Who's the most romantic character in literature?

So, in a recent British poll on the most romantic literary character of all time (men, that is; they dealt with women in an earlier […] Read the full post.

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  • Carrie

    I’m with Jeff Labrecque. Sydney Carton died in Charles Darnay’s place so the woman he loved could be with the man she loved. Nothing more romantic than that.

    • LIz

      Agreed, especially since he also gain redemption from his own wasted life.

  • Amy

    Rhett Butler is my tops, and I think my first literary crush, I read GWTW in the 6th grade and have gone back and read all the Rhett Butler parts over and over again. Oh and good call on Max de Winter, he was so intriguing. I will be thinking about my list all day!

  • m

    Vronsky over Edward Cullen any day!

  • NHS

    @pop… only 8 minutes since your post…the dreaded EC was mentioned!

  • Amanda

    I second the mention of Wentworth from Persuasion. That letter is the only time I’ve cried during a book. So beautiful and romantic. Forget broody bad boys. I’ll take an unending love any day that overcomes time and heartbreak. Mature love.

    • orville

      He’s my favorite as well. Ciaran Hind’s portrayal of him…there’s just no words. Beyond swoon.

    • A.R.

      Persuasion is my favorite Austen book, and so underrated! Captain Wentworth holds on to his love for eight years, through war and across oceans. He stands strong despite familial opposition and possible rivals for her affection… THAT is romantic!

      • Chels

        Totally agree. Always been my favourite! He was so true to Anne…

  • Luddite

    I think I’ll have new answers popping into my head all day, but right now I have to say Gilbert Blythe and George Emerson, Florentino Ariza, and Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility. Maybe Laurie from Little Women. And the Little Prince.

    • breeze

      Yes! Laurie. Also (can’t remember his name) but the hero in Atlas Shrugged. Agree with Heathcliff being on the list as well as the no. 1 pick. Also Jamie Fraser.

    • Fridge

      Yes! Totally agree with Colonel Brandon. Really I go for just about any of the main men in Jane Austen’s books, but there’s just something about the Colonel that gets me every time I read the book.

    • paige

      I love Colonel Brandon! And thank you for pointing out Laurie! I just re-read Little Women and when he confesses his love, I cried because it was just so beautiful!

    • jh

      yes–george emerson from a room with a view! definitely.

  • bb

    What about Noah from the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks? Now that was Romance! A lot of Nicholas Sparks Male characters are very romantic, I also Like John from Dear John.

    • treee

      oh yes!

    • Liza5326

      Oooooh! Noah! I also loved Landon from “A Walk to Remember”

  • Amy

    I was so happy to see Henry DeTamble. He is number one on my list. Fitzwilliam Darcy would definitely be on my list as well. He is snobby but at the same time, there is always something about him that gets me (and many others too). It is nice to see people mentioned Rob Gordon and Sydney Carton (My man!). In Sydney’s case, who doesn’t love a guy whose love is completely unrequited yet he STILL gives up his life for it?I would also like to add Harry Potter. I know that he isn’t terribly romantic with the ladies but his bravery, courage, loyalty and heart make me swoon. I have a thing for self-sacrificing heroes clearly..

    • Audrey

      I agree, Harry Potter is pretty brave, courageous, and loyal. But what about Ron Weasley? He’s pretty romantic too… Oh, and Neville… :) J.K. Rowling packed some pretty amazing heroes into those books.

      • Amy

        I agree! Ron should be included too. Ron is another favorite of mine because I always fall for the goofy/hilarious side kick type. Sirius Black was equally amazing. siiiigh oh the men of Harry Potter. :)

      • so tired

        I am in eternal love with Ron Weasley. Also Mr. Darcy. And, admittedly, Edward Cullen. I have diverse tastes.

    • Clary

      Now ladies.. Don’t forget Mr.Remus Lupin!!
      He’s also a self-sacrificing werewolf who believed that no one could love him.. That is until Tonks. ;)
      I’m sorry but Lupin and Tonks are my absolute FAVORITE harry Potter couple ever!
      And don’t’ forget the humorous Fred and George!
      Yes.. the men of Harry Potter INDEED.
      They’re amazing.
      And POWN the twilight men anyday.

      • Nikki

        Win<3 Remus has my vote, by a landslide.

      • Jordan

        Don’t forget Sirius Black! Wow I would date almost any of the HP men…

      • Jess

        Agreed :) I’m getting that HP itch again… Im gonna have to reread the series. Its been about 6months, I think its thats time again.

  • Amanda

    haha, Gilbert Blythe! I so swooned over him when I was eleven. And yes, Mr. Darcy… mmmm, Mr. Darcy. :-D

    • Lindsay

      Gilbert was amazing, because as much as Anne is awesome, she’s also super annoying and self-involved, and he just ignored all her drama.

  • Lilly

    Definitely Captain Wentworth from Jane Austen’s Persuasion. She broke his heart and he still loved her. And that letter he wrote her!! AMAZING!!

  • Al

    Rochester? Heathcliff? Rhett Butler? All treat people around them horribly.

    • Audrey

      Agreed. I think there’s room on the list for some men who are a little nicer.

    • Fridge

      I agree with you except for Rhett Butler. I wouldn’t say he treated people around him horribly. He was always waiting on Scarlett–waiting for her to not be married, waiting for her to figure out that she really loved him. He walked out in the end becasue he was tired of waiting. I’d say Rhett is the ultimate romantic literary figure. He loved Scarlett despite all her numerous flaws.

      • Liz

        No, I love Rhett, put him in my list, but besides helping her to escape Atlanta, he was always kind of mean to Scarlett! How could he expect her to love him with that kind of behaviour?? I always thought that if only he had told her the true reason for marrying her, everything could have been different…

      • jodipo

        Rhett? A romantic hero??? he LEFT Scarlett!!!! I dont think he deserves an award.

      • Hannah

        Rhett is romantic, plus I think Scarlett’s kind of at fault, since she “loved” Ashley Wilkes throughout the entire book, until the end when she “found out” she loved Rhett; she used her chances up to many times. Rhett is a romantic hero in my eyes, putting up with her loving someone else for numbers of years, and he still kept loving her knowing that!

  • ND

    John Thornton from Elizabeth Gaskel’s North and South. Wow. I hate to say it but he totally kicks Darcy’s butt. I would also put Darcy on the list…just a little lower.

  • MeMe

    Rochester all. the. way.
    “Make my happiness, I’ll make yours.”

  • Becky

    George Emerson! A Room With a View is the ultimate romantic novel, and he is without a doubt one of the best written male characters of all time.

  • Becky

    Oh, and what about Wesley from Goldsmith’s The Princess Bride? The entire book just radiates romanticism. I mean the man dies for Buttercup…and then comes back to life to rescue her! That’s the epitome of romance.

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