50 Cent's 'The 50th Law': How ridiculous does this book look?

The idea of rapper 50 Cent branching out into motivational philosophy writing is silly enough on its own. Given how 50’s music career has been going lately, I’m not sure anybody should be taking advice from him. Still, that’s not what made me laugh when I saw The 50th Law, the upcoming book that 50 co-wrote with The 48 Laws of Power author Robert Greene. (No word on what happened to the 49th law.)

No, the reason I LOL’d was The 50th Law‘s completely ridiculous packaging. HarperStudio has spent Lord knows how much money to make The 50th Law look like some kind of kitschy Bible: faux-leather cover, gold-leaf edging on the pages, built-in satiny bookmark. Who are they kidding? As a mass-market paperback — or better yet, a pamphlet — maybe I could take 50’s dispensed wisdom seriously. Presented this way, as some sort of luxury heirloom text, I’m afraid this book is simply a joke.

Then again, this does suggest a possible marketing plan for The 50th Law, out Sept. 8: Perhaps if HarperStudio has copies placed strategically in hotel-room desk drawers across the nation, a few unsuspecting travelers might mistake it for a Gideon’s Bible and read it that way, by accident. But you tell me. Am I judging this book too harshly by its cover?

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  • nell

    u a hater

    • thetruth

      Of course you should take this book seriously. Aside from surviving street life and nine bullets to become a rapper, 50 has crushed the entire music industry with numbers, coming out with highest selling debut album in rap history. Aside from that check out Forbes 50 is in the top bracket of entertainers, and check out the 100’s of millions he’s made without rap. If anyone is willing to disgard the advice of a prominent mogul, ignorance is their affliction

      • Combatives

        Aside from that he is also worth 440 MILLION dollars. Who ever you are who wrote about this book and or article will never have a CENT of what Curtis Jackson has done with his life or money. Plus it was a bestseller. EAT IT! This NEXT to the Bible, is the best book I have ever read

    • big6

      Aside from being a self help book, from yes 50cent. This book also looks at the mind set of one of the most astute business men of our time. i.e vitamin water investment coke did buy it for $4 billion, he made 100mil after taxes. It took russell simmons 20 plus to do that. Its not the money but the foresight to make such a move is nothing short of amazing. In business they call it Buffetesk, refering to Warren Buffet of course never mind his other moves. Music was just a stepping stone, where he sold you what you wanted to hear and he got your money hook line and sinker!!!!

    • SR@

      It is a pretty good book.

  • AM

    How can rappers like 50 Cent endlessly tout their credibility as self-made men in lyrics, only to completely give up control of projects like this to a ghostwriter (ahem, Robert Greene)just to make an easy buck? 50’s an opportunist, plain and simple, who couldn’t care less about what substandard products bear his name.

    • InfamousJMB

      Ummm… Wrong…

      50 Has Robert Greene On This Bcuz He Is The Creator Of The 48 Laws. This Book Is The Sequel, So It’s Only Natural To Have The Creator’s Stamp Of Approval.

      I Like 2 See U Do Better.

    • mike

      ghostwriter? dumbass, everyone know robert greene wrote the book. you dont understand what the books about….

  • james

    Um get a net worth of 400 mill and I think you have a right to make a book on how to become successful.Man your bashing kind of hard I bet you didnt even read to damn book.

  • aol@aol.com

    You are stupid and I am not a fan of 50cent, what ever his name is; but dont judge a book by his cover.

  • Robert Miller

    Ah, the Internet, where anything can be said without any research first. The 50th Law didn’t cost more to produce than a regular hardcover, which you would know if you had called its publisher. And it isn’t “ghostwritten” by Robert Greene, which you would know if you had read it. (I’m the book’s publisher, so I have read it. And it’s really good.)

    • Andrew

      Why would a publisher announce this to the public on an Internet comment box like this? I would think it would be unprofessional to do that… So I doubt you are the publisher

      I know this because I am the real publisher

      • becca

        WOW. everyone saying their the publisher. dang maybe even i am. HAHA juss kidding

  • Trey

    LOL such haters..only reason u wrote this article was to use 50 cent for ur own use. U know u put 50s name in the title of an article ppl will read it..good marketing plan but u fall short when it comes to having a legit reason to bash him. U make as much money as he has and I bet u would be doing the exact same thing but since your not u just hate but deep down inside he is your idol.

    • Unknown

      Before you bash on others, check your spelling and grammar.
      Okay think about it, how much has 50 Cent earn? Well over millions I’d say, correct me if I’m wrong. His music, has anyone of you bashed at him for making an album just for money? No because you listened to it, and you like it. Look at the past tense in that sentence, listened. Before making bogus claims, read the damn book. Then you can bash on the book because you have read it.

  • 187

    fucc all yall u guys r haters

  • Pramz

    ..look I’m not trying to be rude but obviously Simon Vozick-Levinson doesn’t know a thing about 50 Cent…lool Simon confidently said “Given how 50’s music career has been going lately, I’m not sure anybody should be taking advice from him”..are u kidding me??..50 Cent has proven from 2003 that he can sell millions of albums..actually over 30 million now (with just Get Rich Or Die Tryin,The Massacre and Curtis)hahaha…and that is just a huuuge accomplishment from any music artist period also knowing that there are literally millions of people out there who download their albums illegally for free..and 50 Cent has a net worth of around $400 million… surely u must think that he has done something right??!! and yh sure the collaboration between Greene and 50 sounds weird but never ever question 50’s abilities..he thrives from success…the numbers prove it..and the best bit is that u can’t deny it..just smile :)

  • classmore

    You are a nobody who is dissing a somebody. Good job.

    • Marden

      You are so right about bad books. I totally agree On Becoming Babywize by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam MD is full of icocrrent and just plain bad advice. Mothers who come to our Parenting Center who follow that book almost always complain of low milk supply and storp breastfeeding by 6 or 7 months. The advice from the book that you nurse on a schedule and less and less by 4 to 6 months does not encourage a mother’s milk supply to grow and keep up with her growing baby. The mothers come come to me in tears because they are trying to hard to do everything right, except they are listening to a man, instead of to their own babies. Listen to your hearts Ladies and to your babies. Their instincts are right and good and they DO want to breastfeed lots and lots. That is what nature intended so you wil have lots and lots of milk.


    U F***IN CLOWN.

  • jeremy

    wow your a hater dam talk about judging a book by its cover

  • E

    I agree on the packaging but I just read a few excerpts and it seems to be worthy of at least sensible discussion. I agree with the previous writer,…”dont judge a book by its cover.”

  • Me

    U r just a hating idiot, poor boy, low salary

  • Oliver Scott

    A few things:

    1) This is not ghostwritten – Robert Greene and his work is hugely popular within the hip-community and just from my own basic research this is a true collaboration and not a “ghostwriting” exercise.

    2) All your comments are juvenile and you seem not to have even read the book. Quite how you a paid journalist is beyond me, this reads more like the jealous ramblings of a bitter high schooler.

    3) As has been mentioned by others, 50 Cent may not be currently at the top of the Billboard charts but he is one of the best selling artists of this decade in any genre, and his acting is pretty good too. By any definition of the word he is a HUGELY successful man and is therefore eminently qualified to write such a motivational book.

    FTR I do not own any his albums and am actually not a fan of his music at all, I just felt compelled to comment on such piss poor ‘journalism’.

  • Big Tony

    yeah 50 tried to adapt to the mainstream bull and it did not work. He he does him now and his latest material his very artistic and off the hook . As for the book ima by it on paper back. Real recognize real and 50 is a real individual. Critics comments on things when they dont even have something worth for others to crtitisize them. Dont hate congratulates enough with the hate and like the other said dont judge a book by his cover.

    • jae mouton

      I feel you on that son don’t hate congratulate!!! 50 HAS TURNED INTO A GREAT BUSINESS MAN .

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