those younger girls are just going to be trash with money.

      • jesse

        im sorry Moira. i did go a little overboard with the son comment.i apologize.

      • Ahmad

        “I’ve always seen Sarah Palin as the chick in a small town who gets the ucuispentsng black man lynched because she claimed he looked at her, when in reality he didn’t see her at all. To intimate that President Obama is the reason for all the racial attacks is yet another failed effort at some sort of reverse psychology mind trick that the Republicans continue to play.”

    • wow

      Typical liberal right there…make a personal attack to divert the issue. Personally I can’t stand Sarah Palin (and I live in AK), but to make an attack at her disabled son…this is part of the reason I hate liberals…

      • Hmm

        Mean-spirited knows no political affiliation. Trying to tie it to one group of people is pointless, there are jerks that will take any opportunity to jab at someone with whom they disagree in all camps.

      • j

        republicans get all mad when you make fun of someone disabled like they actually care about americans, but if their taxes goes up to help out a red blooded american and they won’t. GET OVER IT!!! life’s not fair!

      • jesse

        please stfu.almost every other word you say has the word liberal in it.dont associate my comments with “liberal logic”.im neither dem or repub so please keep your trap shut.

      • Wow

        John McCain once publicly called a 13 year old Chelsea Clinton a ‘dog’ in reference to her looks. Mean spirited personal attacks on family aren’t typical of liberals or any one party. Such generalizations are the reason the rest of the country can’t take your state seriously, whether you support Palin or not.

  • KH

    Cool. That’s another book I can add to my “Not A Chance In Hell WIll I Read It” list.

    • Lucy

      ahahhaah :)

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