John Edwards tell-all book details leak: 'Fat rednecks' and a sex tape

Only weeks after the bestselling campaign book Game Change laid out for all to see the indiscretions and subsequent political implosion of John Edwards, the former aide/human shield who originally claimed paternity for Edwards’ illegitimate child has announced his own tell-all account of the affair. Andrew Young’s book, The Politician: An Insider’s Account of John Edwards’s Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down, was not originally intended to be released until next Friday, but a number of salacious, if unconfirmed, details have already been leaked, and the book will now go on sale on Saturday.

The book deals with Young’s facilitation of the liaison as well as his role in its aftermath and the ensuing cover-up, which Young contends was orchestrated by Edwards himself. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Young alleges Edwards had him handle making hotel reservations in order to accommodate the affair with Rielle Hunter, the mistress and, as Edwards finally admitted last week, mother of his child. “When I knew where the senator was staying,” writes Young, “I made reservations in my own name, faxed copies of my credit card and state identification card, and told the hotel staff that my ‘wife’ would be checking in on my account.” Young also goes for some particularly vengeful quotemongering by citing the once down-home candidate as railing against appearing at state fairs and having “fat rednecks try to shove food down my face. I know I’m the people’s senator, but do I have to hang out with them?” In an interview with Bob Woodruff for ABC News, the former aide talked of a sex tape involving Edwards and a woman who may be Hunter.

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  • jmag

    Edwards and enabler Young are both pretty disgusting. I won’t be buying that book.

    • Rosalie

      Mr. Young is just as bad as Edwards! He allowed this things to happen and helped Mr. Edwards cheat on his wife. Why does he want to come out clean out of this? I belive in a court room, Mr. Young would be an accomplice. I will buy the book, read it and return it. HOw does that sound, that doesn’t make me a thief does it? FCUK Mr. Young, he is just trying to make a pretty penny now. What does this book say about his character? That he knew all this scandolous things were going on but lacked the moral fiber to do anything about it. No wonder our country is all screwed up, because we have people who are “watching” each other’s back as politicians.

      • CMU

        Have you ever heard of a library?

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Whose worse? The politicion that does all of these things or the guy who makes a profit by writing about it?

    • jessica

      both are equally horrible and scummy!

      • Amy

        edwards and young are perfect examples of what it’s like in washington. over-inflated egos included.

    • ks


      • jan

        well said.

      • Greg

        It’s called having your cake and eating it, too. “Whoops! Did I rob a bank? I guess I did. Please buy my book on how I did it.” Douche.

      • Q

        Unfortunately for him, I think we all already know just as much as we ever wanted to know (perhaps more).

  • jared

    Oh, shocker. He’s a bag of scum. Who saw that coming?

  • Karen W

    Although I plan to use this book as a cautionary tale as I am no saint myself, I have to wonder who exactly is helped by the book, other than Andrew Young? I understand that the man he had tremendous faith in turned out to be as human as most other men on the planet, what was the purpose of this book really, and who will now hire Mr. Young to work on their campain?

    I suspect there is a whole lot of blame to go around here, and a lot of people are going to get hurt, unfortunatly I think the people who are going to have to shoulder most of the burden are Mrs. Edwards and her children. Could this get any sadder?

    • Ian

      Most other men on the planet? Wow, what a massive generalization. Kind of like saying most women are catty, gossipy, and slutty. Get over yourself. Perhaps you think this because of the type of men you attract and/or can get.

      “Every group has a Karen, and she’s always a bag of douche…” – Dane Cook

  • Honey

    I think we all now know how it would look if Mr. Burns finally pushed Smithers too far.

    • starchild

      brilliant comparison!

  • DW

    This book will be in the Clearance bin at your local bookstore in a matter of weeks…

  • Jennifer Freels

    After all the crap John Edwards put this guy and his family through by taking advantage of Mr. Young’s adoration of him, I say he’s entitled to some money from it. If Edwards hadn’t done these things, then Young wouldn’t have a book but since he did, I don’t mind reading about it and adding my money to Young’s coffers.

  • Sicko

    Yes Edwards is a lying piece of **it and deserves his fall from grace, but I have no interest in reading this book from his aide/enabler. He is just as bad as Edwards IMHO willing doing his dirty bidding as long as he was getting benefits. I’m more interested in hearing from his wife. How could she go along with the sham? I wish my husband would come to me and say “baby my boss is having an affair and the mistress is pregnant. He asked me to claim to be the baby daddy and move our family to Cali and take her with us to live as one big happy fake family.” If it was me he’d be the only one packing his bags and I’d be calling the divorce lawyer. Everyone in this is sick and disgusting.

  • Melissa

    I’m from North Carolina (you know, home of the “fat redneck”), and I can tell you that he was NEVER the people’s senator. He used this state to propel himself into the presidential arena, but he couldn’t distance himself from the ambulance chasing scumbag he’s been for many, many years.

    I’d like to shove a funnel cake down his throat.

    • Peggy

      Dag nabbit good stuff you whipeprsapnpers!

  • JA

    I heard an interview with Mr. Young and he also brings down Elizabeth Edwards in his book. He claims she was impossible to work with and a raving shrew. Takes one dysfunctional personality to know another one, I suppose. They all make me sick.

  • Jake

    And to think this prick could have been our president.

  • annie

    Young has a right to share this story. He was thoroughly used by Edwards and his campaign.

  • Ann

    We were wise to John Edwards many years ago in Chapel Hill where he and I live. Let’s just say that John Kerry wasn’t kidding in the primary campaign for the Democratic candidate when he famously said to Edwards, “You can’ even get reelected in your own state for Senator, and that
    is why you’re running for President.” Of course he went on to be Kerry’s VP running mate and (of course) could not carry NC for Kerry.
    As for Andrew Young, when he worked for Edwards in DC during the senator’s one term, he was arrogant, cocky as hell and actually told me on the phone one time when I inquired about getting Edwards to speak at our medical non-profit group’s function: “Listen, John Edwards doesn’t need to be involved in anything more than he’s already involved in. Wherever he goes, the press will follow. He really doesn’t need the publicity.”

    Oh, Well, I guess he doesn’t, NOW!

  • whynot

    Wow – John Edwards – was it worth it.? As far as the sex tape – pls no one wants to see this, and more importantly there is a small child involved. How could someone as “high faluent” as John Edwards thought he was – end up in this Jerry Springer type situation

  • cynsmi

    Hey, I am still back at the point where I was astounded to find out that Edwards’ love interest was a woman!

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