Tracy Morgan to Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan: 'F-- 'em.'

40171724We already know that 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan is a bit like his on-screen persona, Tracy Jordan: unpredictable, hysterical, and just a little nuts. So why shouldn’t his memoir — I Am the New Black, which goes on sale Oct. 20 — be anything but unhinged?

Morgan is predictably honest about his upbringing and extracurricular activities in his book, even admitting that he once took his uncomfortable 30 Rock castmates to an illegal strip joint in New York City. But he’s also surprisingly candid about his professional life — not to mention his attitudes toward former co-workers. When discussing his 10-year stint on Saturday Night Live, Morgan writes that he was disrespected by fellow cast members Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri, and quickly turns the tables on the comics. (“Where’s Chris Kattan now? Where’s Cheri Oteri now? That bitch can’t even get arrested.”)

But the feud doesn’t end there. Apparently, Morgan’s anger is so deep-seated, he went off-script while recording his audiobook (A tip of the hat to for finding this clip.): “They never going to host Saturday Night Live. And I don’t mean — that’s not even me, but that’s what happened to me over there. They never treated me well. There were people that treated me beautifully, like Will Ferrell and Colin Quinn and Molly Shannon — I love them. But Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan — I never cared for them either. F— ‘em.”

Loopy as he may be, I never thought of Morgan as a trash-talker. But the whole excerpt does make me curious about what went down behind the scenes. Even though we don’t know the circumstances, are you Team Tracy, or Team Cheri and Chris? And what are the best Saturday Night Live feuds in history? (Jay Mohr v. Lorne Michaels, anyone?)

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  • mscisluv

    I’m Team shut the heck up and act like a professional.

    • Amy


    • AJ Simon

      I’m with Tracy – cheri otteri and chris kattan were never really funny outside of one repeating skit – they stink

      • JunieGirl

        I have a friend who had run-ins with Chris Kattan in the past, so it’s easy to believe Tracy on that count.

      • DMG

        Cris Kattan was never funny anyway!!!

      • Amy

        That’s not true. Chris Kattan’s Mango was hilarious and Oteri was partnered with Ferrell on the cheerleaders skits. Still, sucks to hear they weren’t kind to fellow castmates.

    • Judith

      Double Amen!

      • Eman

        Thanks to Zolecki of The Zo Zone for the heads up on the video. He also reproted it will be Joe Blanton in Game 4 on Sunday night.

    • Khristina

      OMG- that was AWESOME! lmao

    • yukoner


  • Ben

    You know this jerkwad will end up dead inside of 10 years. Probably self-inflicted death with a water gun.

    • Louise

      Ha ha!

  • The Old Black

    Everyone knows the best feud was between Bill Murray and Chevy Chase.

    • Rick

      I agree.

    • Kate


    • Buzz

      there was also somewhat of a feud between Dana Carvey and Mike Myers , no?

      • Kelly

        I don’t think that was so much a feud, Myers just got jealous because he was supposed to be the big star of Wayne’s World and Garth/Carvey was so much more popular.

      • Jon

        Also Myers stole Dana Carvey’s impression of Lorne Michaels and made it into Dr. Evil.

  • Jeremy DC

    I think Kattan and Oteri are funnier than Tracy Morgan is. His schtick gets old quick. Morgan had only 2 maybe 3 funny skits in 10 years,which I didn’t realize he was on that long. To me everything Chris Kattan was in he made funny.

    • Kelly

      If they’re so funny then why aren’t Chris Kataan and Oteri still working?

      • darrin

        Kattan is still working. Check out “the middle” on wed nights and the recent mini series “bolywood hero”

      • orville

        They are. Check out their imdb pages.

      • beans

        Seriously, if you have to look up what they are working on…they aren’t really working. And Bollywood? Really? No. They are has-beens. Sorry kids!

      • DMG

        Kattan just isn’t funny to me no matter what he plays!!!

    • Casey

      Because they didn’t befriend TIna Fey?

      • shdrew

        100% correct! Studios will give work to anyone whose buddies with Tina Fey. (I’m talking to YOU, Amy Poehler!)

      • Khristina

        Funny- I could have sworn she already HAD work. I’m pretty sure Amy wasn’t hired for SNL because of Tina Fey.

      • K8

        Oteri is from Fey’s hometown

      • P&R

        No, Poehler got “Parks & Rec” because she’s friends with Tina Fey.

      • fact check

        Um no, Amy Poeher gor Parks & Rec becaues of Lorne Michaels, not Tina Fey. Maybe you can say she got Baby Mama from Fey, but not P&R

      • Not important

        In either case Park and Recreations should be taken off the air. On no other network would this made it out of the Pilot, but NBC is hard up for anything to put on the air.

      • Ama

        Parks & Rec was created by the creators of the office. Lorne Michaels didn’t get her that job.

      • Jason

        Also, P & R is so much funnier this season than it was last it’s kind of amazing. I wasn’t so sure about it last year (although it had it’s moments) but this year it has been hysterical.

    • Zach

      Hafta agree with that.. if you hafta look it up then obviously its not on the same Level as morgan.

      IMO – i always thought Tracy Morgan was waay funnier then Cheri O’Teri or Chris Kattan.

      Plus I’ve heard from friends that Kattan is a douchelord. so double FAIL on his part.

      • Vinnie

        Amy Poehler had a holding deal with NBC. NBC also had a development deal for a new sitcom from the Office Producers. As happens all the time in Television, the two creative groups held meetings and decided to work together. Amy probably met with 4 or 5 different development teams and may have written a treatment for her own idea before settling on Parks & Rec. NBC likes to keep talent in house, like Leno, Conan, etc.

        But I guess you guys know better than me. I’m just a Development Executive in Burbank.

    • Megan

      I totally agree with Jeremy DC! I mean, Tracy Morgan is funny, but it gets so old sometimes, and he did get his gig on 30 Rock because of Tina Fey.
      Oteri and Kattan make me laugh so much! Especially Kattan!

      It’s disappointing that they all didn’t get along… :/ I always liked to think everyone on the show had a great time off stage.

  • Joe

    Team Tracy, he must be doing something right if Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Lorne Michaels (head honcho at SNL) still work with him.

    • eve

      I agree with this. Tiny Fey is obviously brilliant and knows what she is doing.

      • Jennifer

        Not that I care one way or the other but 2 things are obvious.
        a) Like the article says Tracy Jordan and Tracy Morgan are one in the same, therefore the acting on 30 Rock is not a stretch for him, and b) Tina Faye being brilliant….not so much Tracy Jordan/Morgan.

        Bottom Line he should be thankful he’s on 30 as he could just as easily be “not working.’

    • Tim

      Agreed. Emmy Nominee. Terrific FUNNY performer on a weekly basis on the best show on television. Go TRACY!

  • Shannon S.

    I gotta side with Tracy Morgan on this one. Cheri Oteri was one of the funniest women to ever come out of SNL, but she’s done NOTHING since then. To me, that’s an indication that she’s either very bossy, or difficult to work with. I just don’t buy that someone with that amount of talent didn’t get her chances (or at least an invitation to return to SNL) unless she’s seen as a troublemaker.

    • HowDo

      How are any of you siding with anyone in an interpersonal conflict of which you nothing?

      • HowDo

        that should read, “of which you know nothing?”

    • Buzz

      I had read that some trauma went down in her family and one of her parents – i think- was murdered…I had thought that was why she faded from view… She was funny on SNL and i wondered why she hadn’t had a sitcom or something by now… I’m sure we’ll hear her side of the story soon enough… Chris Kattan? ummm wish i could say i though he was funny /watchable , but now , not really.

  • Officer Farva

    Victoria Jackson v. Sanity.

    • colin

      For the win!

  • megr

    Team Tracy for sure. I’m surprised cheri oteri was such a biatch. but chris kattan always gave off that ‘dick’ vibe. and he was never really that funny.

    • mark

      I met Kataan once and he resembles that remark!

      • davey

        i met him as well….and yes…..he was a complete “dick”.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Tracey was horrible when he hosted SNL.

    • Em

      He was shockingly bad – and not in an amusing, fun way – when he hosted. I totally agree. But I like his work on 30 Rock.

    • gigi

      I wouldn’t blame that entirely on Tracy Morgan. Have you watched SNL lately? The writing and skits are bad. Even last season. If it wasn’t for the elections and Tina Fey pretending to be Sarah Palin it would have been just as bad as this far.

      • cat

        I completely agree. I don’t know why that show comes on anymore. I haven’t seen anything funny except sarah palin skits for years. I never thought Chris kattan was funny or Cheri Oteri. she was always supported by someone who was hilarious. Tracey at least did work prior to SNL. He was frequent on Martin and other black sitcoms, and did stand up. for a guy comming out of i think hes from Bed-stuy or flatbush…not good areas has done pretty good for himself.

      • Jenna

        Thats insane, the cast on Saturday Night Live right now are brilliant! Id like to see you come up with new hilarious ideas after 35 seasons. I think theyre doing a fantastic job coming up with new creative material.

  • Jim

    Torn. Really want to side with Morgan because Cheri Oteri’s career has crashed and don’t even get me started on Chris Kattan (Uuuug! Anyone who’s ever had to deal with one of his weird, androgynous cameos in a movie knows what I mean), but Morgan should have kept his mouth shut and been professional. Those saying he’s going to be dead in 10 years are stupid and off-base. That’s insane. He is hilarious and it’s refreshing to hear someone be honest for once instead of being fake and pretending they like people they hate, but he probably should have kept his mouth shut.

    • smokey gets in your eyes

      hey, tracey may not make it 10…seen him twice at parties since 4th of July doing stuff that would kill Belushi and Farley

  • Lynny

    Have you ever heard Garrett Morris discuss his days with the original cast? Not vitrolic by any means, but not a warm description.

    • This Guy Right Here

      But Garrett Morris spent most of his time freebasing cocaine in his office (his description, not mine) so maybe it was just a matter of not having enough shared interests.

      • Joel

        Not enough shard interests? Do you know nothing of the original SNL cast? They all spent the bulk of the 70’s high on cocaine. They haven’t exactly kept that secret.

  • eve

    Cheri Oteri was sooo good on SNL. But it does make you wonder what happened to her. Also, she didn’t seem to be on there for that long.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      She was actually on for 5 years, which is a decent amount of time.

      • Em

        It felt like 100 years…

  • Zach

    I side with Tracy. Tina Fey has worked with all three of them, some as just a writer, but she chose to work with Tracy on her own show over those two. And Lorne is behind Tracy, so he must have been easier to work with than Cheri or Chris. Plus, Will, Colin and Molly liked Tracy and those guys are some of the most respected out of SNL (well maybe not Colin). Also, is there a feud betweem Fey and Rachel Dratch? Remember she was is season one and then just disappeared. Also, does Fey not like Hader or Keenan? I think those are the only 2 current full time SNL cast members not to be on 30 Rock.

    • pop

      dratch was actually supposed to be the jenna role, but then i want to say somehow that didnt work out. whati think is that tina kept her on in all those random roles but something mustve (the network?it would get overdone?) stopped it from occuring

      • mscisluv

        I heard Dratch got dumped from the Jenna role because she wasn’t attractive enough.

      • Em

        Yeah,I think that Tina F. wanted Rachel D. for the Jenna role, but the network intervened and insisted the role go to Jane K, but tried to mollify Tina F. by giving Rachel D. a ton of guest-spots.

      • YM

        Yeah, I read that the NBC suits didn’t like her. Fey tried to find various roles for her, but it didn’t work out.

    • Aprilcot26

      Rachel Dratch was initially supposed to play Jenna. NBC wanted someone who looked less like Tina to play the role. I think I also read somewhere they wanted someone more “glamorous” or sosmething.

      • Gabby

        Sucks for Dratch, but I can’t imagine anyone other than Jane Krakowski as the delusional, narcissistic Jenna Maroney.

      • teto

        I also can’t imagine Jane Krakowski NOT playing Jenna. It is too bad for Rachel, but I loved the times she has popped up…Barbara Walters and the Rural Juror, hahahahahahaha!

    • Lulu

      Dratch was fired from the Jane role because NBC wanted someone who was good looking. The original pilot for 30 Rock was different than what aired. Dratch had a contrat and was stuck playing the ugly two second cameo roles on that show. Can you imagine, she was once a lead then asked to play a cat rangler for a two second cameo. Once she finished her contract she was out of there. Tina Fey was like her best friend at the time, Fey didn’t stick up for her.

      • cameobrooch

        Fey never was one for sticking by her best friends…

      • Emma

        Tina did stick up for her but the network wouldn’t budge. Remenber, 30 Rock was on pretty shakey ground for the first year and Tina Fey wasn’t as well known as she is now. She quite simply didn’t have the power to challenge the network back then. Now that she has a few Emmy awards on her shelf she probably could but it’s a little late to change the show now.

      • DL

        Tina didn’t have the ground to make a stand on Rachel. I can’t say whether she did as much as she could (obviously), but Fey had no leverage to muscle Rachel into the lead considering it was something NBC felt strongly about.

    • Lorne

      Of course, Lorne is a notorious pain-in-the-ass, so we know what his opinion means.

      • Jason

        Being the one with the money his opinion is the only one that matters.

  • Simplex

    Almost everyone who worked with Chevy Chase on SNL outwardly despised him. Not much of a career left there, either.

    Tracy Morgan’s oversharing is a big part of his appeal. He’s an extremely post-millennial celebrity, incapable of separating his life from his career. He’s headed for a complete trainwreck, but it’s hard not to watch.

    • craig

      Chevy was only a cast member for the first season all the way back in 1975, and yes he was despised, but I don’t think it really affected his career, he had a long run in feature films, even working with former cast members Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd, picking bad film roles is what affected his career, he picked “Snow Day” over “American Beauty”…. but he is making somewhat of a comeback with “Community”!

  • Ethan

    Why does everyone want him to act like a professional? He’s much more entertaining to watch this way, and he’s funny because of his bizarre persona. I don’t know why we have to be the cops sanitizing everyone to act like the most boring versions of ourselves. I think Cheri Oteri was a real talent, but Morgan’s hilarious – I say bring on the sniping!

    • Tarik

      Thanks Ethan. You put it perfectly. I love the most boring versions of ourselves line. So true. These people need to relax.

    • Sara

      Totally agree. I am a fan of both Tracy and Cheri (NOT Chris Kattan though) and it’s refreshing to hear people’s honest opinions about work in the business. Read Kathy Griffin’s book if you want more of that.

    • LR

      TOTALLY agree – everything in show business is so fake it’s refreshing when someone is honest about their working relationships. plus, behind the scenes drama and feuds are part of the lore of SNL and it’s part of what has kept people interested in it for 35 years.

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